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ABG Commercial Vehicles

(Road building technology, Drill machine, Rollers, Other substructures, Working platform, Wheeled loader, Other construction vehicles, Compaction technology, )
ABG 111 Titan Road building technology199014
ABG 1200 ABI auger drive Drill machine20036
ABG 122 tandem roller Rollers19635
ABG 128 Rollers20125
ABG 128 tandem roller 10 t Rollers20122
ABG 128 tandem roller 10.2 t 51kW Rollers19816
ABG 130 Rollers19875
ABG 160 V ** vibration / Operating hours 3600 ** Rollers199015
ABG 168 A vibrating rubber tyred roller Rollers19862
ABG 169 AV Rollers19914
ABG 169 AV, Rollers19886
ABG 2 bunker walls for 7820 Road building technology20072
ABG 330KVA Other substructures19887
ABG 420 Titan Road building technology19886
ABG 654 Rollers20121
ABG ABM 1500 4X4 Working platform20005
ABG AIRMAN AX 30-2 Drill machine20028
ABG Ammann SD 70 Rollers20084
ABG Bitufräse Other substructures20123
ABG Broadening of 250 mm Road building technology19993
ABG Bucher Edge-u. HP 75 Andruckgerät Rollers19868
ABG Diesel thanks Other substructures20122
ABG Holland Lift Working platform19912
ABG Ingersol Rand DD-20 Rollers20062
ABG Ingersoll-Rand DD20 Rollers20065
ABG Ingersoll-Rand roller 16000 kg Rollers19893
ABG Ingersoll-Rand roller SD40 D 4000kg Rollers19887
ABG Minituo 12-32325 Turbo Wheeled loader19989
ABG Office containers Other construction vehicles20112
ABG Prsse Other substructures20115
ABG Puma Rollers19805
ABG Puma 168 A Rollers19832
ABG PUMA 169 AI Rollers19948
ABG Puma 169 AV Rollers19934
ABG Puma 169 AV Compaction technology19943
ABG Puma 169 AV Rollers19973
ABG Puma 169 EV combination roller vibration Rollers198915
ABG Roll Other substructures19904
ABG Roll Other substructures20062
ABG Roll Other construction vehicles20111
ABG Roll Other substructures20124
ABG SAW186 Rollers19774
ABG Tandem Roller Type 126 Rollers19696
ABG Tandem Roller Type 126 Rollers19748
ABG Titan 111 Road building technology19963
ABG Titan 111 Road building technology20124
ABG TITAN 111, complete with leveling!!! Road building technology199115
ABG Titan 225 Compaction technology19975
ABG Titan 225 EPM Road building technology200214
ABG Titan 273 Road building technology19957
ABG Titan 325 - 8.0 m Road building technology200210
ABG TITAN 325 EPM Road building technology200210
ABG Titan 325 EPM Road building technology200311
ABG TITAN 326 Road building technology200412
ABG Titan 350 S Road building technology19774
ABG Titan 7820 paver / finisher / Paver Road building technology20066
ABG Titan paver Road building technology19725
ABG Titanium Road building technology20111
ABG TITANIUM 6870 Road building technology200810
ABG Walec drogowy PUMA 169STAL WIBRACJE SUPER STAN Rollers19975

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