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Refrigerator body, Truck over 7.5t Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Atego 917 2004Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz Atego 918 2003Mercedes-Benz3
Mercedes-Benz Atego II 1223 2005Mercedes-Benz7
Mercedes-Benz Atego Refrigerators 2003Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1823 L + cooling LBW 2005Mercedes-Benz4
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1823 L freezer bags air 2005Mercedes-Benz10
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1823 L fresh service with aggregate 2006Mercedes-Benz4
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1823 L Polarus Tie freezer bags air 2005Mercedes-Benz10
Mercedes-Benz AXOR 1823 THERMO KING 2005Mercedes-Benz8
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1824 L (Euro 4 air suspension) 2006Mercedes-Benz13
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1824 L (Euro 4 air suspension) 2007Mercedes-Benz12
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1828 L freezer bags air 2005Mercedes-Benz6
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1828 L fresh aggregation service with AHK 2005Mercedes-Benz6
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1829/1929 Tiefkühlkoffer with LBW 2010Mercedes-Benz4
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1829L Refrigerators / Carrier, LBW 1.5t 2008Mercedes-Benz15
Mercedes-Benz AXOR 1928 2005Mercedes-Benz15
Mercedes-Benz Axor 2536 Fahrgestell/42.655KMorig./Nebenantrieb 2007Mercedes-Benz14
Mercedes-Benz Bluetec Atego 1524 4 Thermo King MD300 2007Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz COLD CASE ATEGO 1217 1998Mercedes-Benz9
Mercedes-Benz Kompletterzug 2540 6x2 with trailer 1997Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz L. 1829. Axor Bluetec4 ... air ... TOP CONDITION 2006Mercedes-Benz14
Mercedes-Benz L Atego 1823 Refrigerated diesel / electricity 2000Mercedes-Benz15
Mercedes-Benz Lamberet Atego 1218, Thermo King V500 2004Mercedes-Benz4
Mercedes-Benz MB 16:19 KUHLKOFFER Thermo King SHEET / SHEET 1980Mercedes-Benz7
Mercedes-Benz MERCEDES 914 1998Mercedes-Benz2
Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Atego 1528 chłodnia 2000Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz Rohrbanen 1223 - Meat 2001Mercedes-Benz6
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI Frischd. m.Aggregat, Heckt 270 °. 2009Mercedes-Benz11
Mercedes-Benz Thermo king Atego 1223 Tiefkuhl Top 1999Mercedes-Benz7
Mercedes-Benz Thermo King in 1831 80% of German car tires 1999Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz Vario 816 D Tiefkühlkoffer BlueTec Thermo King 2011Mercedes-Benz8
Mercedes-Benz vendo camion 1831 Mercedes Actross cella frigo 2001Mercedes-Benz3
Mitsubishi Cooling unit 300 TDJ 2003Mitsubishi7
Nissan ECO 160.90 1998Nissan5
Nissan ECO-T.160.90 / 3 1998Nissan5
Nissan M130 115-17 1993Nissan4
18.29PB-SPZP/CH LIAZ (id: 4351) 1998Other3
1827 4P 1999Other5
Agregat Carrier Supra 750 2006Other3
AGREGATY 1999Other1
AVIA A80-EL (id: 4875) 1998Other3
AVIA A80 L Refrigerators 1999Other10
CARIER SUPRA 844 1999Other1
Carrier Supra 750 nordic 2003Other2
CARRIER SUPRA rok 2004 2004Other1
CHLODNIA CHEREAU 2004 2004Other2
DAEWOO AVIA D 75 N 2003Other15
Daewoo Avia D90 2004Other15
Daewoo Avia D90 2006Other15
dismounted Frischdienst Refrigerators 2001Other5
dismounted Lamberet frozen mint 2002Other12
dismounted meat freezer box 1996Other5
dismounted meat freezer box Chereau 1999Other7
dismounted meat freezer case without aggregation 1998Other2
dismounted Tiefkühlkoffer 2003Other3
Frappa Carrier Supra 944 2002Other5
Kontenery CHŁODNIE NOWE 2012Other2
LIAZ 18.29 PB (id: 4347) 1998Other3
Linde cell freezer -18 ° / 20 ° C cold room 1992Other9
Polarus agregat Thermo King 2002Other5
Refrigerators bridge KA 18-L-T -30 CARRIER 1999Other9
Refrigerators Thermo King MD-II structure 1990Other3
Refrigerators Tiefkühlkoffer Thermo King TS 200 2002Other3
Refrigerators with Carrier Supra 550 with lift 2003Other14
Schmitz Frigoblock 2000Other1
Schmitz Tiefkühlkoffer double-deck carrier 2001Other7
SUITABLE FOR CONSTRUCTION Tiefkühlkoffer ATEGO 12 TO 1999Other11
THERMO KING TS 300 2003Other1
Tiefkühlkoffer60 / fresh service suitcase 2011Other6
Peugeot Expert L1H1 2009Peugeot6
Renault 12 220 L freezer partition LBW € 5 2010Renault7
Renault 180.10 Coolbox 2001Renault14
Renault 180.10 Coolbox 2003Renault7
Renault 220 2002Renault12
Renault 250.18 Premium Optical Top, without THERMOKING 1997Renault3
Renault 270.19 premium top freezer carrier state 2004Renault15
Renault Frigo 210 1999Renault13
Renault G210 1989Renault9
Renault Kuhl M180 / T * UP-40C ° / LBW VERY GOOD CONDITION 2002Renault14
Renault M210 FRAPPA / CARRIER GENESIS R90 / LBW / RETARDER 2000Renault8
Renault MAGNUM 430 1998Renault1
Renault Magnum 430.26 1997Renault15
Renault Magnum 470.26 1998Renault15
Renault MAGNUM 480.26 2003Renault4
Renault mascott 2006Renault4
Renault MIDLINER 210.16 1999Renault9
Renault MIDLINER M210.12C SPECIAL MEAT 2000Renault13
Renault Midlum 12 220 L freezer LBW 2005Renault7
Renault MIDLUM 150 - Euro 3 - RUNWAY 2003Renault15
Renault Midlum 170 RVI 2002Renault4
Renault Midlum 180.10 MULTI TEMP 2006Renault8
Renault Midlum 180.12 2001Renault6
Renault Midlum 180.12B P 4x2 2001Renault14
Renault Midlum 180 DCI 12 CHODNIA 2003Renault8
Renault MIDLUM 190DXI FRC X THERMO KING V700MAX 2008Renault13
Renault Midlum 2006Renault5
Renault Midlum 2007Renault3
Renault MIDLUM 210.11, FRIGO 2001Renault10

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