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BOMAG Commercial Vehicles

(Rollers, Compactor, Road building technology, Caterpillar digger, Compaction technology, Other construction vehicles, Grader, Drill machine, )
BOMAG 100 AC Rollers19841
BOMAG 100 AC-3 Rollers19953
BOMAG 100 AD Rollers19843
BOMAG 100 MPH Compactor19863
BOMAG 100 MPH Road building technology19864
BOMAG 160 A Caterpillar digger19796
BOMAG 164 AD built 1992 / spreader / 1.HAND / TOP! Rollers199214
BOMAG 2 X 85 T BW grave roll Compaction technology199810
BOMAG 213 D4 Rollers20081
BOMAG 223c BF Road building technology20116
BOMAG 75 Rollers19863
BOMAG 80 scooter Rollers19921
BOMAG 851 grave as new roller Rollers19993
BOMAG ABG Puma 169 A Rollers198614
BOMAG AD 164 Rollers19944
BOMAG AD 80 Rollers19974
BOMAG Admit Teerschneider BW 154 4000 h 8990 k Rollers19884
BOMAG Asphalt Recycler 6 AR compare BAGELA MBU Road building technology20114
BOMAG Asphalt Recycler 6 AR compare BAGELA MBU Other construction vehicles20114
BOMAG Bardzo ładny STAN Compactor19973
BOMAG BC 601 BC Compaction technology19943
BOMAG BC 671 RB Compaction technology19996
BOMAG BC601RB/Erdverdichter/Müllverdichter/Kompaktor Compactor19894
BOMAG BF 600C Road building technology20096
BOMAG BG 160 TA 6x6 Topcon laser Grader20017
BOMAG BM 100 AQ, diesel roll Rollers19934
BOMAG BMP 851 Compaction technology19981
BOMAG BMP 851 Rollers20023
BOMAG BMP 851 grave roll Rollers19982
BOMAG BMP 851 grave roll Rollers20072
BOMAG BMP851 Rollers20064
BOMAG BMP851 Rollers20073
BOMAG BOHAK KL300 Drill machine20115
BOMAG Bomag vibratory plate BPR 70/70 EN Compaction technology20113
BOMAG BPH80 / 65S Compaction technology20001
BOMAG BPP 75-60 Compaction technology20003
BOMAG BPR 30/38 Compaction technology19952
BOMAG BPR 30/38 D 195 kg diesel vibrating plate Compaction technology19983
BOMAG BPR 30/38 D-3 Compactor20025
BOMAG BPR 45/55D Compactor20064
BOMAG BPR 50/55 D Compaction technology20005
BOMAG BPR 75/60 ​​D-2 + Vibration Plate Vibration plate Compaction technology20008
BOMAG BPR 75/60 ​​D-3 - 745 kg vibrating plate Compaction technology20064
BOMAG BPR 75/60 ​​HD-2 diesel electric start vibrating plate Compaction technology19982
BOMAG BPR75/60D Rüttelplatte Compaction technology19979
BOMAG BT 58 Compaction technology19955
BOMAG BT 58 Compaction technology20127
BOMAG BT 60 / 4 - Vibration Rammers 62 kg Compaction technology20061
BOMAG BT 60-4 Compaction technology20062
BOMAG BT 60-4 Compaction technology20072
BOMAG BT 60/4 year 2005 Compaction technology20059
BOMAG BT60 / 4 Compaction technology20113
BOMAG BW 100 AC Rollers19918
BOMAG BW 100 AC-3 ** combination roller / edge cutter ** Rollers200314
BOMAG BW 100 AD Rollers19915
BOMAG BW 100 AD-3 - smooth drum, vibratory Rollers20015
BOMAG BW 100 AD-3 ** Tandemwalze / 1630 Betr.Stunden ** Rollers199911
BOMAG BW 100/AD 2-roller bandages Rollers19985
BOMAG BW 120 AC combination roller Rollers19991
BOMAG BW 120 AC-H Rollers19923
BOMAG BW 120 AD Rollers20129
BOMAG BW 120 AD 4 Rollers20087
BOMAG BW 120 AD-3 Rollers20008
BOMAG BW 120 AD-3 year 98 Rollers19988
BOMAG BW 125 AD-4 - 3150 kg Rollers20083
BOMAG BW 135 AD Year 2002 2400 hours Rollers20023
BOMAG BW 138 AD 280 hours Year 2008 Rollers20083
BOMAG BW 138 AD cab 2700 hours Rollers19969
BOMAG BW 138 AD Year 2002 2553 hours Rollers20025
BOMAG BW 138 with edge pressing Rollers19971
BOMAG BW 141 AD 1.Hand 2600 hours Rollers19939
BOMAG BW 144 AD-2 Rollers20009
BOMAG BW 145-D3 Rollers20066
BOMAG BW 151 AC2 Rollers19958
BOMAG BW 151 AD - 2 Rollers19965
BOMAG BW 154 AD Rollers199115
BOMAG BW 154 AD Variomatic clean from 2000 Road building technology20002
BOMAG BW 154-AD-2 Rollers20032
BOMAG BW 16 R ** rubber roller ** Rollers199414
BOMAG BW 160 Rollers19775
BOMAG BW 161 A (160) Rollers197811
BOMAG BW 161 AD-2 Rollers20026
BOMAG BW 164 AC Rollers19964
BOMAG BW 164 AD Rollers19935
BOMAG BW 164 AD Rollers19974
BOMAG BW 164 AD Rollers19986
BOMAG BW 172 D Rollers19916
BOMAG BW 172 D-2 Rollers19935
BOMAG BW 172 single drum D Rollers19918
BOMAG BW 172D-2 with smooth and Schaffußbandage Rollers19888
BOMAG BW 174 AD-AM Rollers20034
BOMAG BW 174AD Rollers20026
BOMAG BW 177 D 4 Rollers20066
BOMAG BW 184 AD Rollers19992
BOMAG BW 211 D-3 2011r. Rollers20125
BOMAG BW 211 D-4 Rollers20078
BOMAG BW 211 D-4 Rollers20116
BOMAG BW 211 D-4 4 x available Rollers20067
BOMAG BW 211 D4 Rollers20051
BOMAG BW 212 - roller with vibration! Rollers198112

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