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View Van or truck up to 7.5t Stake body Vehicles With Pictures

Stake body, Van or truck up to 7.5t Vehicles

Peugeot Boxer 2.8HDI DoKa, trailer hitch, 7-seater 2005Peugeot7
Peugeot Boxer 2.8HDI Platform 2006Peugeot12
Peugeot boxer 2002Peugeot10
Peugeot boxer 2008Peugeot10
Peugeot Boxer 2009Peugeot5
Peugeot Boxer 2010Peugeot12
Peugeot Boxer 3.0 HDI 4.2 M APC Platform 3000 kg 3 seats 2009Peugeot12
Peugeot Boxer 3.0 HDI 440 DOKA tipper 3 pages 2011Peugeot5
Peugeot Boxer 3.0 HDi FAP250 Platform 2011Peugeot15
Peugeot Boxer 333 L3 HDI FAP 130 flatbed 2012Peugeot5
Peugeot BOXER 335 L3 2.2HDI - CLIMATE - PLATFORM 2011Peugeot10
Peugeot Boxer 335 L3 3.5 ton flatbed 2007Peugeot14
Peugeot Boxer 335 L3 HDI FAP 130 crew cab flatbed 2012Peugeot7
Peugeot Boxer 335 L4 130 2.2 HDI Climate 2011Peugeot6
Peugeot Boxer 335 L4 HDI 130 FAP + + AIR CROSS PLATFORM + 2012Peugeot6
Peugeot Boxer 335 MAXI DOKA 3.5m flatbed 33TKM! 2007Peugeot14
Peugeot Boxer 335 Platform 2.2 HDi 120 L3 2011Peugeot10
Peugeot Boxer 335 Platform 3.5 to L3 2007Peugeot14
Peugeot Boxer 335 Single Cab L4 120HP AC 2.2HDI 9.990E 2009Peugeot15
Peugeot Boxer 33L3 DOKA 4035mm with 120 Ps PLATFORMS, AIR 2011Peugeot4
Peugeot Boxer 35-130 DOKA--L 3 (L4) - EURO 5 - incl towbar! 2011Peugeot8
Peugeot Boxer 35-130 DoKa DPF 7-seater NOW 2011Peugeot14
Peugeot Boxer 35-130 DOKA L3-7-5-seater EURO NOW! 2011Peugeot8
Peugeot Boxer 35 L4 AIR / 1.Hand / INSPECTION new! 2010Peugeot7
Peugeot Boxer 35 L4 AIR / double spring / NEW with TZ! 2011Peugeot6
Peugeot Boxer 35 L4 (L3) 2.2 HDi 120 Ps 4035 mm, AIR 2011Peugeot8
Peugeot Boxer 35 L4 (L3) 3.0 HDi 4035 mm 180 Ps AIR 2011Peugeot8
Peugeot Boxer 435 L3 2.2 truck with double cab 2011Peugeot15
Peugeot Boxer 435 L3 increased Doka pickup 2011Peugeot6
Peugeot Boxer 435 L4 180 Doka 3.0 Climate, APC Hdi 2011Peugeot9
Peugeot Boxer 435 L4 3.0 HDi Doka m. Pick roofers 2012Peugeot4
Peugeot Boxer 435 Platform L4 DoKa * Climate * enhanced ** 2011Peugeot4
Peugeot BOXER ALU PLATFORM 2001Peugeot11
Peugeot Boxer Bison 3-L3 Seitkipper 120 supplementary air spring 2011Peugeot14
Peugeot Boxer Chassis 3.0 440 ALKO low frame 2011Peugeot8
Peugeot Boxer DoKa 1998Peugeot5
Peugeot Boxer Doka 2002Peugeot12
Peugeot Boxer DOKA 2005Peugeot9
Peugeot Boxer DoKa Flatbed / tarpaulin 26oooKm! 6-seater 2008Peugeot8
Peugeot Boxer DoKa platform L3 2011Peugeot3
Peugeot Boxer Double Cab / Flatbed 2005Peugeot9
Peugeot Boxer Double Cab 2.9 m platform 2008Peugeot15
Peugeot Boxer double cab benne 2007Peugeot10
Peugeot Boxer Flatbed / tarpaulin DoKa 335 L3 climate 2011Peugeot10
Peugeot Boxer Flatbed / tarpaulin DoKa 435 L4 climate 2011Peugeot10
Peugeot Boxer Flatbed / tarpaulin HDi 333 L2 DoKa climate 2011Peugeot10
