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Commercial Vehicles >> Categorys list >> Box-type delivery van, Van or truck up to 7.5t
View Van or truck up to 7.5t Box-type delivery van Vehicles With Pictures

Box-type delivery van, Van or truck up to 7.5t Vehicles

Opel vivaro 2008Opel8
Opel VIVARO 2009Opel15
Opel Vivaro 2010Opel9
Opel Vivaro 2011Opel15
Opel Vivaro 2012Opel8
Opel Vivaro 2,5 CDTI 2009Opel7
Opel Vivaro 7.2 KW L1 90HP 2.0CDTI 6G 2007Opel6
Opel Vivaro 9 seater L2H1 2.0 CDTI DPF 2011Opel9
Opel Vivaro, AIR, EFH 2009Opel15
Opel Vivaro CDTI 115L2H1 2009Opel8
Opel Vivaro CDTI 2008Opel4
Opel Vivaro CDTI box 1.Hand 2005Opel10
Opel VIVARO COMBI PACK CLIM 5.2 CDTI145 M1 2007Opel7
Opel Vivaro Double Cab AIR 2007Opel5
Opel Vivaro Double Cab Box 2.5 dCi 146PS 6-seat 2008Opel9
Opel Vivaro F2700 Fg C1 CDTI115 Pk Clim 2010Opel6
Opel Vivaro F2700 Fg C1 CDTI90 Pack Clim 2008Opel10
Opel VIVARO FOURGON F2700 C1 1.9 CDTI 82 PACK 2006Opel10
Opel VIVARO FOURGON F2700 C1 2.5 CDTI 145 PAC 2008Opel8
Opel VIVARO FOURGON F2900 M2 2.0 CDTI 115 PAC 2008Opel10
Opel VIVARO KASTENWAGEN 84 KW € 8,900 EXP AIR EL.FH 2009Opel13
Opel Vivaro L.R. 2.0 CDTI box L2H1 2011Opel4
Opel Vivaro L.R. 2.0 CDTI L2H1 2011Opel7
Opel Vivaro L1H1 1.9 CDTI 2005Opel6
Opel Vivaro L1H1 1.9 DTI 2.7 tonnes short 2005Opel5
Opel Vivaro L1H1 2.0 box 2011Opel2
Opel Vivaro L1H1 2.0 CDTI 2012Opel11
Opel Vivaro L1H1 2.0 CDTi box 2.7t 6-speed air ° 2011Opel7
Opel Vivaro L1H1 2.0 DCI climate 2007Opel15
Opel Vivaro L1H1 2.7 t box CDTI EUR4 3-seater 2009Opel1
Opel Vivaro L1H1 2.7t DPF 2011Opel13
Opel Vivaro L1H1 2.9 t \ 2012Opel15
Opel Vivaro L1H1 2.9t DPF 2011Opel12
Opel Vivaro L1H1 2012 Mod climate, navigation, heated seats 2011Opel15
Opel Vivaro L1H1 7.2 Business 2.0 CDTI 2011Opel9
Opel Vivaro L1H1 box 1.9 DTi + DOORS 2007Opel10
Opel Vivaro L1H1 box 2.0CDTi + APC 2007Opel11
Opel Vivaro L1H1 KASTENWAGEN 2007Opel6
Opel Vivaro L1H1 Kawa 2.7 t 2.0 CDTI 84kW (114HP) (MT6 2011Opel1
Opel Vivaro L1H1 panel van - 2.7 t - 2.0 CDTI truck 2011Opel1
Opel Vivaro L1H1 panel van - 2.7 t - 2.0 CTDI - Truck 2011Opel1
Opel Vivaro L1H2 2.9t DPF navigation, cruise control, air conditioning, trailer hitch, 2011Opel14
Opel Vivaro L1H2 panel vans 2009Opel14
Opel Vivaro L2 H2 2005Opel2
Opel Vivaro L2 long Webasto AHK EURO4 traces 2008Opel15
