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Refrigerator body, Truck over 7.5t Vehicles

Scania P 93 4X2 WITH CASE. 1995Scania6
Scania P 93 ML 250 4X2 WITH CASE HK 1996Scania6
Scania P 93 ML 4 x 2 Refrigerators 1992Scania4
Scania P 93 ML 4X2 WITH CASE 1993Scania5
Scania P 93 ML WITH CASE 1992Scania9
Scania P 94 220 CHLODNIA 1997Scania7
Scania P 94 230 KUHLKOFFER, SLEEP, TOP! 2003Scania3
Scania P 94 260 1997Scania10
Scania P 94 DB 220 + Thermo King 2001Scania8
Scania P113M 6x2 Thermo King origineel 320.000km!! 1996Scania4
Scania P114 L 340 1999Scania14
Scania P114GB6X2 * 4NB 2000Scania10
Scania P18.230 2007Scania6
Scania P230 with frigo chereau hebebune 2007Scania4
Scania P270 2005Scania4
Scania P270 manual EURO4 2008Scania5
Scania P340 2005Scania4
Scania P380 6x2 * 4 MNB 2006Scania7
Scania P380 6x2 special 2008Scania7
Scania P94 1997Scania13
Scania P94 2001Scania9
Scania P94 260 thermoking 2004Scania12
Scania P94 310 1998Scania7
Scania P94 4x2 1997Scania11
Scania P94/230 2001Scania4
Scania P94D 230 2004Scania10
Scania P94DB4X2LB 2003Scania2
Scania P94DB4X2LB EURO3 2004Scania7
Scania PRT Koelwagen met Laadklep 2002Scania6
Scania R 114 380 (super okazja) 2002Scania3
Scania R 124 2000Scania8
Scania R 164 L 480 hp FREEZER CASE RETARDER 2001Scania15
Scania r 500 2005Scania15
Scania R 500 6x2 Retarder Air Thermo King Refrigerated combi 2006Scania7
Scania R 500 CENA ZA ZESTAW IZOTERMA 2006Scania10
Scania R124 4x2 LB NB 420 2000Scania11
Scania R124 koelbak 1998Scania4
Scania R144.460 V8 6X2 MANUEL EURO 3 WITH THERMO KING 2001Scania6
Scania R164-480 6X2 KING OF THE ROAD 2004Scania8
Scania R164 480 CHLODNIA ZESTAW 2002Scania9
Scania R164 580 6X2 - 2003 2003Scania11
Scania R500 CHLODNIA 2006Scania10
Scania R500 LB6X2HNB Bussbygg Folding Curtains 2004Scania10
Scania R94.260 1997Scania4
Scania SCANIA 113 1994Scania1
Scania SCANIA M93 1994Scania5
Steyr 13 S 21 1996Steyr3
Steyr 13S18 Refrigerated Carrier 1990Steyr12
Steyr 15S18 * Thermo King * * * Meat tubular tracks leaf spring * 1991Steyr11
Steyr 18S26 COLD CASE WITH LBW 7.50 M LONG BJ-1995 1995Steyr12
Steyr 9 S 14 P38 1994Steyr15
Volvo 12-16380 FH 6x2 with trailer 1999Volvo14
Volvo 400 FH 2006Volvo4
Volvo BDF Tiekühlbrücke Thermo King Carrier * Mitsubishi * 2001Volvo9
Volvo CARRIER FL 6 14 (13 7 15 16 17 18 bladed) 1986Volvo15
Volvo Chłodnia 23 paletowa 1994Volvo4
Volvo FH 12 1998Volvo5
Volvo FH 12 420 1997Volvo15
Volvo FH 12.420 1999Volvo11
Volvo FH 12 420 low-cooler circuit LBW Partikelfilte 2000Volvo5
Volvo FH 13 400 Globetrotter, freezer ATP 2006Volvo15
Volvo FH 420 6x2 FRIGO CABINE COURTE 2010Volvo6
Volvo FH 7250 4x2 1999Volvo15
Volvo FH12 2004Volvo13
Volvo FH12 380 6x2 1997Volvo3
Volvo FH12-380 XL CLOB 2003Volvo7
Volvo FH12 420 6X2 2002Volvo4
Volvo FH12 460 6x2 2001Volvo3
Volvo FH12.460 6X2 THERMO KING MANUEL EURO 3 2003Volvo6
Volvo FH12 500 6x2 Bussbygg thermal 2005Volvo11
Volvo FH12 FULL SIDE OPENING TKING TS300 + 4900h! 2005Volvo15
Volvo FH13 - freezer box - € 5 - 4x2 2008Volvo15
Volvo FH13-480 6X2 2007Volvo6
Volvo FH420 with 2 zones PBX trunk 2010Volvo5
Volvo FL 10 - 6x2 1992Volvo7
Volvo FL 10 320 1998Volvo6
Volvo FL 10 Frigo Thermo King MD II frozen 1998Volvo14
Volvo FL 10 intercooler 1990Volvo6
Volvo FL 12 240 EURO 4 2007Volvo6
Volvo FL 18 250 cases 8.85m 22Euro Pal only 162,000 km 2003Volvo13
Volvo FL 18 250 cases 8.85m 22Euro Pal only 258,000 km 2003Volvo15
Volvo FL 18 250 cases 8.85m 22Euro Pal only 377,000 km 2003Volvo15
Volvo FL 220 Carrier EasyCOLD Diesel +380 V 2004Volvo12
Volvo FL 240 * 4 * EURO FRIGO 2007Volvo6
Volvo FL 250 Thermo King for suspended cargo is Fleisc 2002Volvo11
Volvo FL 280 4X2R 2008Volvo3
Volvo FL 280 REFRIGERAT OR BODY EURO 5 2008Volvo6
Volvo FL 6-12 Refrigerators / loading platform / € 4 2007Volvo8
Volvo FL 6 14 2000Volvo15
Volvo FL 6 15 ton 250HP! EURO 3 Air Thermo King 2000Volvo11
Volvo FL 6 1998Volvo15
Volvo FL 6 L610 Thermo King reefer + + Rohrbahnen LBW 1996Volvo15
Volvo FL 6 M Polaris cooling setup with Carrier cooling units 1992Volvo5
Volvo Fl 6 refrigerator / refrigerator with loading board 2003Volvo15
Volvo FL 6 Thermo King reefer 2000Volvo6
Volvo FL 612 met Carrier 1999Volvo5
Volvo FL 612/220 Kuhlfahrzeug!! 2004Volvo8
Volvo FL 614 180 4x2R Meat transport 2000Volvo6
Volvo FL 614 1987Volvo4
Volvo FL 614 1992Volvo5

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