Peugeot Boxer Flatbed / tarpaulin HDi 335 L2 climate 2011Peugeot8
Peugeot Boxer Flatbed / tarpaulin HDi 335 L3 climate 2011Peugeot6
Peugeot Boxer Flatbed 2004Peugeot9
Peugeot Boxer Flatbed 330 101 hp 1200 KG NL 2011Peugeot8
Peugeot Boxer flatbed trailer coupling 2006Peugeot11
Peugeot Boxer HDi 120 KÃŒhlkoffer / Thermal expansion of +20 to 2011Peugeot13
Peugeot BOXER HDI 2-2 2004Peugeot7
Peugeot boxer hdi 2.8 2005Peugeot6
Peugeot Boxer HDI 2005Peugeot4
Peugeot Boxer HDi 333 Double Cab Pick 2007Peugeot11
Peugeot Boxer HDi 335 Doka, AHK, DPF 2007Peugeot8
Peugeot Boxer HDi 335 FAP L3 (250/250L) 2011Peugeot1
Peugeot Boxer HDi 335 L2 (250/250L) 2011Peugeot6
Peugeot Boxer HDi 335 L3 (250/250L) 2011Peugeot1
Peugeot Boxer HDi 335 L3 FAP130 BISON 3 side tipper 2011Peugeot8
Peugeot Boxer HDi 335 L3 flatbed DK / / Air 2011Peugeot9
Peugeot Boxer HDi 435 L3 120 HDI tipper conversion 2011Peugeot7
Peugeot Boxer HDI DoKa Platform L435 2012Peugeot2
Peugeot Boxer HDI Platform 2011Peugeot15
Peugeot Boxer L3 platform HDI 120 2011Peugeot9
Peugeot Boxer LAWETA 2005Peugeot10
Peugeot Boxer pickup L2 Radio CD, Central Locking, ABS 2012Peugeot9
Peugeot Boxer platform HDi 335 L3 2011Peugeot10
Peugeot Boxer platform L3 2011Peugeot6
Peugeot Boxer podwójna kabina 2012Peugeot12
Peugeot Boxer podwozie 2012Peugeot12
Peugeot BOXER PT 330 M 2.0 HDI TRUCKS N1 2002Peugeot12
Peugeot Boxer rama Thurs zabudowy 2012Peugeot10
Peugeot Boxer skrzynia / plandeka / kontener / Lawe 2012Peugeot12
Peugeot BOXER SKRZYNIA 3m, 7200zł OKAZJA!!! 2.5TD 1996Peugeot2
Peugeot Boxers long platform 1997Peugeot5
Peugeot DOKA Boxer 2.2 HDI 7 Seater 2007Peugeot7
Peugeot Doka Boxer L3 € 4 \ 2009Peugeot14
Peugeot Expert L2 Pick-up-unique climate RRP: 33 200, - € 2012Peugeot11
Peugeot Expert Platform 2011Peugeot5
Peugeot Flatbed J5 2.5 Diesel 1991Peugeot6
Peugeot J 5 double cabin 1993Peugeot9
Peugeot J5 / / Double Cab / / 5-SEATER / / TUV-6-2013 / / 1990Peugeot8
Peugeot J5 2.5D \ 1994Peugeot4
Peugeot J5 aluminum flatbed power steering 1992Peugeot11
Peugeot J5 platform 2.7m 121tkm 1992Peugeot7
Peugeot L2 335 2.2L HDi 120 2011Peugeot9
Peugeot MAXI Boxer 35 L4 / towbar 3000 kg / CD / NEW with TZ 2011Peugeot6
Peugeot PLATFORM :: TURBO DIESEL 1999Peugeot8
Piaggio APE 50 Cross Country! 2010Piaggio3
Piaggio APE 50 Cross Country 2011Piaggio1
Piaggio APE Classic 2011Piaggio2
Piaggio ape mp 1971Piaggio11
Piaggio Ape P 501 B 1984Piaggio8
Piaggio APE P501 1979Piaggio5
Piaggio APE TM 2000Piaggio5
Piaggio APE TM 703 diesel truck 2011Piaggio1
Piaggio APE TM 703 DIESEL truck light truck registration 2011Piaggio4
Piaggio APE TM 703 petrol bunk 2011Piaggio1

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