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Atlas Commercial Vehicles

(Mobile digger, Caterpillar digger, Mini/Kompact-digger, Construction crane, Other construction vehicles, Other substructures, Wheeled loader, Rollers, )
Atlas AB 1602E Mobile digger20113
Atlas AB 1604K Mobile digger20113
Atlas AB 1604LC Caterpillar digger20113
Atlas AB 1605M Mobile digger20113
Atlas AB 1622 D crawler excavator 18300 kg 1x bucket Caterpillar digger198110
Atlas AB 1704R Caterpillar digger20113
Atlas AB 404 RT + Verstellfahrwerk Mini/Kompact-digger199912
Atlas AB1251! OKAZJA! Mobile digger20115
Atlas AB1302D Mobile digger19774
Atlas AB1504 Mobile digger20013
Atlas AK 1401 crane with grab Construction crane20115
Atlas AK 1401 crane with grab Construction crane20125
Atlas AK 3003D 3 hydr.2x 12.31 max manuel top condition Construction crane198911
Atlas AK 3006 B Construction crane19844
Atlas AK 4006 / 1 200 (2 HYDRAULIC EXTENSIONS BJ 1980) Construction crane19809
Atlas AK 60.1 Construction crane19815
Atlas AK 90.1 A12 Other construction vehicles20111
Atlas AK HDS 90.1 7.0 / 2 A12 Construction crane199512
Atlas AK105.1 Other substructures200111
Atlas AK229.1 Other construction vehicles19995
Atlas al 320 Mini/Kompact-digger19612
Atlas AR Wheeled loader20112
Atlas AR 32 -35 Seitenkippschaufel Wheeled loader20114
Atlas AR 35 Wheeled loader20046
Atlas AR 35, Year: 2009 Wheeled loader20099
Atlas AR 41 B Loader Wheeled loader19823
Atlas AR 42C Wheeled loader19925
Atlas AR 46 -52 Siebschaufel Wheeled loader20114
Atlas AR 46 C Wheeled loader19902
Atlas AR 51 BE Radladerschaufel + forks Wheeled loader201214
Atlas AR 51 C Wheeled loader19865
Atlas AR 51 C Wheeled loader19885
Atlas AR 51be Wheeled loader198413
Atlas AR 52 D + BUCKET PALETTENGABEL, 7635 STD Wheeled loader199215
Atlas AR 52 ES with 4in1 bucket fork Wheeled loader19976
Atlas AR 52 wheel loaders C including blade + + + Wheeled loader19902
Atlas AR 52E / 2 Wheeled loader19962
Atlas AR 60 Wheeled loader20086
Atlas AR 60 wheel loaders Wheeled loader20117
Atlas AR 61 C Wheeled loader19881
Atlas AR 61 forks bucket SW new tires Wheeled loader19826
Atlas AR 61B Wheeled loader19815
Atlas AR 62 C Wheeled loader19922
Atlas AR 62 E Wheeled loader19985
Atlas AR 62D wheel loader wheel loader GGw 6.3 tons. Wheeled loader19928
Atlas AR 65 Wheeled loader19987
Atlas AR 65 Wheeled loader200215
Atlas AR 65 Wheeled loader200415
Atlas AR 65 Wheeled loader20054
Atlas AR 65 4in1 bucket and forks Wheeled loader20067
Atlas AR 65 NEW tires! 4in1 bucket and forks Wheeled loader20067
Atlas AR 65 Super (1051 hours) Wheeled loader20069
Atlas AR 65, built 2001/6100 h / 1.HAND / TOP! Wheeled loader200115
Atlas AR 70 Wheeled loader19982
Atlas AR 70 wheel loaders Wheeled loader199912
Atlas AR 72 C approx 6900 hrs transmissions, axles, front-loading Wheeled loader20122
Atlas AR 72C Price including delivery * Wheeled loader20122
Atlas AR 80 Wheeled loader19991
Atlas AR 95 Wheeled loader20045
Atlas AR 95 40 kmh Wheeled loader20088
Atlas AR 95 Super Wheeled loader20116
Atlas AR 95 Super high-speed version Wheeled loader200912
Atlas AR 95 Super, air, 40 km / h, Klappsch., Fork Wheeled loader201011
Atlas AR 95 turbo Wheeled loader20088
Atlas AR60 Wheeled loader20077
Atlas AR65 Super Wheeled loader20127
Atlas AR65-2 Wheeled loader19992
Atlas AR72E Wheeled loader19943
Atlas AR86 Wheeled loader20006
Atlas AR86 loader Wheeled loader199910
Atlas AR86 Turbo Wheeled loader20005
Atlas ATLAS / TEREX 5005 UMSCHLAG.BAGGER HIGH CABIN-2003 Mobile digger20033
Atlas ATLAS 1504 M Mobile digger19991
Atlas ATLAS 1605 special mobile! Mobile digger20051
Atlas ATLAS 190 W Mobile digger20111
Atlas ATLAS AR 61 B Wheeled loader19811
Atlas ATLAS AR 95 Wheeled loader20011
Atlas ATLAS AR 95 Wheeled loader20031
Atlas ATLAS AW 1070 Rollers20071
Atlas ATLAS AW 1110 Rollers20091
Atlas ATLAS AW 1130 Rollers20091
Atlas ATLAS WHEELED 86E BJ: 2001 CENTRAL LUBRICATION Wheeled loader200111
Atlas ATLAS-TEREX 1605 M Mobile digger20051
Atlas ATLAS-TEREX 1605 M Mobile digger20061
Atlas ATLAS-TEREX 1605 M Mobile digger20071
Atlas ATLAS-TEREX TC 225 LC Caterpillar digger20101
Atlas ATLAS-TEREX TW 130 Mobile digger20081
Atlas ATLAS-TEREX TW 160 Mobile digger20071
Atlas ATLAS-TEREX TW 160 Mobile digger20091
Atlas ATLAS-TEREX TW 190 Mobile digger20071
Atlas ATLAS-TEREX TW 190 Mobile digger20081
Atlas Atlas95 Turbo / Pallettengabel and shovel Wheeled loader201111
Atlas AW 1130 + Smooth sheep foot drum! Rollers20091
Atlas Backhoe Type 512 Mobile digger19846
Atlas Baggerarmverlängerung 4meter for Series 04 Other substructures20113
Atlas Benmac 3:07 Mobile digger19904
Atlas Bohler BPI 222 Other substructures19983
Atlas Broom Other substructures20128
Atlas Broom attachment with basket Other substructures20123
Atlas Broom for Loader Other substructures19984

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