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Other trucks over 7, Truck over 7.5t Vehicles

Iveco Euro Cargo 75E Super stan. Super condition. 1995Iveco5
Iveco Euro Cargo 80E15 1992Iveco10
Iveco Euro Cargo 80E18 CHLODNIA 2005R 2005Iveco10
Iveco Euro Cargo KONTENER SYPIALNIA AIR 2000Iveco8
Iveco Euro Cargo ML120E22P 2007Iveco11
Iveco Euro Cargo ML120EL21 2002Iveco9
Iveco EUROCARGO 120 E 23 2004Iveco9
Iveco EUROCARGO 150E23 2001Iveco13
Iveco EUROCARGO 180E28 EURO 5 NUOVO 2012Iveco5
Iveco EUROCARGO 180E30 2008Iveco6
Iveco EUROCARGO 2002Iveco2
Iveco EUROCARGO 65E12 1993Iveco15
Iveco EUROCARGO 80 E 21 2000Iveco1
Iveco Eurotech 180E24 street sweeper Schörling 1994Iveco5
Iveco EUROTECH 190 E24 PLATFORMA Transportowa 1999Iveco4
Iveco EUROTECH Curson Części 2001Iveco2
Iveco Fire / 256 M12 ladder F / DLK 23/12 / 1980Iveco15
Iveco Fire department ladder 30 meters 140-25A ABS 1987Iveco15
Iveco FIREFIGHTERS TLF 6000/600 DOKA 1998Iveco5
Iveco Ford (GB) LKw platform 1996Iveco5
Iveco IVECO 190.26 PLATEAU GRUE 1992Iveco8
Iveco IVECO 85 E 15 1996Iveco8
Iveco IVECO Daily 2008 2.5TD ZAMIANA 2008Iveco15
Iveco LF 16 TS 90-16 Fire Department Fire Truck 4x4 AW 1989Iveco15
Iveco Lora EuroTech Rolfo (never Lohr) 11 * Panda 1997Iveco3
Iveco M256 D26 AK 6X6 AGBO G500 drill 500 meters 1987Iveco13
Iveco Magirus 140-250 1993Iveco6
Iveco Magirus 175-24 Unic GBA 3/16 firefighters Zigler 1993Iveco10
Iveco Magirus 175-24 Unic GBA 3,5 / 16 fire 1991Iveco10
Iveco Magirus 1983Iveco15
Iveco Magirus 90-16 4x4 heater 9 seats 1989Iveco14
Iveco Magirus 90-16AW 4x4 fire fighting vehicle 1989Iveco15
Iveco Magirus 90-16AW LF 16-TS all-wheel fire 1989Iveco9
Iveco Magirus LF 16/12 Fire 1990Iveco8
Iveco ML 110 E 25 W 4x4 Kommunalanbauplatte/Meiller/E5 2010Iveco12
Iveco ML100E18 2009Iveco8
Iveco ML120E24P with jumbo trailers 2005Iveco11
Iveco MP 190E24 P 2000Iveco7
Iveco NEW AT260S42Y/FS-D (air heater) 2010Iveco3
Iveco OM 75 P 4X4 WITH PUMP 1981Iveco7
Iveco Stralis 2006Iveco1
Iveco STRALIS 260S45 adr 2007Iveco6
Iveco Stralis 420 6x2! Good For Russia! 2010Iveco15
Iveco STRALIS 430 / 6x2 / HIAB 330 / crane / Ladekr 2005Iveco4
Iveco STRALIS 430 2002Iveco4
Iveco Stralis 440 2003Iveco3
Iveco Stralis 560 cod.243 2008Iveco9
Iveco STRALIS AT440S42TP 2011Iveco4
Iveco tector 120E21 2002Iveco1
Iveco Trakker 450 8x4 WYWROTKA 25T Ladow. 2008Iveco15
Iveco Turbo Deily Pomoc Drogowa 1998Iveco3
Mack CH613 1993Mack7
Magirus Deutz 110 X 16 AW 4X4 ALLRAD EX-ARMY. 1987Magirus Deutz3
Magirus Deutz 110 X 16 AW 4X4 ALLRAD.EX-ARMY DK .. 1988Magirus Deutz4
Magirus Deutz 120-16 1986Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz 130 D 9 FA-wheel 1984Magirus Deutz3
Magirus Deutz 150 D 10-wheel fire truck 1969Magirus Deutz9
Magirus Deutz 160 M 11 FL tank TLF LF Fire 1983Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz 170 D 11 FA LF 16 TS 1981Magirus Deutz8
Magirus Deutz 170 D 12 1976Magirus Deutz4
Magirus Deutz 170 D 12 AK 1971Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz 170D FM 11 F Fire Department fire truck 1979Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz 170D11 FA 1982Magirus Deutz1
Magirus Deutz 170D11Fa 4x4 double cab 1975Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz 170D12 30m turntable ladder fire 1977Magirus Deutz8
Magirus Deutz 232 D 16 4x4 wheel Airport / Air Cooling 1974Magirus Deutz7
Magirus Deutz 232D 16 AK 4x4 1971Magirus Deutz14
Magirus Deutz 6500 1960Magirus Deutz3
Magirus Deutz A 4500 Mercury, firefighters LF 16 TS, 1957 1959Magirus Deutz8
Magirus Deutz AW 90-16 1988Magirus Deutz1
Magirus Deutz AW 90-16 TURBO WHEEL 1985Magirus Deutz14
Magirus Deutz DL 23/12 h 1972Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz Faun 1971Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz Fire department 1974Magirus Deutz3
Magirus Deutz Fire department 1976Magirus Deutz7
Magirus Deutz Fire department 1981Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz Fire fighting vehicle made by A. Ziegler, Giengen 1967Magirus Deutz9
Magirus Deutz Fire-vintage, wheel, fire brigade thirst 1962Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz Firefighters FM 170 D 11 FA LF 16 1979Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz Firefighters TLF 24/50 4X4 5000 L water tank 1976Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz FL16/TS 1982Magirus Deutz1
Magirus Deutz FM 170 D 11 FA 1980Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz FM 170 D 11 FA 4x4 THW - Fire 1980Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz FM 170 D 11 FA 4x4 THW fire driving school cars 1980Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz FM 170 D 11 FA LF 16 TS pumper fire 1982Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz FM 192 D 11 F LF 16 FIRE TANK 1800 liters 1983Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz LF16 4x4 fire Tüv free 1981Magirus Deutz12
Magirus Deutz Mercury 125 A 1964Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz Mercury 125 D 10 A, F6L 613, LF 16, Fire 1967Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz Mercury 125A wheel Restored 1963Magirus Deutz13
Magirus Deutz Mercury 150 wheel winch VINTAGE 2400LW tank 1964Magirus Deutz6
Magirus Deutz Mercury F-125A - LF 16 TS 1963Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz S3500 DL 25/2 1963Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz So.Kfz. Fire-Rescue Truck 1974Magirus Deutz12
MAN 10 174 4x4 all-wheel-harrow € 3 2000MAN14
MAN 10.220 4x4 FIRE FIRE POMPIER 2004MAN15
MAN 10 225 4X2 EURO2 2003MAN6
MAN 11 136 1979MAN12
MAN 12 180 2005MAN6

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