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View Van or truck up to 7.5t Stake body Vehicles With Pictures

Stake body, Van or truck up to 7.5t Vehicles

Fiat Ducato 40 Maxi Flatbed 2.3MJet 120PS L5xl climate 2011Fiat15
Fiat Ducato 4X4 2005Fiat4
Fiat Ducato 4x4 doka 2000Fiat5
Fiat Ducato 8.2 JTD Maxi 2001Fiat9
Fiat ducato doka 2000Fiat11
Fiat Ducato Doka 2003Fiat8
Fiat Ducato DoKa 3.5T Air € 5 L4 2012Fiat7
Fiat Ducato DOKA 35L4 130 E5 AIR-7 seater \ 2012Fiat13
Fiat Ducato DoKa Flatbed / tarpaulin 26oooKm! 6-seater 2008Fiat11
Fiat Ducato DoKa Flatbed / tarpaulin 26oooKm! 6-seater, Z09 2008Fiat11
Fiat Ducato DOKA Flatbed / tarpaulin L2 only 41.000km! 2008Fiat15
Fiat Ducato DOKA flatbed 7-seater 2007Fiat15
Fiat Ducato DoKa L4 250.BD.20 2011Fiat10
Fiat Ducato Doppeltkabi orig 97000km for 7 people 2000Fiat5
Fiat Ducato double cab 35 L4 130 2011Fiat11
Fiat Ducato double cab 35 L4 130MJ 2011Fiat2
Fiat DUCATO Dubel 6 osob 1999Fiat10
Fiat Ducato flatbed crewcab 35 2.3 Multijet 2010Fiat15
Fiat Ducato L1 250.0C1.0 +288 2008Fiat9
Fiat Ducato L2 250.AD2.0 +288 2008Fiat9
Fiat Ducato L2 (250/251) 2011Fiat5
Fiat Ducato L2H1 150 MultiJet E5 2011Fiat13
Fiat Ducato L2H2 120 MultiJet combined 6-seater 2008Fiat11
Fiat Ducato L4 120PS with AHZV! 2008Fiat9
Fiat Ducato L4 250.6D2.0 +288 2008Fiat7
Fiat Ducato L4 250.BC2.0 +288 2008Fiat7
Fiat Ducato L4 +288 250.6C2.0 low-frame platform 2008Fiat1
Fiat Ducato L4 platform 3.80 m 2006Fiat12
Fiat Ducato L4H1 Platform 35 130 MJ 2011Fiat1
Fiat Ducato L4H2 Double cabin Box 120 MultiJet 2010Fiat7
Fiat Ducato L4H2 Double cabin Box 120 MultiJet 2011Fiat10
Fiat Ducato L5H1 Platform 35 130 MJTD 2011Fiat2
Fiat Ducato L5H2 Double cabin Box 35 130 MultiJet 2011Fiat15
Fiat Ducato L5H2 Double cabin Box 35 180 MultiJet 2011Fiat15
Fiat Ducato long flatbed 2008Fiat11
Fiat Ducato low loading platform 1996Fiat1
Fiat Ducato LWB 3.5T 2.3Mjet Klíma, 125L, etc. NOW! 2012Fiat5
Fiat Ducato Maxi 2.3 MJ 130HP DoKa 2011Fiat9
Fiat Ducato Maxi 2.3 MJ L5 150PS double cab 2011Fiat9
Fiat Ducato Maxi 2.3 Platform Mjt 6th gear 120'''' climate 2008Fiat11
Fiat Ducato Maxi 2.8 D Platform 1999Fiat6
Fiat Ducato Maxi 2003Fiat9
Fiat Ducato Maxi 3.2 1.Hand MJT + sleeper + Navi 2012Fiat12
Fiat Ducato Maxi 3.9 m platform L4 DPF PERFECT CONDITION! 2008Fiat13
Fiat Ducato Maxi 33 120 L4 platform 2009Fiat11
Fiat Ducato Maxi 35 120 flatbed 2009Fiat14
Fiat Ducato Maxi 35 120 L2 platform 2007Fiat6
Fiat Ducato Maxi 35-120 L5 platform (4.2 m) - APC - CD 2011Fiat12
