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Box, Truck over 7.5t Vehicles

Iveco EUROCARGO 100E18 1997Iveco7
Iveco EUROCARGO 120 E 22 LBW cases climate Diff Lock 2007Iveco9
Iveco EUROCARGO 120 EL 18 ** 5 ** EURO 2007Iveco4
Iveco EUROCARGO 120E18 1999Iveco7
Iveco EUROCARGO 120E18 2000Iveco2
Iveco EUROCARGO 120E18 TECTOR 2002Iveco7
Iveco EUROCARGO 130 E 28 CASE + LBW, 2002Iveco15
Iveco EUROCARGO 140E18 2007Iveco12
Iveco EUROCARGO 6514 1996Iveco5
Iveco EUROCARGO 65E14 1995Iveco4
Iveco EUROCARGO 75 E 17 2005Iveco4
Iveco EUROCARGO 75E15 TOPZUSTAND 2005Iveco12
Iveco EUROCARGO 75E16 2009Iveco6
Iveco EUROCARGO 80E15K - 7 seats 1992Iveco14
Iveco EUROCARGO 85E15 box with tail lift 1998Iveco15
Iveco EUROCARGO C-212 187 EURO IV RAMPA (488) 2007Iveco10
Iveco EUROCARGO C RAMPA 212 190 (461) 2007Iveco12
Iveco EUROCARGO EURO 5 2008Iveco3
Iveco EUROCARGO ML 120 E 22 2007Iveco1
Iveco EUROCARGO ML 120 E CASE, LBW, Manual, E3 2007Iveco5
Iveco EUROCARGO ML120E18, NET EXPORTS € 11.950, = 2006Iveco13
Iveco EuroCargo120E18 trunk / LBW 2005Iveco12
Iveco EuroCargo120E22 trunk / LBW 2007Iveco12
Iveco Eurotec 180E27 4x2 closed box + lift (full steel) 1997Iveco12
Iveco eurotech 260 260E35 2002Iveco1
Iveco EUROTECH 260E40 6X2 EURO 3 2003Iveco6
Iveco EUROTECH 260E40 6X2 NL TRUCK! EURO 3 2003Iveco7
Iveco Eurotech MH190E31 / P 2000Iveco11
Iveco EUROTECH MH260E35 6x2 manual gearbox 2001Iveco11
Iveco FIAT IVECO DAILY 49.10 1989Iveco4
Iveco Foldedørskasse 2008Iveco3
Iveco IVECO 190 E 24 MT ISOKOFFER with liftgate LBW 1999Iveco5
Iveco Magirus 90-16 AW 4x4 DOKA ~ DISTANCE TRAVEL MOBILE SERVICES 1985Iveco15
Iveco Magirus 90-16 AW Turbo 4x4 1986Iveco9
Iveco ML. 120E 18 2006Iveco6
Iveco ML 100 E (id: 6667) 1997Iveco3
Iveco ML 100 E21 2000Iveco7
Iveco ML 100E18 sleeper cab 2006Iveco3
Iveco ML 120 E 2000Iveco4
Iveco ML 120 E 22 € 4 suitcases liftgate 2007Iveco9
Iveco ML 120 E 22 * ​​5 * € 2007Iveco15
Iveco ML 120 E 22 € Cargo with LBW / 4x2 / 4 € 2007Iveco8
Iveco ML 120 E 24 - AIR - LADEBORDWAND - E3 2006Iveco10
Iveco ML 120 E 24 2004Iveco9
Iveco ML 120 E 24 LBW 1500 kg 2006Iveco5
Iveco ML 120 EL 170 7.25 mtr lift, Lbw 2001Iveco4
Iveco ML 120 EL 18 / * P * tail lift 2007Iveco14
Iveco ML 120E18 * CASE * LBW \u0026 SHEET SHEET 2002Iveco15
Iveco ML 120E22 / P 2007Iveco5
Iveco ML 120E22 / P (Euro5 Navi air suspension) 2009Iveco13
Iveco ML 130 E 2002Iveco7
Iveco ML 130E 18 1993Iveco2
Iveco ML 150 E 24 R 2002Iveco12
Iveco ML 160E28 P € 7.2m hyd cargo box LBW. 2005Iveco15
Iveco ML 75 E 75E15 stage 1999Iveco3
Iveco ML 75 E18 EUROCARGO 2008Iveco2
Iveco ML 75E15 2000Iveco8
Iveco ML 75E15 2002Iveco15
Iveco ML 75E15 2004Iveco9
Iveco ML 75E18.Hochdach.Klima, heater. 2010Iveco9
Iveco ML 80 E 17 2006Iveco5
Iveco ML 80 E DOKA, DOUBLE CAB 2002Iveco9
Iveco ML120E 1997Iveco5
Iveco ML120E17 2002Iveco10
Iveco ML120E18 / P Kleiderkoffer / Ldbw. / Standhzg. / Camera 2006Iveco7
Iveco ML120E25 / P - NEW Euro5/EEV lease 900 months 2011Iveco13
Iveco ML120E25 / P case LBW 2007Iveco6
Iveco ML120EL18 2008Iveco8
Iveco ML120EL21P 2004Iveco3
Iveco ML160E24P 2006Iveco2
Iveco ML160E25 / P (Central Euro 5) 2006Iveco13
Iveco ML180E24 / P 2003Iveco2
Iveco ML75E14 1996Iveco5
Iveco ML75E14 1999Iveco6
Iveco ML75E17 * Thermo King reefer * ML1Q 2006Iveco15
Iveco ML75E18 2009Iveco7
Iveco ML80E15 € Cargo 2000Iveco7
Iveco ML80E17P CASE WITH LBW EURO *** 3 *** BJ-2006 2006Iveco15
Iveco ML80E18 / P new model 2009Iveco9
Iveco MT 180E27R 1996Iveco3
Iveco MT190E 4X2 WITH LADEBORDWAND 1998Iveco7
Iveco Stralis 190-36 AHK Air 2007Iveco8
Iveco Stralis 2005Iveco10
Iveco stralis 270 2003Iveco6
Iveco Stralis 480 260S 2002Iveco15
Iveco Stralis AD 260S33, EURO 5, AIR, 2008Iveco15
Iveco STRALIS AD190S27 2006Iveco15
Iveco Stralis AS 190S40P 2003Iveco6
Iveco Stralis AT 350 tailgate lift axle air 2005Iveco15
Iveco Stralis WORN CLUTCH 2005Iveco2
Iveco Tector 100E17 EUROCARGO Airsuspension LBW 2002Iveco14
Iveco Tector 120 E24 Case 8.80m 2001Iveco12
Iveco tector 130E28, LBW, trailer hitch, 2002Iveco10
Iveco Trakker AD 340T35 € 3 2006Iveco6
Magirus Deutz 130 D 9 FA Oldtimer DOKA 1984Magirus Deutz1
Magirus Deutz 160 M 13 with 7m + trunk liftgate! 1980Magirus Deutz12
Magirus Deutz 170D11 1985Magirus Deutz4
Magirus Deutz A 3500/6 round Hauber 1959Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz AW 90-16 Turbo 4x4 rescue vehicle DoKa 1985Magirus Deutz4
Magirus Deutz F Mercur 125 A * 4x4 - 30tkm - ex THW * 1963Magirus Deutz15

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