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View Van or truck up to 7.5t Cattle truck Vehicles With Pictures

Cattle truck, Van or truck up to 7.5t Vehicles

DAF 45 10 1999DAF5
DAF AE 450 1995DAF13
DAF Equi-Trek Envoy for 4 horses 2011DAF15
DAF FL45 horsebox 2012DAF9
Fiat 160 horses Ducato van 2010Fiat15
Fiat Alluaufbau 38000km Veicoli 1985Fiat2
Fiat Bravo 2001Fiat3
Fiat Bravo 2006Fiat5
Fiat Bravo 3.0 Multijet 2011Fiat3
Fiat bravo chicken car 1999Fiat5
Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD HORSE TRANSPORT 2002Fiat6
Fiat Ducato 3.0 D 160 KM 2009Fiat5
Fiat Ducato 3.0 Mjet Exclusive horsebox 2011Fiat15
Fiat Ducato 3.0 Mjet horsebox 2011Fiat15
Fiat ducato H-IPO 2011Fiat14
Fiat H-ipo DUCATO 2011Fiat15
Fiat KONIOWÓZ Ducato 2.8 ITD 2000Fiat3
Ford Cargo 1983Ford6
Ford Closed box truck 1983Ford5
Iveco 50C 35 2001Iveco8
Iveco 50C11 2003Iveco3
Iveco 65 E 14 horse transporters 1993Iveco15
Iveco 65C15 horsebox 2003Iveco12
Iveco 75 E special car / horsebox 1992Iveco11
Iveco 75E14 1996Iveco3
Iveco 75E14 1999Iveco4
Iveco 75E15 2004Iveco5
Iveco 80-13 A 1991Iveco5
Iveco 80-21 2000Iveco5
Iveco 80E18P Lufffederung € 5 2007Iveco5
Iveco ANIMAL TRANSPORTER livestock transport 2006Iveco5
Iveco C30V 2010Iveco9
Iveco Daily 2005Iveco6
Iveco Daily 2010Iveco4
Iveco Daily 50C17 2006Iveco10
Iveco Euro Cargo 80E15 1991Iveco5
Iveco Horse truck for 1 - 2 Pf 2007Iveco5
Iveco Horsebox 1988Iveco1
Iveco Horsebox 1991Iveco13
Iveco Horsebox 2003Iveco5
Iveco IVECO (I) ML 75 E Cargo 1999Iveco4
Iveco Magirus 1990Iveco5
Iveco Magirus horsebox TUV 03-2013 1989Iveco15
Iveco Turbo 2002Iveco4
Iveco TurboDaily 1994Iveco5
Kia 2700 2002Kia4
MAN 6100 1992MAN5
MAN 8-224 1997MAN14
MAN 8136 horses and cattle transport - air suspension 1987MAN9
MAN 8150 1988MAN5
MAN 8150 1989MAN12
MAN 8160 Steinberger 4 horse tack room 1995MAN10
MAN 8163 1998MAN6
MAN 8/163, 5 Pferdetranspoter or 2 1 carriage horses 1996MAN2
MAN 8163 Horse Trailer 1996MAN8
MAN 8180 2002MAN5
MAN 8180 Hesse 2006MAN14
MAN Horsebox 2006MAN15
MAN Horsebox 2009MAN10
MAN L 2000 1998MAN5
MAN L2000 2000MAN5
MAN LE 180 C 2001MAN15
MAN MAN-VW 8.136 F 1987MAN12
MAN Orig.82000 8-163 KM 1997MAN13
MAN Simply4You 30 1995MAN15
MAN TGL 7.150 BB case closed - door on the right 2008MAN14
MAN TGL 8.180 2006MAN3
MAN TGL 8.180 L 2008MAN14
MAN TGL 8.220 2011MAN4
MAN TGL 9220 BL EURO 5 2010MAN5
MAN TGL horsebox 2011MAN2
MAN TGL180 EURO 4 automatic climate 2006MAN5
Mercedes-Benz 1120 GERMAN LETTER TIP TOP! 1994Mercedes-Benz6
Mercedes-Benz 3 Horses Horse Trailer against the Fahrtric 1986Mercedes-Benz11
Mercedes-Benz 408 Paardenwagen 1992Mercedes-Benz15
Mercedes-Benz 409 D 1986Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz 410 D CATTLE / HORSE VANS UP TO 3.5 T ALUAUFBAU 1993Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz 813 1983Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz 813 MB 1974Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz 814 - for 4 horses Tüv NEW 1989Mercedes-Benz11
Mercedes-Benz 814 * 4 * horse transporter 1990Mercedes-Benz13
Mercedes-Benz 814 ** APC **** horse transport * 1986Mercedes-Benz12
Mercedes-Benz 814 ** switch ** ** STEEL suspension good tires 1992Mercedes-Benz10
Mercedes-Benz 814 1984Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz 814 1985Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz 814 1987Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz 814 1988Mercedes-Benz12
Mercedes-Benz 814 1989Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz 814 1993Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz 814 50 1990Mercedes-Benz8
Mercedes-Benz 814 cattle truck 1986Mercedes-Benz10
Mercedes-Benz 814 Horse Trailer 1986Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz 814 Horse Trailer 1992Mercedes-Benz5
Mercedes-Benz 814-horse transporter 3Pferde 4Schlafplätze 2001Mercedes-Benz15
Mercedes-Benz 814 Livestock Transporter * 1 HAND 1991Mercedes-Benz6
Mercedes-Benz 814/817 1991Mercedes-Benz4
Mercedes-Benz 815 Atego 1998Mercedes-Benz6
Mercedes-Benz 817 1986Mercedes-Benz1
Mercedes-Benz 817 1992Mercedes-Benz4

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