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Roll-off tipper, Truck over 7.5t Vehicles

Scania 124 G 420 8x4 hook lift 2000Scania6
Scania 124 G 420 Opticruise, Meiller RK 20.65 2004Scania6
Scania 124 G 420 SKRĘTNA ORIGINAL OS 525000 km KSIAZKA 2003Scania11
Scania 124G 420 6x2 Euro 3 2005Scania6
Scania 124G400 TOP TOP 1997Scania15
Scania 124L-6x2 / 4 1997Scania2
Scania 124L Pomoc Drogowa 2000Scania7
Scania 142 H V 8 / 6X2 / Seilabroller 1985Scania11
Scania 143 1993Scania5
Scania 143 M 420 6x4 with WINCH 1994Scania12
Scania 144-460 6x2 NCH SYSTEEM LIGHT-ACCIDENT 1999Scania11
Scania 144 G460 V8 retarder 2000Scania2
Scania 340 B6X2 114G * 4 MEILLER Hook 2000Scania4
Scania 380 2000Scania5
Scania 420 2007Scania8
Scania 420 6X2 MANUAL HAKOWIEC 2007 r 2007Scania8
Scania 420 hook lift 6X4 2001Scania12
Scania 470 2006Scania8
Scania 93-250hp Meiller / construction 1992Scania4
Scania 93M 250, 6x2, SR 1996, orig. 136,000 km, 1 Hand 1996Scania15
Scania 93M 250, SR 1996, orig. 92,000 km, 1st Hand 1996Scania13
Scania 93M210 1987Scania9
Scania B 6x2 2004Scania12
Scania CB8X4NZ R124 420 2000Scania5
Scania Dispenser 124 360 Meiller19.65S 1999Scania3
Scania HAKOWIEC 114 380 6x2 Euro 3 2002Scania15
Scania Hüffermann DISPENSER mounted or only construction 1993Scania4
Scania Hook * R420 Retarder / transmission * 2007Scania9
Scania Hook Dispenser 1995Scania5
Scania P 113 HK 320 6X2 TIPPER 1995Scania6
Scania P 114 2001Scania9
Scania P 114 6x2 * 4 GB, 1702 Atlas A2 2002Scania4
Scania P 420 2007Scania6
Scania P113 HL 8x4L 1990Scania5
Scania P114-380 6x4 17t NCH Kraan 2001Scania13
Scania P124 GB6x2 1997Scania9
Scania P310DB4X2HNB4500 2007Scania5
Scania P380CB 2007Scania11
Scania P82-190 1985Scania6
Scania P92.290 1988Scania3
Scania P92 6X2 1986Scania5
Scania P92M 1986Scania2
Scania P94 .220 BRAMOWIEC 4x2 2001Scania9
Scania P94 6x2 sheet 1998Scania5
Scania P94 GB4X2 220 1999Scania5
Scania PH 112 1987Scania9
Scania R 113 6X2 320 HK LEAF SPRINGS 1995Scania11
Scania R 124 8X2 NA 47 GB Hook with rope Euro5 2002Scania6
Scania R 124 8X2 NA 47 GB Hook with rope Euro5 2003Scania5
Scania R 124 GB 400 1997Scania6
Scania R 142 1987Scania7
Scania R 405 * LB6x2 4MNB 2010Scania12
Scania R 420 6x2 Highline 2007Scania7
Scania R 420 8x2 HMF 4220-26 m 2006Scania9
Scania R 420 8x4 crane EPSILON E120Z, roll MEILLER 2008Scania15
Scania R 420 Highline retarder switch 2006Scania1
Scania R 480 Hook 2008Scania4
Scania R 500 * LB6x2 4MNA EURO 5 TOPLINE MEILLER RK 20 70 2010Scania11
Scania R 500 6X4 2006Scania7
Scania R 580 2004Scania8
Scania R 730 Crane Hook LB6x2HNA E5 EEV 2011Scania4
Scania R113/360 6x2 roll-off tipper + crane 1995Scania5
Scania R114-340 6x2 1999Scania4
Scania R124-420 6x2 manual retarder 2003Scania10
Scania R124 6X2 420 HMF1580 1999Scania5
Scania R124 8X2 NA 4 GB Hook with rope AHK 2002Scania10
Scania R124LB6X2LB420 HAKOWIEC 1999Scania11
Scania R144-460 6x2 haak / hook 2001Scania8
Scania R144G 460 8x2 / 4 + 15t Fassi crane removed 2000Scania7
Scania R164-580 2002Scania10
Scania R164GB4X2NA480 with multi lift hook lift 2002Scania15
Scania R164GB6X2NA 2002Scania9
Scania R380 2007Scania3
Scania R420 2004Scania15
Scania R420 6x2 * 4 Hooklift manual, retarder 2007Scania4
Scania R420 6X2 * 4 Hooksystem 2006Scania9
Scania R420 6x4 2008Scania3
Scania R420 EURO 5 HYVA - NEW HOOK 2006Scania7
Scania R420LB6X2MNA 2006Scania13
Scania R480LB6X2HNB4500 2007Scania8
Scania R500 6 * 2 2008Scania5
Scania SCANIA T 124 6X4 1998Scania5
Scania T TORPEDO 113H 6X4 1991Scania8
Scania V8 164-480 EURO 3 + trailer Panav EURO3 2003Scania15
Steyr 33 S 32 26 372 8x4 chassis ZF gearbox no 1991Steyr9
Tatra T 815 8x6 with crane mulitilift 1983Tatra15
Tatra T815/6x6 1991Tatra6
Unimog Bucher Giletta salt spreaders Airport 2004Unimog1
Volvo 12 400 Euro 5 FH 2008Volvo2
Volvo 12 440 Euro 5 FH 2006Volvo4
Volvo 440 EURO 5 2007Volvo12
Volvo F-12 1990Volvo10
Volvo F 12 6x4 400hp! Hook! German Truck 1990Volvo9
Volvo F10 1988Volvo5
Volvo f10 f12 1993Volvo10
Volvo F12 320 6x4R Steelsuspension Hubreduction 1986Volvo6
Volvo F16 470 1990Volvo9
Volvo FE 320 6x4 container Hook 2007Volvo14
Volvo FH 12 2003Volvo5
Volvo FH 12 2005Volvo3

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