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View Van or truck up to 7.5t Refrigerator body Vehicles With Pictures

Refrigerator body, Van or truck up to 7.5t Vehicles

Citroen Citroen Berlingo 1.9 refrigerated vans 2006Citroen9
Citroen Citroen Berlingo 1.9 Refrigerators 2000Citroen9
Citroen Citroen Berlingo 1.9 Refrigerators 2001Citroen7
Citroen Citroen Berlingo 1.9 Refrigerators 2003Citroen7
Citroen Citroen Berlingo 1.9 Refrigerators 2004Citroen11
Citroen Citroen Berlingo 1.9 Refrigerators 2005Citroen8
Citroen Citroen Jumper 2.0 HDI CHLODNIA 2005Citroen2
Citroen Citroen Jumper 2.0 HDI CHLODNIA 2006Citroen2
Citroen Citroen Jumper 2.2 TDi Refrigerated 2003Citroen6
Citroen Citroen Jumper 2.8 HDI, 4.20 m + LBW Refrigerators 2007Citroen3
Citroen Citroen Jumper 2.8 HDI 600 H Xarios 2004Citroen7
Citroen Citroen Jumper 2.8 HDI Carrier 30S 2004Citroen5
Citroen Citroen Jumper 2.8 HDI CARRIER 30S 2005Citroen10
Citroen Citroen Jumper 2.8 HDI CHLODNIA 2002Citroen2
Citroen Citroen Jumper 2.8 HDI Koel / Vries BJ 2005 127 000 KM 2005Citroen9
Citroen Citroen Jumpy 1.9 ice cream van 2005Citroen6
Citroen Citroen Jumpy 1.9 Refrigerators 2000Citroen7
Citroen Citroen Jumpy 1.9 Refrigerators 2001Citroen8
Citroen Citroen Jumpy 1.9 Refrigerators 2003Citroen10
Citroen Citroen Jumpy 1.9 Refrigerators 2004Citroen9
Citroen Citroën BERLINGO / KUHLKOFFER LAMBERT / CARRIER Integra 20S 1999Citroen10
Citroen Citroën BERLINGO 2001Citroen4
Citroen Citroën Berlingo Van 1.9 Cooling 2006Citroen9
Citroen Citroën Jumper, 1.Hand, freezer, refrigerator, 2000Citroen11
Citroen Citroën Jumper 1999Citroen6
Citroen Citroën Jumper 35 2.2 HDI L3H2-carrier cooling 2011Citroen14
Citroen Citroën Jumper AIR MAX CHLODNIA 2007Citroen15
Citroen Citroën Jumper chłodnia do-10 AGREGAT DWUFUNKCYJNY 2004Citroen9
Citroen Citroën Jumper cooler 2009Citroen4
Citroen Citroën Jumper izoterma Carier 2007Citroen9
Citroen Citroën Jumper Kontener I Rej.2009 salon Polska 2008Citroen8
Citroen Citroën Jumper Refrigerators 2.8HDI 220V AC outlet 2006Citroen14
Citroen Citroën Jumper Thermo King V 500 MAX TC 2004Citroen10
Citroen Citroën Jumpy 1.9D KUHLKOFFER / CARRIER ZEPHIR 30S 2001Citroen2
Citroen Citroën Jumpy 2.0HDI CARRIER XARIOS 200 2004Citroen10
Citroen Citroën Jumpy 2009Citroen10
Citroen HDi Citroën Jumper KUHLKOFFER / RELEC FROID / TUBE banning / 2003Citroen15
Citroen Peugeot Boxer 3.0 diesel, Refrigerated Thermo King V200 2007Citroen5
DAF 3 pieces LF cool suitcase 2001DAF5
DAF 45 150 LF Tiefkühlkoffer LBW 2005DAF10
DAF 45 160Ati 2000DAF10
DAF 45 180 TI 2000DAF6
DAF 45LF 2002DAF10
