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Vacuum and pressure vehicle, Truck over 7.5t Vehicles

MABO suction and pressure build-up, complete with pump 1990Other13
Mobile sludge dewatering / e.g. Sewage sludge 1998Other2
Rolling / Absetzsaugfass ADR / ADR 2000Other10
SAMSON slurry tankers 18000ltr.Guelle Barrel-Liquid 1999Other9
Saugsattel 2002Other8
Saugsattel ADR / ADR 1989Other4
Uraca pump 1990Other3
Vacuum / pressure trailer ADR / ADR 1978Other8
Vacuum / pressure trailer ADR / ADR 1983Other1
Vacuum / pressure trailer ADR / ADR 2009Other4
Woma 225Z P18 2000 bar high pressure pump electric 1998Other9
WOMA High Pressure Pumps 2000Other2
Renault 4 x 4 1994Renault7
Renault CCF 6000 / MAN Kat / Fire / Trial 1992Renault5
Renault G270 1998Renault5
Renault M 230 / Ravo vacuum 1990Renault10
Renault RAVO Vacuum Tank M200 1992Renault3
Scania 113 320 4X2 truck suction pressure Waterrecyclin 1993Scania12
Scania 113 combined suction and dishwasher 1989Scania3
Scania 114 2000Scania13
Scania 124 CB 360 4x4 ADR KOMBI 100%! 1998Scania8
Scania 124 CB 360, Mercedes Benz 1998Scania4
Scania 124L-400 6X2 liter silo +16,000 + towbar + green badge 1998Scania15
Scania 143-470 1990Scania10
Scania 143M 500 HP RETARDA 1992Scania6
Scania 19 000 L Saugwagen 1996Scania5
Scania 250 1995Scania3
Scania 8x2 * 4NA 420HP, JHL SLP14m R420 ³ ADR 1999Scania4
Scania 93 M 1988Scania14
Scania LB81S50 suction and pressure trucks 1978Scania9
Scania New 94D220 barrel / New Drum / Nowa beczka i pomp 1997Scania12
Scania P 420, Euro 5 engine replacement at 302 Tkm 2008Scania14
Scania P 93M Year 2002 8m ³ 1990Scania4
Scania P 94 DB 4x2, DHM 6.5 m3 1999Scania5
Scania P113 320 with suction and Spülaufbau 13 500 liters. 1996Scania9
Scania P113HL 1995Scania13
Scania P124GB 6x2 NB 1998Scania15
Scania P420 combined water recovery / ReCycler € 3 2001Scania15
Scania P93 suction pressure and purging 1993Scania6
Scania R420 LB 8x2 * 6 with FlexLine suction / irrigation construction 2009Scania6
Scania Suction and flushing with Uraca + Demag Wittig 15m ³ ADR 1998Scania12
Scania TH112H 1989Scania5
Scania vacuum and pressure 1990Scania5
Skoda Fire department 1974Skoda3
Steyr 26s32 1983Steyr12
Steyr 32S32 K 34 6X4 channel Pühler 1994Steyr13
Steyr 32S42 6x6 suction / truck with crane and hook device 1993Steyr4
Steyr 991 200 and suction pressure trolley 1982Steyr4
Tatra T815, 6x6, fekal 1989Tatra12
Tatra T815, fekal, 6x6, 11cm3 1988Tatra11
Volvo F7-36 4x2 1985Volvo5
Volvo FH 12 460 - Manuel 1999Volvo3
Volvo FL 10 1995Volvo4
Volvo FL 10.320 6x4 1996Volvo5
Volvo FL 10 Kombispüler * Motor \u0026 Pump Funktienieren * 1988Volvo15
Volvo FL 10 suction Spuhl heavy build 6x4 1993Volvo8
Volvo FL 10/10 Spring Steel 6x2 Tyres / suction toilets 1988Volvo8
Volvo FL 240 4X2 R manure slurry 2007Volvo8
Volvo FL 6-18 vacuum trucks 8500 liters 2000Volvo6
Volvo FL 6-18Saug truck 8500 liters 2000Volvo9
Volvo FL 6 H vacuum truck (111-210) 2002Volvo10
Volvo FL 614 4X2 VACUUM TRUCK. 1989Volvo3
Volvo FL 6250 1997Volvo2
Volvo FL 6250 2002Volvo4
Volvo FL 7 1988Volvo5
Volvo FL 7 260HP 1998Volvo10
Volvo FL10/320 8x2 toilet / 20m ³ 1994Volvo13
Volvo FL220 Left Hand Drive 2001Volvo5
Volvo FL618 4x2 2000Volvo5
Volvo FM 12 340 6x4 2003Volvo5
Volvo FM.290 (4X2) 2001Volvo4
Volvo FM 7250 2002Volvo5
Volvo FMX 4x4 Rigid 2011Volvo2
Volvo New barrel FL618 / Nowa beczka / New Drum 1997Volvo15

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