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Carnehl Commercial Vehicles

(Walking floor, Tipper, Other trailers, Three-sided tipper, Refrigerator body, Timber carrier, )
Carnehl 2 pcs available now! Vollalu walking floor 92m3 Walking floor20116
Carnehl 2-AXIS RESPONSE ALU / ALU curb weight 4410 kg Tipper200412
Carnehl 2-axle dump body steel / steel Tipper19993
Carnehl 2-axle steel dump body Tipper19935
Carnehl 26 cbm Hardox half shell ABS air lift Tipper199812
Carnehl 28.5 Kubic Tipper20078
Carnehl 28m3 - BPW - Chassis staal Tipper19964
Carnehl 2x 24m ³ aluminum hollow aluminum frame Curb weight: 5.2 to Tipper200611
Carnehl 2x aluminum tilt-tray Net weight: 4.950kg 24m ³ Tipper20067
Carnehl 3 axle tipper - 23m ³ ALU DUMP Tipper20024
Carnehl 3 axle. Steel tipper Tipper20065
Carnehl 3-ASS KIP OPLEGGER Tipper20023
Carnehl 3-axis high-capacity 65 m3 tipper body (SAF axles) Tipper200210
Carnehl 3-axis. Aluminum Hinterkippmulde 55 cbm / lift axle Tipper20089
Carnehl 3-axle aluminum dump body 60 cbm leases 653, - Tipper200810
Carnehl 3-axle dump Hardox * 2xLiftachse * disc brake Tipper20034
Carnehl 3-axle semi-hollow shell Tipper20004
Carnehl 3-way tipper Tipper19954
Carnehl 36 m3 steel trough grain slide Tipper20108
Carnehl 48 m³ steel trough Tipper20029
Carnehl 49 cbm dump, air / lift, body heating Tipper20006
Carnehl 49 cubic meters, Muldenhzg., Air / Lift Tipper20006
Carnehl 50m3 steel trough Tipper20017
Carnehl AL - Hinterkippmule CSKK / A Tipper20008
Carnehl Allumulde ABS BPW axles chute landing Tipper20022
Carnehl ALUKIPPMULDE 49 m3 curb weight 7100kg Tipper200115
Carnehl Aluminum Alloy Tipper 50m ² grain slide Tipper20023
Carnehl Aluminum hollow axle type 2: CHKS / AL Tipper19962
Carnehl Aluminum tilt tray 2 achser air air Tipper20079
Carnehl Aluminum tipper 24m3 Tipper19986
Carnehl alumulde Tipper20043
Carnehl Alumulde 45m ³ LG: 6630 kg grain slide Tipper20095
Carnehl Alumulde about 24 cubic meters Tipper20065
Carnehl Alumulde ca.24m ³ LG: 4.950kg Plane SAF Tipper20068
Carnehl Alumulde ca.24m ³ LG: 4.950kg Plane SAF Tipper20075
Carnehl Alumulde ca.24m ³ Plane SAF axles Tipper20106
Carnehl Alumulde ca.24m ³ steel chassis BPW axles Plane Tipper199815
Carnehl Alumulde ca.24m ³ steel chassis BPW axles Plane Tipper19998
Carnehl Alumulde ca.24m ³ steel chassis LG: 4.950kg Tipper20065
Carnehl Alumulde ca.27m ³ SAF axles Plane Wheels Tipper20016
Carnehl CAK / D Dreiseitenkipper Other trailers200012
Carnehl Carnehl Tipper200510
Carnehl CARNEHL AUFL.HALBSCHALENMULDE (air suspension) Tipper20088
Carnehl CDKa Three-sided tipper20047
Carnehl CHK3/HH Tipper20065
Carnehl CHKS Tipper20063
Carnehl CHKS Tipper200710
Carnehl CHKS Tipper20098
Carnehl CHKS / A Tipper20049
Carnehl CHKS / A Tipper20054
Carnehl CHKS / A Tipper200815
Carnehl CHKS / A Tipper201013
Carnehl CHKS / A 50 cmb Tipper200310
Carnehl CHKS / A Alumulde 25 cbm Schuette Tipper20023
Carnehl CHKS / A steel / aluminum 27m ³ Tipper20067
Carnehl CHKS / AH Tipper20046
Carnehl CHKS / AH 3-axle aluminum dump cbm 26, lift axle Tipper20114
Carnehl CHKS / AH ALU CHASSIS Tipper20059
Carnehl CHKS / AH FULL Aluhalbschalenmulde Tipper20037
Carnehl CHKS / AL Tipper20105
Carnehl CHKS / AL Tipper20113
Carnehl CHKS / AL 24 m 2 axle aluminum dump Tipper19975
Carnehl CHKS / AL 30 m³ Alumulde Tipper19995
Carnehl CHKS / AL 40 m³ aluminum Mulde40 / lift / roll tarp Tipper200412
Carnehl CHKS / AL Vollalu Kippmulde 38.5 m³ Tipper200310
Carnehl CHKS / AL, 39 m³, aluminum-5700 kg empty Tipper19982
Carnehl CHKS / AL, 39 m³, lightweight, aluminum Tipper19982
Carnehl CHKS / AL, plans, podium, 39 m Tipper19982
Carnehl CHKS / H 51m ³ Hardox dump for scrap metal Tipper20054
Carnehl CHKS / H 62 CBM STEEL BODY Tipper200810
Carnehl CHKS / HH Tipper20035
Carnehl CHKS / HH Tipper20059
Carnehl CHKS / HH Tipper20065
Carnehl CHKS / HH Tipper20076
Carnehl CHKS / HH Tipper20083
Carnehl CHKS / HH 36 m³ steel hollow shells Tipper201015
Carnehl CHKS / HH ca.54cm ³ Stahlhinterkippmulde Hardox Tipper20047
Carnehl CHKS / HH Hardox 24 m³ / 2-axis Tipper20026
Carnehl CHKS / HH Hardox 24 m³ / 3-axle / axle lift Tipper20036
Carnehl CHKS / HH Hardox Dump Tipper20067
Carnehl CHKS / HH Steel Steel 26cm ³ Tipper200410
Carnehl CHKS / STH TIPPER Tipper19995
Carnehl CHKS 34 / 2, ALU, air, lift, tilt Tipper200210
Carnehl CHKS HA 34/23, 26 m³, steel trough Tipper200110
Carnehl CHKS Hinterkippmulde Tipper200410
Carnehl CHKS steel / steel tipper 2 x available Tipper20064
Carnehl CHKS-steel trough Tipper20034
Carnehl CHKS, steel, 24 cubic meters Tipper20054
Carnehl CHKS34 / 23 HA Tipper20021
Carnehl CHKS34/KH Tipper20105
Carnehl Cool, MistralT note 850 Plus! Site! Refrigerator body19995
Carnehl Cooler, Mistral T850, Diesel + Elec, Alcoa wheels Refrigerator body19995
Carnehl CPA Timber carrier200015
Carnehl ČSKD / B, 3-side tipper Plane Tipper20004
Carnehl CSKH / A Hardox / air / Rollplane / lift axle Tipper20004
Carnehl CSKH / S FULL steel half-shell tray for 4x4 Tipper20008
Carnehl CSKH / S steel dumpers Tipper20016
Carnehl CSKK / A Tipper20005
Carnehl CTK / AL Three-sided tipper200414
Carnehl CTK / S Three-sided tipper20052

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