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Broshuis Commercial Vehicles

(Platform, Low loader, Stake body, Swap chassis, Long material transporter, Chassis, Other semi-trailers, )
Broshuis (NL) Spring Susp. / Extend. Platform19814
Broshuis (NL) Spring Susp. / Extend. Platform19892
Broshuis 1-axis telescopic loaders Low loader20127
Broshuis 1-axis telescoping tieflader Low loader20116
Broshuis 16-40 4 4 axle semi AOU new tele Low loader20114
Broshuis 2 ASSIGE DIEPLADER Low loader20026
Broshuis 2 AXLE SEMI, S 1X extendable Low loader20036
Broshuis 2 AXLE SEMI, S 2X 2X extendable AVAILABLE Low loader20036
Broshuis 2-axle low-bed + 7m 5m telescopic, NEW outdated Low loader19932
Broshuis 2190/27 Pull-6m Low loader19955
Broshuis 2AD-38 Low loader19981
Broshuis 3 ABU 48 Low loader19962
Broshuis 3 AOU 14-22 Stake body200514
Broshuis 3 AOU 16-30 Up 17,800 MM Lang Low loader19747
Broshuis 3 AOU-14-22 Low loader200314
Broshuis 3 AOU-14-22 Location: Hamburg Stake body200515
Broshuis 3 ax Low loader19995
Broshuis 3 axle extendable blade / Steelsuspension Low loader198112
Broshuis 3 UCC Swap chassis19962
Broshuis 3 UCC-39, extendible container chassis Swap chassis20036
Broshuis 3 UCC-39, extendible container chassis Swap chassis20048
Broshuis 3 UCC-39/45 MFCC Swap chassis20105
Broshuis 3-AXIS Low loader19923
Broshuis 3-AXIS Low loader19971
Broshuis 3-AXLE LOW LOADER AUSZIEHBAHR E2190 Low loader198712
Broshuis 3-axle low-Alder, extendable 6,000 mm, air Low loader19989
Broshuis 3-axle low-bed, telescopic Low loader20071
Broshuis 3-axle semi-trailer, steering axle Low loader19934
Broshuis 31NO-E Location: Hamburg Stake body200315
Broshuis 37 mtr telescopic Stake body19855
Broshuis 37 mtr. extensible Low loader19855
Broshuis 3AOU-14-22 heavy duty / Extendable Low loader19924
Broshuis 3AOU-48 Platform19931
Broshuis 3AOU-48 Long material transporter19931
Broshuis 3AOU-48 / 1 Low loader19933
Broshuis 3AOU-48-3 Platform20017
Broshuis 3AS DIEPLADER MET RAMPS Low loader20026
Broshuis 3AUD-44 - DEEP-BED - 1 x STEERING AXLE Low loader200510
Broshuis 3UCC-39 - 45 'foot high cube Swap chassis200914
Broshuis 4 ABD Low loader20128
Broshuis 4-axis 2x telescopic semilowloader Low loader20128
Broshuis 42N5-EU Low loader20113
Broshuis 4ABD-58 Low loader199615
Broshuis 4ABSD58 4-axle semitrailer Low loader20012
Broshuis 4AOU 16-24 Low loader19952
Broshuis 4AOU-16-24 Low loader19988
Broshuis 5 AOU telescope, New, 5-axis with ramps Low loader201214
Broshuis 5 B 44 H Power Steering extendible Low loader19987
Broshuis 6 trailer axles, extendable to 23 m Low loader19945
Broshuis 90 To. 7 axles, steering, lift axles Low loader19919
Broshuis Combine deep bed Low loader199814
Broshuis CONTAINER CHASSIS 3-AS Swap chassis20034
Broshuis Container chassis 3UCC-39 FLN Chassis20085
Broshuis DAPA 3AS UITSCHUIFBAAR Low loader19937
Broshuis Deep bed Low loader199112
Broshuis Deep bed / 2 x extendable to 18.0 m Low loader19974
Broshuis Deep bed / bed backhoe ausiehbar Low loader20018
Broshuis Deep bed digger bed / 2 x 12-m extendable bet in Low loader19984
Broshuis DIEPLADER AFNEEMBARE NEK Low loader200615
Broshuis Dieplader Dieplader Hiab + 55 T / m kraan Low loader19966
Broshuis E 2190 Low loader19895
Broshuis E 2190 27 Low loader19975
Broshuis E 2190-27 New 8500 kg curb weight Constructie Low loader201211
Broshuis E 2190/27 Uitschuif, Semie Low loader19867
Broshuis E hydr 2190-27. Ramps Low loader20115
Broshuis E uitschuifer 2190/27, Semie Low loader19867
Broshuis E-2190 27 Other semi-trailers19923
Broshuis E-2190/27 Low loader19885
Broshuis E2190 Low loader197715
Broshuis E2190 Semi Extending Lowbedtrailer Low loader199710
Broshuis Extendable / Journal / Steelsuspension Low loader19889
Broshuis Extendable low loader + alu. ramps Low loader20072
Broshuis Extendable trailers Low loader20045
Broshuis Extendible semi low loader Low loader20128
Broshuis Faymonville STBZ-6V Low loader19971
Broshuis Low loader Low loader19943
Broshuis LOWLOADER Low loader19855
Broshuis lowloader Low loader199513
Broshuis MAX mtr 29th DUBBLE UITSCHUIVER 3-ASA Stake body19937
Broshuis MULTI CONTAINER CHASSIS Other semi-trailers199814
Broshuis not4 Low loader19904
Broshuis OPEN 2-AS Stake body19721
Broshuis rozsuwana platforma 14-22 Platform20003
Broshuis SEMI DIEPLADER 3-AS Low loader19794
Broshuis Semi trailer with wheel recesses Low loader20097
Broshuis Semi uitschuifbaar 9/4 twist locks axle steering Low loader19887
Broshuis semie Extendable load floor Low loader19996
Broshuis semie Extendable load floor Low loader20126
Broshuis std345 Low loader19925
Broshuis Steel spring axle Steerable extendable leaf Long material transporter19887
Broshuis STZ DL3AAAA Long material transporter20061
Broshuis Teleskob to 44 m / 47 m Low loader200113
Broshuis TIEFLADER AUSSCHIEBBAHR Low loader19817
Broshuis Type 31N5-EU Low loader20042

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