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View Van or truck up to 7.5t Breakdown truck Vehicles With Pictures

Breakdown truck, Van or truck up to 7.5t Vehicles

Algema Ford Transit Blitzlader 2007Algema14
Algema MB Sprinter 315 CDI flash loader (air) 2008Algema12
Algema MB Sprinter 319 CDI Blitzlader 2011Algema7
Algema Opel Movano ~ Renault Master Iveco technology 2000Algema13
Algema Transit Air Silber.Metallic EURO 4 1Hand 2007Algema13
Citroen Citroen Jumper - 2.2 HDI EU5 DPF-AIR - ALUMINIUM CONSTRUCTION 2011Citroen9
Citroen Citroen Jumper 2.2 HDI AIR NOW *** FREE *** 2011Citroen6
Citroen Citroen Jumper 3.0 160 NO tachograph Required. 2008Citroen10
Citroen Citroen Jumper 3.0 177PS car carrier Air New 2012Citroen15
Citroen Citroën Jumper / car transporter / air spring / air 2009Citroen14
Citroen Citroën Jumper 2.2 HDI ALUMINIUM BUILDING IMMEDIATELY **** FREE **** 2012Citroen15
Citroen Citroën Jumper 2008Citroen5
Citroen Citroën Jumper 3.0HDI 180HP EU5 35 + FULL ESP NOW 2011Citroen11
Citroen Citroën Jumper 35 + 3.0HDI 180hp Euro 5 - AIR - NOW 2011Citroen9
Citroen Citroën Jumper 35L tow \ 2003Citroen15
Citroen Citroën Jumper build solid aluminum 177PS, Air Luftfed 2011Citroen15
Citroen Citroën Jumper New! 2007Citroen6
Citroen Citroën Jumper with Schiebeplateau Jotha JTX 45 2002Citroen5
DAF 45 160 Pomoc Drogowa AUTO LAWETA 1996DAF15
DAF 45-160 tow truck 1995DAF15
DAF AE 45/150 Turbo / Schiebeplatteau / Hubbrille 1996DAF10
DAF AE45 1996DAF5
DAF AE45LF car transporter trailer 2003DAF12
DAF FA 45.150 Holownik 1996DAF7
DAF FA LF 45.150 * plateau with sliding top condition! * 2006DAF14
DAF LF, BED, AIR, STANDHZ., 3.1 t Nutzl.LUFTFED. 2005DAF10
Fiat * Servo * Tow truck Ducato Euro 3 * 120km / h 1998Fiat15
Fiat 65F10 TOW TRUCK 1979Fiat11
Fiat AIR Ducato, trailer hitch, PAYLOAD kg 1550 2002Fiat9
Fiat Bravo 1991Fiat4
Fiat Bravo 1999Fiat5
Fiat Bravo 3.0 Multijet Power Tow 2011Fiat11
Fiat CARRO attrezzi FIAT 616 1978Fiat5
Fiat DUCATO 1990Fiat11
Fiat Ducato 2.3JTD pomoc Drogowa HYDRAULIC PLATFORM 2009Fiat14
Fiat Ducato 2.5 D tow 1991Fiat14
Fiat Ducato 2.5D tow 4to. Tandem 1987Fiat9
Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD AIR TOW 1998Fiat14
Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD Maxi tow 2001Fiat5
Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD Maxi tow Autotranspor 2000Fiat10
Fiat Ducato 2.8JTD * APSCHLEPPWAGEN * 4.0t * Jotha CONSTRUCTION 2001Fiat15
Fiat ducato 2004Fiat5
Fiat Ducato 250 tow 2011Fiat11
Fiat Ducato 290 Turbo D 1993Fiat2
Fiat Ducato 3.0 HDI 160HP car carrier air suspension 2009Fiat15
Fiat Ducato 3.0 HDI 180HP car carrier air suspension 2012Fiat8
Fiat Ducato 3.0 Mjet Climate * Spring Special * 2011Fiat15
Fiat Ducato-3.0/Klima/Luftfederung/Euro-4--Voll-Allu 2007Fiat15
Fiat Ducato 3.5 tonnes without tachographs!! 2010Fiat5
Fiat Ducato Maxi build full-aluminum 177 hp, air Luftfed 2011Fiat15
Fiat Ducato Maxi Car Transporter 177PS MANY EXTRAS 2011Fiat15
Fiat Ducato oil slick removal vehicle with trailer 2009Fiat2
Fiat DUCATO PKL28N4 car tow 2005Fiat12
Fiat Ducato tow * TIMING / NEW KD 1996Fiat15
Fiat Ducato van 3.5t car, air, 5x2, 20m. 2008Fiat12
Fiat L5 160 Ducato 40 Maxi breakdown service vehicle, 2010Fiat10
Fiat Org.Jotha Hydr.Kipper loading 6.2 m 2.5 TD 1991Fiat10
Fiat Veicoli 1984Fiat5
Ford Cargo 1987Ford5
Ford Cargo Tow 1988Ford6
Ford E 350 Turbo Diesel 2000Ford10
Ford F 350 1992Ford4
Ford F 450 King Ranch 2007Ford7
Ford F 47 Super Duty Custom Tow 1990Ford15
Ford F 477 tax-free glasses vehicle 1993Ford9
Ford Fitzel 2008Ford5
Ford FMBY FT-3300 chassis with articulated ALGEMA Blitzlader 2001Ford5
Ford iveco 1988Ford8
Ford Tansit Blitzlader! OFFER TO MAY! 1992Ford11
Ford Tow truck mounted crane, winch, trailer hitch 1990Ford15
Ford Tow vehicle transporter reduces 2011Ford6
Ford Transit 1998Ford4
Ford Transit 1999Ford5
Ford Transit 2.0 kmh begrenzun Tues orig-123000km without 2001Ford8
Ford TRANSIT 2.4 TDCI 350 EF 2007Ford4
Ford Transit 2.4TD * Mint * Factory Warranty * 4 * € 2011Ford15
Ford Transit 2.5 TD tow 1996Ford3
Ford Transit 2.5TD EDER-ALUAUFBAU 1992Ford7
Ford Transit 2002Ford5
Ford Transit 2006Ford8
Ford Transit 350L Tow \ 2003Ford15
Ford Transit APC top winch state 2007Ford14
Ford Transit Apschleppwagen ALGEMA 2001Ford12
Ford Transit DOKA Low Liner 2006Ford12
Ford Transit FT 350 air suspension / NAVI / AIR / 6-SPEED 2005Ford9
Ford Transit FT 350 L 125 2001Ford8
Ford Transit FT350L 2.4 ltr TDCI CAR TRANSPORTER 2011Ford6
Ford Transit Turbo-D FLASH LOADER EDER towing tilt 1993Ford9
Ford Transit vehicle tow truck 2011Ford6
Ford tranzit 1992Ford5
Hanomag F 66 tow truck with 5t winch 1971Hanomag12
Intrall Daily LT truck 2005Intrall5
Isuzu 4.8 ** 1.HAND/69.TKM./HYDR. SLIDING PLATE 1999Isuzu12
Isuzu N75.190 2010Isuzu15
Isuzu NPR - tow truck with winch 1998Isuzu11
Iveco € cargo ML75E12 EURO 3 2001Iveco5
Iveco 2004 EURO CARGO 75E17 Pomoc Drogowa 2004Iveco5

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