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Barkas Commercial Vehicles

(Traffic construction, Estate - minibus up to 9 seats, Box-type delivery van, Stake body, Ambulance, Box, Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t, Other vans/trucks up to 7, Stake body and tarpaulin, Chassis, Box-type delivery van - long, )
Barkas 1000 Traffic construction19755
Barkas 1000 KB Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19825
Barkas 1000-1 B / KB 4-stroke Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19915
Barkas B 1000 Box-type delivery van19685
Barkas B 1000 Stake body19702
Barkas B 1000 Stake body19745
Barkas B 1000 Ambulance19865
Barkas b 1000 Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19875
Barkas B 1000 Stake body19885
Barkas B 1000 Stake body19905
Barkas B 1000 Box19905
Barkas B 1000 Case Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19824
Barkas B 1000 CPF Box-type delivery van19694
Barkas B 1000 Fire Estate - minibus up to 9 seats198811
Barkas B 1000 HP Stake body19755
Barkas B 1000 HP Other vans/trucks up to 719885
Barkas B 1000 HP Truck \u0026 hoops Stake body and tarpaulin19804
Barkas B 1000 KM / KLF Box19805
Barkas B 1000 KM 5-seater Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19884
Barkas B 1000 KO Stake body19755
Barkas B 1000 MB Platform Plane TOP CONDITION! Stake body and tarpaulin196415
Barkas B 1000 platform Chassis19785
Barkas B 1000 platform Stake body198910
Barkas B 1000 POLICE PUBLIC BUS TUV NEW 80 tkm Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19852
Barkas B 1000-1 Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19901
Barkas B 1000-1 Stake body19918
Barkas B 1000, like new, Wartburg, IFA, GDR Box19896
Barkas B 1000/Pritsche/RESTAURIERT Stake body19633
Barkas B1000 Stake body19785
Barkas B1000 Stake body and tarpaulin198212
Barkas B1000 Stake body19875
Barkas B1000 Box-type delivery van19893
Barkas B1000 Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19895
Barkas B1000 Box19915
Barkas B1000 / 1 Stake body and tarpaulin19915
Barkas B1000 3 axles Stake body19765
Barkas B1000 Bus Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19893
Barkas B1000 HP / FR Platform Stake body19729
Barkas B1000 HP Flatbed / rebuilt / APC Stake body198510
Barkas B1000 HP platform Stake body19909
Barkas B1000 KLF Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19755
Barkas B1000 KM / 2 Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19834
Barkas B1000 Pick H-plates Stake body19795
Barkas B1000 platform with benches in the back Stake body19779
Barkas B1000 vintage Box-type delivery van19705
Barkas B1000-1 Box-type delivery van19905
Barkas B1000-1 HP (4 stroke engine VW) Stake body19904
Barkas B1000-1 km Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19915
Barkas B1000HP Stake body and tarpaulin19725
Barkas Fire B1000 Box-type delivery van - long19695
Barkas Flatbed, tilt and bows, top Stake body and tarpaulin19899
Barkas FRAMO Stake body19561
Barkas Framo V 901/3 Stake body and tarpaulin19565
Barkas Framo V901 / 2 Stake body and tarpaulin19692
Barkas Framo V901-2 R 19 37PS 900cc 3-cyl 2T Stake body19615
Barkas Framo V902 Stake body19593
Barkas Framo901 / 2 Stake body19604
Barkas HP B 1000/3- Stake body19684
Barkas HP B1000 Stake body and tarpaulin19755
Barkas HP B1000 truck vinyl cover Stake body and tarpaulin19895
Barkas KLF Box-type delivery van19755
Barkas Platform 4 stroke engine VW Stake body19904
Barkas Platform-Plane Stake body and tarpaulin19695
Barkas Police van Box-type delivery van19814
Barkas Truck. Closed. Box Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19761
Barkas V901 / 2 Stake body and tarpaulin19594
Barkas VEB B1000 Truck \u0026 hoops Stake body and tarpaulin19885
Barkas W 1000 HP-CAMP Stake body19885

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