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Tipper, Truck over 7.5t Vehicles

Volvo FM7 290 / 3s truck nowy! 2000Volvo7
Volvo FM7 4x2 250 EURO3 ADR ADR 2000Volvo5
Volvo FM7 Crane 2002Volvo10
Volvo FM84 2008Volvo4
Volvo FM9 300 2003Volvo7
Volvo FM9-300 m 3 sides tipper. CRANE HMF 913 E3 Climate 2003Volvo15
Volvo FMX 450 - NEW 2011Volvo15
Volvo FMX 450 - NEW 2012Volvo15
Volvo FMX 460, 8x4 2011Volvo5
Volvo FMX13 2011Volvo2
Volvo FMX420 8x4R Carnehl Construction * NEW / NOW * 2011Volvo12
Volvo FS 10 8x4 1990Volvo4
Volvo FS10-6X4 1990Volvo5
Volvo Globetrotter XL FH12.460 6X2 EURO 3 WITH TRAILER 2006Volvo7
Volvo INTER COOL R FL 12 380 6 x 4 CRANE 1997Volvo15
Volvo N-10 6x4 1977Volvo4
Volvo N 10 6x4 truck 3x in stock 1989Volvo12
Volvo N 10 6x4 truck 3x in stock 1990Volvo5
Volvo N 10 Int. 320 6X6 TRUCK 1993Volvo15
Volvo N 12 - NEW ENGINES 1989Volvo15
Volvo N 88 1970Volvo7
Volvo N10 - 6X4 1988Volvo6
Volvo N10 4X2 1980Volvo5
Volvo N10 6x2 steel suspension 1988Volvo2
Volvo N10 6X4 TIPPER 1984Volvo8
Volvo N12 1987Volvo5
Volvo N12 1988Volvo2
Volvo N12 back 6x4 Tipper 1990Volvo10
Volvo N12 Turbo 6X4 tipper 1989Volvo15
Volvo N12 TURBO 8X4 1982Volvo6
Volvo N7 4X2 1983Volvo4
Volvo N88 1980Volvo5
Volvo NL 10 - 6X4 1994Volvo6
Volvo NL 10.320 - Spring Susp. 1991Volvo6
Volvo NL 10 6X4 1988Volvo7
Volvo NL 10 6X4 1991Volvo3
Volvo NL 10 6x4 truck 1991Volvo11
Volvo NL 10 6X6 LIKE NEW! 1993Volvo15
Volvo NL 12 - 6X4 1993Volvo6
Volvo NL 12 400 6X4 11 M ³ TIPPER BLATTFEDERUNG 1994Volvo13
Volvo NL10 1995Volvo3
Volvo NL10 6x4 tipper 1993Volvo3
Volvo NL12 1992Volvo6
Volvo No FM 12-34 Trucks 1999Volvo12
Volvo Terberg 1997r Polecam! 1997Volvo5
Volvo Terberg F1350 6x6 truck 1990Volvo3
Volvo Terberg FL 6x6 F 1995Volvo8
Volvo Terberg FM 1350 6X6 2000Volvo11
Volvo Terberg FM 1950 8x6 Hookarm 2002Volvo15
Volvo Terberg FM 2000 T 8x8 2000Volvo7
Volvo TERBERG WYWROTKA + 6X6 HDS 2001Volvo15
Volvo TOYOTA DYNA 2007Volvo15
Volvo Vial 12 420 + 16 000 kennis 1998Volvo5
Volvo VNL 300 - 6X4 - engine 2003Volvo6
Volvo VNL 6X4 on springs 2000Volvo6
Volvo VNL 6X4 on springs 2002Volvo6
Volvo VNL 6X4 on springs 2003Volvo6
Volvo Volvo FH 460 8x4 WYWROTKA 2000Volvo5
Volvo VOLVO FL10/320 - 8X4 TRUCK 1993Volvo7
Yanmar 85 8X4 STEEL BODY TIPPER 1996Yanmar15

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