DAF AE 45/180 1998DAF4
DAF FA LF45-130 7.5T 2003DAF5
DAF LF 45 180 cummins 2005DAF14
DAF LF 45.180 E08 freezer doors LBW climate 2009DAF8
DAF LF45 150 refrigerated case (no 170 no 180) 2002DAF13
Fiat Bravo 1995Fiat3
Fiat Ducato / Refrigerated Thermo King 2007Fiat3
Fiat Ducato 1.9 TIEFKÜHLER, 1Hand, with servo 1998Fiat15
Fiat Ducato 100 Refrigerators 2008Fiat8
Fiat Ducato 2.0 D 136000TKM new timing belt 2002Fiat15
Fiat Ducato 2.2 MJT plan-Cab 5.3 Thermo King V-max 300 2008Fiat15
Fiat Ducato 2.3 Mjet 130 HP-20C 2012Fiat12
Fiat Ducato 2.3JTD 120km IZOTERMA GWARANCJA 2008Fiat6
Fiat Ducato 2.5 TDI H + L COOL CARS ONLY 138 000 TKM 1997Fiat8
Fiat Ducato 2.5D refrigerators with a refrigeration unit 1999Fiat4
Fiat Ducato 2.5L refrigerated 1997Fiat5
Fiat Ducato 2.8 D 2002Fiat4
Fiat Ducato 2.8 i.d.TD Thermo King refrigeration 2000Fiat13
Fiat Ducato 2.8 IDTD chłodnia! 2000Fiat5
Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD 2000Fiat5
Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD Kühlaufbau Thermo King V300 KG 2006Fiat7
Fiat Ducato 2.8 TD Tiefkühlkoffer 2001Fiat6
Fiat Ducato 3.0JTD 2010Fiat2
Fiat Ducato 3.5 t 2.3 Mjet LWF + 2 years warranty 2011Fiat8
Fiat Ducato 35 L4H2 160 Multijet cooler 2007Fiat9
Fiat Ducato freezer -20 degrees + driving condition cooling 2011Fiat15
Fiat Ducato JTD CHLODNIA CARRIER ******** 2004Fiat7
Fiat Ducato Maxi 150 freezer (-20 degrees) 2011Fiat15
Fiat Ducato Maxi 4.5 ton (-20 degrees) 2011Fiat15
Fiat FIAT Ducato CON Frigorifero 2007Fiat5
Fiat FIORINO 146L 1996Fiat7
Fiat Mjt Ducato 2.3 120 cv frigo 2008Fiat3
Fiat Nuovo Doblo Cargo 1.4T-Jet Metano120Cv 2011 2011Fiat4
Fiat Scudo 12 LH1 FRIGO -20 ° C 2.0MJ 120cvComfortClima 2008Fiat15
Fiat Scudo 2.0 JTD 2003Fiat15
Fiat Scudo 2005Fiat6
Fiat scudo 6.1 multijet 2008Fiat6
Fiat SCUDO, EXPERT, JUMPY 1.6 JTD refrigerators and EURO 4 2008Fiat14
Fiat SCUDO FRIGO 120cv 2008Fiat15
Ford * Transit CHLODNIA * DIESEL * 2004Ford13
Ford Refrigerated Courier 2002Ford10
Ford Refrigerated vans, high level drive and cooling 2001Ford7
Ford Transit -20 ° freezer ride \u0026 Cooling Stand 2012Ford14
Ford Transit / 350 / 2.4 TDI / Thermo King V-200 / -20 ° C. 2005Ford14
Ford Transit 100T350 2.4TDCI Cooled Box 10.500Euro 2007Ford15
Ford Transit 100T350 2004Ford8
Ford Transit 115T350 Thermo King 2005Ford14
Ford Transit 1997Ford13
Ford transit 1998Ford5
Ford Transit 2.4TDDi Refrigerators 18m3 0 ° C / +30 ° C 2005Ford15
Ford Transit 2000Ford1
Ford Transit-350L refrigerator with LBW 2007Ford15
Ford transit chłodnia 2006Ford7

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