Opel Vivaro L2H1 1.9CDTI * LONG * Box * Sliding * StHzg 2005Opel12
Opel Vivaro L2H1 2.0 CDTI Klima/eFH./BC/1.Hd KW. 2012Opel1
Opel Vivaro L2H1 2.0 Scheckheftgepflegt partition 2008Opel13
Opel Vivaro L2H1 2.0CDTI cargo vans (115hp) 2.9t 2011Opel13
Opel Vivaro L2H1 2.9 t 2007Opel9
Opel Vivaro L2H1 Kawa 2.9t electric package 2008Opel11
Opel Vivaro L2H1 Life Cosmo Easytronic AHK Standheiz. 2011Opel8
Opel Vivaro L2H1 panel van - 2.9 t - 2.0 CDTI - Truck 2011Opel1
Opel VIVARO (Nissan Primastar, AIR, 6 Gang.LANG) 2005Opel11
Opel Vivaro panel L1H + AHK Air 2011Opel15
Opel Vivaro panel van 2011Opel5
Opel VIVARO, TRAFFIC 2.5 CDTI 145 KM 135 FURGON tys km 2007Opel9
Opel Vivaro Van L1H1 2.0 2.7 t 2009Opel5
Opel Vivaro Van L1H1 2.0 towbar, radio, wood Bode 2009Opel3
Opel Vivaro Van L1H1 2.7 t 2.0 CDTI 2007Opel4
Opel Vivaro Van L1H1 2.7 T 2008Opel13
Opel Vivaro Van L1H1 2.7 t 2012Opel2
Opel VIVARO WITH NAVI, AIR ... TOP! 2006Opel5
Opel Zafira 1.9 CDTI Van AUT / NAVI / AIRCO 120PK BJ 2006 2006Opel9
Opel Zafira 1.9 Enjoy Cdti 74kw VAN AIRCO 2007Opel5
Opel Zafira 1.9CDTI 100PK ENJOY VAN 2007Opel6
Opel Zafira 2.0 DTI VAN 2003Opel4
Opel ZFIRA 2001Opel3
Aixam Mega 0.5 diesel box 2005Other5
BF 3 system 2010Other6
Changhe Freedom Cargo Box 1.1 liter 4x2 2011Other7
Chevrolet Chevy Van Diesel 2004Other4
Chrysler Grand Voyager 2.8 CRD Auto Air A 2005Other11
Chrysler Ram van 2.5 CRD net € 4.900, - 2006Other9
Chrysler Ram Van Van 2.8CRD Automaat 2008Other13
Citroen 2.8 HDI, 128 KM. KSIĄŻKA SERWISO 2002Other2
Citroen Jumper 2.8 HDI 128 hp, max. 2006Other3
Citroen Jumper 2005Other3
Daewoo Lublin 1997Other3
DFM / DFSK Cargo Box 2011Other4
DFM / DFSK Double Cab 2011Other3
DFM / DFSK Mini Bus 2011Other4
DFM / DFSK Mini Truck Single Cab 2011Other4
DFM / DFSK Pick Up 2011Other3
DFM / Mini Van DFSK 2011Other3
DFM DFM Mini van 5 seater van 35KW 2009Other9
DFM Mini Truck € 5 / Net price only 7390, - € 2010Other5
Diesel TDI Transporter T4 2.5 TDi 65 kw 5 sitting 1998Other12
Dodge Ram van 2.5 CRD 2002Other8
Dodge Ram Van 2.5 TD 1995Other4
Dodge Ram Van VAN 2.5 CRD 2003Other7
GAZ 4x4 box business permanently 2011Other11
Land Rover Defender 130 TDI! 4x4 winch 1991Other8
Land Rover Discovery Series II 2.5 TD5 Auto SLS 2001Other12
LDV MAXUS 2008Other4
Lublin 3 III 2001Other3
Magirus 150D10A 1963Other15

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