Fiat Ducato Maxi 35 bunk 3,0 D air 2010Fiat11
Fiat Ducato Maxi 35 bunk DK L4 2.3JTD 2009Fiat11
Fiat Ducato Maxi 35 bunk DoKa 3.5T L5/Klima/Euro5 2012Fiat7
Fiat Ducato Maxi 35 bunk extra long 180'' L5'' 2011Fiat11
Fiat Ducato Maxi 35 bunk L5 Multijet 120 2009Fiat12
Fiat Ducato Maxi 35 Doka L5 130 MultiJet 2011Fiat13
Fiat Ducato MAXI 35L5 Double Cab 130 MJ 2011Fiat1
Fiat Ducato Maxi 40 L5 180 MultiJet (flatbed) 2011Fiat12
Fiat Ducato MAXI DOKA 180 PLATFORM POWER L5 2012Fiat11
Fiat Ducato Maxi DOKA PLATFORM / / 1.HAND / / 2000Fiat9
Fiat Ducato MAXI double cab 35 L4 130MJ 2011Fiat3
Fiat Ducato Maxi Double Cab L4-5 € MJ130 climate 2011Fiat1
Fiat Ducato Maxi Flatbed DOKA 35L5 120MJ 2011Fiat7
Fiat Ducato Maxi Flatbed Doppelk. 35 L5 130 Multijet 2011Fiat9
Fiat Ducato Maxi L4 251.BD2.0 +288 (250/251) 2011Fiat6
Fiat Ducato MAXI L5 160 MJ / heater-air 2011Fiat5
Fiat Ducato Maxi L5H1 130ps DoKa 2011Fiat8
Fiat Ducato Maxi L5H1 3.5 T 130ps pickup 2011Fiat5
Fiat Ducato Maxi L5H1 Platform 35 130MJ E5 2011Fiat3
Fiat Ducato Maxi navigation platform long 3.Sitzer 2008Fiat10
Fiat Ducato Maxi petrol + gas 1999Fiat14
Fiat Ducato Maxi with 2.9m DOKA L4 DPF PLATFORM 2009Fiat15
Fiat Ducato NET PRICE! 2004Fiat5
Fiat Ducato open box 1991Fiat9
Fiat Ducato pickup L4 130 MJ 2011Fiat3
Fiat Ducato pickup L5 120Multijet 2012Fiat6
Fiat Ducato Platform 2.8 idTD 122HP 1999Fiat13
Fiat Ducato Platform 2001Fiat9
Fiat Ducato platform 3.0Mjet 8paletten Klíma Temp etc 2012Fiat5
Fiat Ducato Platform 3-way tipper 2011Fiat7
Fiat Ducato platform 30 L1 100 MultiJet 2007Fiat9
Fiat Ducato platform 35 L2 130 2011Fiat9
Fiat Ducato platform 4500 mm 2007Fiat6
Fiat Ducato Platform Double Cab, Air, 7 seats 2011Fiat14
Fiat Ducato platform L5 with AIR € 5 2011Fiat8
Fiat Ducato platform long first Hand towbar 1994Fiat2
Fiat Ducato platform orig. 92 thousand kilometers, 1.Hd, Euro3 Tüv! 1999Fiat13
Fiat Ducato platform top condition 2004Fiat8
Fiat Ducato pritsche climate 2009Fiat15
Fiat Ducato TIPPER Wywrot 7 osob *** 2001Fiat7
Fiat Ducato truck 2.5 pritche 1996Fiat15
Fiat Ducato1.9 D Platform 2001Fiat4
Fiat Ducato2.8 / single cabin / 15 inch tires 1999Fiat6
Fiat Ducatto 1999Fiat8
Fiat Dukato 1993Fiat4
Fiat Dukato 2.5D platform 1989Fiat8
Fiat Dukato 5.2 platform Doka 1998Fiat8
Fiat FIAT Doblo Cargo 263 MAXI pickup Up Work 2011Fiat5
Fiat Flatbed 2.8 TD Ducato DOKA Maxi 7 Seater 2000Fiat7
Fiat Flatbed Doblo 6.1 MJ WorkUp 2012Fiat7
Fiat Flatbed DOKA L4H1 100 MJet SNR: 7 2008Fiat5

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