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Box, Truck over 7.5t Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz TOP! 1218 - 7m with suitcases, big LBW 2004Mercedes-Benz9
Mercedes-Benz VARIO 814 2000Mercedes-Benz6
Mitsubishi 7C15 AMT 4.750, suitcases, LBW, new model 2012Mitsubishi1
Mitsubishi 7C15 case / LBW * Climate * 3 * 3140kg payload-based 2009Mitsubishi2
Mitsubishi 7C15 case / LBW Euro5 * BEAR * 3200kg payload! 2010Mitsubishi4
Mitsubishi 7C15 case LBW AHK Air New Model 2012Mitsubishi1
Mitsubishi 7C15 case LBW climate 2011Mitsubishi9
Mitsubishi 7C15 case OFFICE LBW AHK Air New Model 2012Mitsubishi4
Mitsubishi 7C15AMT bags air 2012Mitsubishi10
Mitsubishi 7C18 case with LBW BEAR ** Euro 5 EEV 2011Mitsubishi5
Mitsubishi Canter 7C15 4470 € 5 + EEV case LBW 2012Mitsubishi8
Mitsubishi Canter 7C15 4470 Euro 5 EEV case LBW climate 2012Mitsubishi10
Mitsubishi Canter 7C18 4.300, flatbed tarp LBW AHK 2012Mitsubishi1
Mitsubishi Canter 7C18 4470 EU5 LBW air bag case 2012Mitsubishi10
Mitsubishi Canter 7C18 OFFICE 4750 case LBW AHK new model 2012Mitsubishi4
Mitsubishi Canter 7C18 suitcase LBW AHK Air airbag new model for 2012Mitsubishi4
Nissan Athleon 2003Nissan5
Nissan Atleon 140.75 2001Nissan12
Nissan ATLEON 165.95 (id: 8025) 2003Nissan3
Nissan Atleon 2004Nissan5
Nissan Atleon 2008Nissan13
Nissan Atleon Truck * AIR * 2003Nissan6
Nissan ECO 135 1999Nissan2
Nissan ECO-T 160 130 CELLO 1997Nissan15
Nissan M-75/90-93 Zamiana, raty, 6METRÓW PAKA, ładny STAN 1998Nissan11
150 260 LIAZ (id: 6404) 1988Other3
6x swap bodies BDF - Doors / Door! 1994Other4
AVIA A31.1T-L 1997Other10
Box body 1999Other4
Box body 2001Other6
Box body with tail lift 2008Other3
CASE ONLY (BDF) YEAR 1997 (7 meters) 1997Other8
Citroen 2007Other8
Crown WK 7.3 Rstg BDF swap / trunk 2001Other4
Dry freight trailers 1995Other5
H233 Dautel Ladebordwand B256 2003Other7
IFA W50 wheel 1985Other10
includes wheelchair tail lift 1.5 t MBB 6x! 2000Other3
JNK LIAZ 111 800 E (id: 7266) 1989Other3
jumbo 1999Other7
LIAZ 18.29 PB (id: 6210) 1996Other3
Swap jumbo, mega 2007Other8
Tail lift tail lift 1.0 t 2010Other6
Ural 375 / A 1976Other5
Renault * Premium 210 with tail lift * 1999Renault1
Renault 220.19 PREMIUM BOX MANUAL 7MTR 2003Renault10
Renault AE Magnum 385 1996Renault5
Renault M 210.15 DGTP (id: 4725) 1997Renault3
Renault M-250 1999Renault5
Renault M180 1998Renault1
Renault Master 2.5 DCI 145 KM 2008Renault8
Renault Midliner 150 1998Renault12
Renault MIDLINER 1991Renault8
Renault midliner 1997Renault15
Renault MIDLUM 12 180 DCI manaul WITH TAIL LIFT 2003Renault11
Renault MIDLUM 12 190 DXI 2009Renault1
Renault MIDLUM 150 DCI with LADEBORDWAND 2002Renault7
Renault MIDLUM 16 220 2005Renault5
Renault Midlum 160-09 EL EURO4 2008Renault7
Renault MIDLUM 160 DXI € 4 2007Renault7
Renault Midlum 180-08 2003Renault11
Renault Midlum 180.10 2004Renault8
Renault Midlum 180.10 2005Renault15
Renault Midlum 180 2002Renault1
Renault MIDLUM 180 2006Renault6
Renault Midlum 180 dCI / LBW 2005Renault7
Renault Midlum 180 DCI ** LBW tire / 80% / air suspension ** 2001Renault11
Renault Midlum 180 DCI 2004Renault4
Renault Midlum 180 DCI EURO3 2006Renault15
Renault Midlum 180 dci length of 7.90 m top condition 2004Renault14
Renault Midlum 180 dci liftgate 2003Renault10
Renault Midlum 180 dci liftgate 2005Renault11
Renault Midlum 180 dci liftgate 2006Renault12
Renault MIDLUM 180 DCI various wear parts new 2005Renault12
Renault MIDLUM 180 Meblowy 2001Renault4
Renault MIDLUM 180DCI 4X2 EURO 3 2006Renault8
Renault Midlum 2000Renault11
Renault Midlum 2004Renault7
Renault MIDLUM 2005Renault4
Renault Midlum 210 DCI closed tailgate 2000Renault6
Renault Midlum 220-12 EL EURO4 2007Renault7
Renault MIDLUM 220-12 MEUBELBAK CASE + LBW EURO 4 2006Renault8
Renault Midlum 220.12.Standheizung, air. 2011Renault14
Renault Midlum 220-12L EURO4 11.990KG case with 2006Renault10
Renault Midlum 220.16 2005Renault6
Renault MIDLUM 220 2002Renault4
Renault MIDLUM 220 DCi * LBW * CASE LENGTH 8 M * AIR ** 2007Renault13
Renault Midlum 220 dci air / Webasto / sleeper 2005Renault15
Renault MIDLUM 220 DCI DMC 11 990 2001Renault8
Renault MIDLUM 220 DCi TRUNK * GREAT * AIR * CASE LBW 8M 2006Renault15
Renault Midlum 220 DXi LBW toll free 2008Renault6
Renault Midlum 220 Möbelkoffer long-distance 2009Renault9
Renault MIDLUM 220DCI 4X2 EURO 3 2001Renault11
Renault MIDLUM 220DCI BOX 4X2 EURO 3 2006Renault7
Renault MIDLUM 220DXI 4X2 EURO 4 2006Renault7
Renault Midlum 250.12 race transporter 2001Renault12
Renault Midlum 270.12 2002Renault11
Renault Midlum 270.12 2005Renault12
Renault MIDLUM 270.16 2005Renault8
Renault Midlum 280DXI EURO 5 air cargo space 7.25m 2008Renault14

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