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Algema Commercial Vehicles

(Car carrier, Trailer, Breakdown truck, Stake body and tarpaulin, )
Algema * AT 2508 LB 3.100, - EUR * 1 Hand Car carrier19954
Algema 2.0 tons. TUV NEW Car carrier19995
Algema 324 MB flash loader gas / petrol Car carrier20114
Algema AL 2500 Car carrier20046
Algema AL 2500 Car carrier20055
Algema AL 2500 Trailer20064
Algema AL 2700 * Air Suspension * crossing Railer * ALU * 1 Hand Car carrier20078
Algema AL3000 Car carrier20067
Algema ALGEMA AT LB2510 * Tiltable + * + Tandem lift axle Car carrier199415
Algema AT 2014LB Trailer19865
Algema AT 2508 * LB * Flatbed Trucks * Tandem * Car carrier198915
Algema AT 2510 LB Trailer19948
Algema AT 3110 MX car transport trailer lift axle 100KM / H Car carrier20089
Algema AT MX 2710, lifting axle, hydraulics, etc. Car carrier200715
Algema AT MX 3008 Car carrier20012
Algema AT MX 3010 Car carrier19975
Algema AT MX 3110 Car carrier20055
Algema AT MX 3512 Car carrier19995
Algema AT2014 TUV NEW Fold 2000KG Winch Car carrier198615
Algema autotransporter approval with liftachse 100 km / h Car carrier20086
Algema Autotransporter AT 3008 MX / Eder / Diamonds Car carrier200210
Algema Blitzlader based on Mercedes Car carrier20031
Algema Blitzlader BL Citroen Car carrier20111
Algema Blitzlader on MB Sprinter base Car carrier20104
Algema Blitzlader on Opel Movano Car carrier20084
Algema Blitzlader XL on MB Sprinter base Car carrier20101
Algema car carrier with approval liftachse 100 km / h Car carrier20084
Algema Car trailer AT2008 LB 2 tons Car carrier19905
Algema Car transporter with vinyl cover Car carrier19915
Algema Diamond pendant Car carrier19906
Algema EDER car trailer car transporter K3010 Car carrier20065
Algema Eder Karo K466 Car carrier20013
Algema EDER Tuntenhausen AT3008 3000 KG LIFT AXLE Car carrier20012
Algema EDER Tuntenhausen AT3008 LIFTAXLE Car carrier20013
Algema Fitzel Speeder based on VW T5 46-20 EK Car carrier20114
Algema Flash loader design Car carrier20034
Algema Flash loader on Ford Transit chassis Car carrier20025
Algema Ford Transit 2.4 TDCI wheel Car carrier20106
Algema Ford Transit Blitzlader Breakdown truck200714
Algema K 3000 Car carrier20085
Algema K 3010 Trailer20117
Algema K 3010 4620 Trailer20116
Algema K2508 LB Car carrier19898
Algema KARO Car carrier19885
Algema Karo car transporter K450 Car carrier19923
Algema MB Sprinter 315 CDI flash loader (air) Breakdown truck200812
Algema MB Sprinter 319 CDI Blitzlader Breakdown truck20117
Algema MB Sprinter 319 CDI Blitzlader Car carrier20116
Algema MX 3110 \ Car carrier20125
Algema Opel Movano ~ Renault Master Iveco technology Breakdown truck200013
Algema Opel Movano Fitzel hard Plateau Car carrier20115
Algema Swing .. just build without vehicle Car carrier201212
Algema Trans-X 27-2141 \ Car carrier20095
Algema Transit Air Silber.Metallic EURO 4 1Hand Breakdown truck200713
Algema VW T5 Doka - Fitzel Speeder Car carrier20084
Algema wrt Stake body and tarpaulin19731
Algema X27-2141, drive-trailer lift axle, 100km / h Car carrier200914
Algema XL Trans Type 27-12-49 VAT recl. Trailer20092
Algema XL-Trans 31-21/49 lift axle, 100 km / h Car carrier20101
Algema XL-Trans 31-21/49 lift axle, 100 km / h, new Car carrier201111
Algema XL-trans 35-21/49 Car carrier20105

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