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Roll-off tipper, Truck over 7.5t Vehicles

CONTAINER 2012Other5
DAEWO Avia D100 2008Other8
Dżwignik hakowy ATLAS 202/01 545 1993Other1
Dżwignik hakowy ATLAS ARK 172 1993Other1
Epoke SW 3501 Abrollsalzstreuer 1995Other4
GARANT press containers 25m ³ 2003Other5
George container 2001Other1
Gergen trucks rolling system 1993Other14
Hamelin P11 scaffolding platform 2004Other4
Hiab Cranes Container 1165AW container 12m ³ 1990Other7
Hook assembly - hook 1989Other5
Kooi App 2000Other3
LIAZ 18:33 DISPENSER 1995Other15
Liaz container crane with 110 830 1986Other11
Liter water tank for Dispenser ca.8000 1989Other4
Meiler Abrollaufbau 1985Other3
Meiler hack device 1990Other9
Meiller Abrolcontainer with loading crane and grapple 1978Other11
MEILLER Zabudowa DO HAKOWCA 1985Other3
METACON Ro 15 cbm 1995Other3
Mobile Auto Press / scrap press Ariette 4600 2002Other8
mobile scrap shears on Abrollbasis 2007Other15
Multilift Absetzmulde Absetzcontainer 6.0 cubic meters 1980Other3
Multilift HL26.52 ARK Hook-change system 1992Other7
Multilift LHT 260 / hook device 1999Other13
NIDO - Schmidt Stratos (Epoke) Salt Shaker 2001Other8
NORMANN BOCK containers 6 cubic 1977Other4
Press container 1990Other5
Przyczepa Thurs hakowca 2005Other2
Roll 19 m³ 5,50 m x 1,60 m 1996Other4
Roll 1980Other1
Roll 2004Other3
Roll 2005Other3
Roll 2011Other5
Roll goat 21 m³ 6,50 m 2 x Available 1995Other5
Roll household waste with cover 5,50 m 1996Other3
Roll-off container crane PK 5800 A4 hydr.6, 90m-0, 80 t 1992Other4
Roll-off Container WC 1989Other9
Roll-off devices 28 m³ 1996Other7
Roll Stack with pendulum wall 1990Other3
Rolling compactor 14m ³, 5,00 m x 1,90 m 1997Other3
Rolling compactor 5,00 m x 1,80 m defect 1990Other3
Rolling container press 1992Other2
Rolling containers 1998Other2
Spreader trucks for Schmidt SST 50 5m3 Hook 1997Other4
Terberg FM 1850 T 2002Other8
Terberg FM 1950 8x6 Hookarm 2002Other9
Terberg FM 1950 HT 8x6 Haak Cro hook Hooksystem 2001Other6
Terberg FM2000-T 2001Other15
Tiek Presskontainer 20m ³ 1992Other8
Translift chain unit structure for 3-axle 2000Other2
Palfinger Abrollpritsche \u0026 CRANE PK 16000 L 2003Palfinger12
Palfinger HL 1551 1997Palfinger1
Palfinger Roll with PK 105 1994Palfinger3
Palfinger T 26, 32 to. Hook lift for 4-axle 2005Palfinger7
Renault 22C 6x2 2004Renault7
Renault 26 450 - 6X4 - WHEELBASE 3.50 M - 140 200 km 2007Renault6
Renault 420 dci 6x4 hook lift 2005Renault5
Renault 460.26 premium 6x2s 2011Renault8
Renault BD02G1A (FULL STEEL SUSPENSION) 1989Renault6
Renault C300 1993Renault12
Renault G 230 TI POLYBENNE 1992Renault3
Renault GR 231 1981Renault9
Renault Kerax 320.26 DCI Multilift LHT 260.51 Hook 2003Renault15
Renault KERAX, 6x4, EURO5, PALFINGER crane, mech.Schaltung 2008Renault15
Renault KERAX 8X4 2002Renault8
Renault M-150 2000Renault6
Renault MASCOTT 2001Renault5
Renault Midliner 1992Renault8
Renault Midlum 180.10 2005Renault10
Renault Midlum 220.12 C ' 2006Renault7
Renault Midlum 270dci 2006Renault5
Renault Premium 2006Renault3
Renault PREMIUM 300 hooklift / Wechselabrollaufbau 4x2 2000Renault3
Renault Premium 320.26 Hook Hook air 2008Renault5
Renault premium 340.19T 1999Renault5
Renault Premium 385 6x2 1998Renault5
Renault Premium 400 6x2 Lift axle air retarder 2000Renault13
Renault Premium 420 DCI 6X2 Meiller with hooks 2004Renault10
Renault Premium 6x2 2000Renault1
Renault Renault G 340 TI AMPLIROL 1993Renault3
Renault TI-26 AE385 N.C.H. 6x2 1995Renault5
Renault TRM 10 000 6X6!! MANY IN STOCK EX ARMY TOP 1992Renault15
Scania * R420LB6X2 4HNA Abrollhaken Meiller 2005Scania14
Scania * R480LB6X2 4HNA4900 2008Scania8
Scania * R500LB6x2 4MNA 2007Scania7
Scania * R620LB6X2 4HNB4500 2008Scania4
Scania * R620LB8X2 6HNB5100 2008Scania6
Scania 113-360 6x4 retarder 1995Scania8
Scania 113 380 1994Scania5
Scania 113 H 360 6x2 1996Scania4
Scania 113 HAAKARM BLAD / SHEET / SPRING 1990Scania12
Scania 113 M 360 1991Scania4
Scania 113H 320 6x4 NCH container truck! 1993Scania3
Scania 114 380 with crane 2000Scania12
Scania 124-400 2000Scania4
Scania 124 G 420 6x2 hook Abroller7 ATLAS 7mtr 1999Scania5

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