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Other trucks over 7,5t, Truck over 7.5t Vehicles

Faun 912/45A 1963Faun5
Faun Large area fire Fzg. 1995Faun2
Faun LF 8-TS 1963Faun4
Faun Vintage original towing / recovery vehicle 1962Faun7
Freightliner FL 70 4x4 winter service 2002Freightliner15
Liebherr LTM 1030 1981Liebherr9
Magirus Deutz \ 1965Magirus Deutz8
Magirus Deutz 100D7FA fire * * fire engine 1968Magirus Deutz7
Magirus Deutz 135 D12F 1973Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz 150 D 10 fire department ladder 30 m 1966Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz 150 D10, TLF16 T 1967Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz 150D10A 1968Magirus Deutz3
Magirus Deutz 170 4x4 1982ROK STAN IDEALNY 1982Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz 170 D 11FA 4x4 Feurerwehrrüstw.LF 16 TS 9 seats 1982Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz 170 D11 4x4 fire truck, trailer hitch 1971Magirus Deutz10
Magirus Deutz 170 STAN 4x41982ROK IDEALNY 1982Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz 170D 11F 1970Magirus Deutz11
Magirus Deutz 170D FM 1983Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz 170d11 firetruck 1978Magirus Deutz9
Magirus Deutz 170D11 LF Fire 1981Magirus Deutz9
Magirus Deutz 170D12F 1974Magirus Deutz7
Magirus Deutz 178D 15 A Jupiter TLF 1960Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz 245 135D12FL 1986Magirus Deutz14
Magirus Deutz 6.0 M 90 F Fire Engine 1982Magirus Deutz14
Magirus Deutz 6x4 Stromerz ladder. 20kVA 1980Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz 90-160 Re-WHEEL TURBO 1990Magirus Deutz13
Magirus Deutz A 4500 Mercury 1956Magirus Deutz3
Magirus Deutz A3000 1952Magirus Deutz4
Magirus Deutz AW 90-16 wheel 1985Magirus Deutz4
Magirus Deutz Engine F 12 L 413 -0 km- 2011Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz F Magirus 125 D10-wheel fire Eckhauber 1967Magirus Deutz13
Magirus Deutz F6L with H-614 fire code 1959Magirus Deutz9
Magirus Deutz FH 232 D 14 F with a turntable ladder DL30h 1977Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz Fire / ladder F 256 M12 / DLK 23/12 / 1980Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz Fire Department 170 D 11-wheel 1981Magirus Deutz7
Magirus Deutz Fire Department 192 D 12 FA 1980Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz Fire Department aerial ladder 1976Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz Fire-fighting vehicle 178 D 15 A *- 6x6-VINTAGE * 1962Magirus Deutz12
Magirus Deutz FIRE, FM 170 D 11 FA LF 16 TS 4X4 1980Magirus Deutz7
Magirus Deutz Fire truck, LF 16 1974Magirus Deutz7
Magirus Deutz FIRE TRUCK WEER V 6 ENGINE 1972Magirus Deutz4
Magirus Deutz Firefighters, LF16TS with kpl.Feuerwehrausstattung! 1981Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz FM 130 D 7 FA 4x4 pumper fire 1976Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz FM 130 D 9 - ex THW 1984Magirus Deutz3
Magirus Deutz FM 130 D7 FA 1977Magirus Deutz3
Magirus Deutz FM 130 fire truck wheel D9 FA LF 16-TS 1984Magirus Deutz14
Magirus Deutz FM 170 D 11 FA-wheel vehicle fire 1981Magirus Deutz1
Magirus Deutz FM 170 D11 FA LF 16 TS all-wheel fire truck 1981Magirus Deutz1
Magirus Deutz FM 192 D 11 FA 1980Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz FM 192 D 11 FA 1982Magirus Deutz4
Magirus Deutz FM 192 D 11 FA LF 16 Fire TS with FP 16 / 8 1980Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz FM 192 D 13 F 1984Magirus Deutz4
Magirus Deutz FM170 D12F 1976Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz Iveco Magirus Fire AW 90-16 1989Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz Jupiter 178D15a 6 x 6 firefighters 1962Magirus Deutz8
Magirus Deutz Magirus 170D11-FA Doka with winch THW GKW 1984Magirus Deutz8
Magirus Deutz Magirus-Deutz FM170 aerial platform ladder 1978Magirus Deutz8
Magirus Deutz Mercury Fire Department + pump + 9 seater 4x4 1963Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz S 3500 fire truck 1960Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz S 3500 L90 SIRIUS Hauber round! Oldtimer rarity! 1963Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz So.Kfz. Fire Department Rescue Truck 1974Magirus Deutz12
Magirus Deutz Start with Magirus A6500 winch for gliders 1954Magirus Deutz14
Palfinger PK 16 000 LB 1998Palfinger12
Palfinger PK 20 002 C 2004Palfinger3
Palfinger PK 23 080 D (manual ejection) 2001Palfinger4
Palfinger PK 24 500 2000Palfinger4
Palfinger PK 28 000 B-2 with Jib 1987Palfinger1
Palfinger PK 29 002 D Performance 2005Palfinger8
Steyr 12M18 1991Steyr5
Steyr 19S24K35 with snow plow 1988Steyr9
Steyr 4x4 1291.280 1985Steyr5
Steyr 586 firefighters TLF 2000 1962Steyr5
Steyr 791 + HD Rosenbauer 6.6D Stráž POŻARNA FIRE 1981Steyr4
Tatra 148 AD 20 1981Tatra3
Tatra 813 1981Tatra3
Tatra 813 8x8 1983Tatra5
Tatra MIX 815 1983Tatra11
Tatra UDS 148 6x6 1976Tatra2
Tatra UDS 1991Tatra2
Unimog 1600 Agricultural 1992Unimog5
Unimog 1700 1988Unimog5
Unimog 1700 1991Unimog15
Unimog 406 200 1974Unimog5
Unimog Boschung PTO spreader STA HD 1990Unimog3
Unimog Camper-case 1990Unimog7
Unimog Camper-case 1994Unimog10
Unimog Kahlbacher icebreaker SER 600/750 winter service 1986Unimog5
Unimog Pointed plow 1987Unimog3
Unimog Reanult Thomas + Trencher 1990Unimog12
Unimog Renault Thomas Trencher 1990Unimog12
Unimog Ruth man inclined trucks, vans f. Schwerla 1985Unimog8
Unimog Schmidt snow blower VF3-ZW winter service 1973Unimog7
Unimog Schmidt Stratos B25 silo with moist salt spreaders 2002Unimog4
Unimog Snow plow Beilhack PAR 320 Iveco MAN Mercedes 1986Unimog2
Unimog Snow plow for Schmidt CP3 Unimog 2011Unimog3
Unimog Snow plow Kahlbacher LS300 MAN Mercedes 1989Unimog4
Unimog U 1200 incl Hiab crane 071 AW 1993Unimog8
Unimog U 1200 T, Ruth Mann, low-floor truck 1986Unimog2
Unimog U 1400 Municipal winter maintenance ABS € 2 1996Unimog9
Unimog U 1450 Two-way with 600 tons of freight car brake 1992Unimog10

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