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Carraro Commercial Vehicles

(Haymaking equipment, Farmyard tractor, Tractor, Reaper, Plough, Harrowing equipment, Other agricultural vehicles, Other substructures, )
Carraro 1200 Haymaking equipment20113
Carraro 3800 HST hydrostatic drive and turning seat Farmyard tractor19972
Carraro 4400 Hst Tractor20037
Carraro 4400 HST Tractor20065
Carraro 635 narrow gauge wheel tractor Tractor197114
Carraro 635 Super Tiger Tractor19717
Carraro 6400TTR Tractor20034
Carraro 735 narrow gauge wheel tractor Tractor197313
Carraro ACR0nd0333k Tractor20071
Carraro Antonio 4400 HST / Shredders / slope mower Reaper20062
Carraro ANTONIO CARRARO supertigre 4000 Tractor19855
Carraro Antonio SP 4400 Super Park Municipal Plough20015
Carraro Bitrac Tractor20124
Carraro Bitrac HS Tractor19905
Carraro Broom Harrowing equipment20112
Carraro CARRARO Tractor20125
Carraro ERON Meroni D 18 DT/4RM Allrad/4WD tractor Tractor19524
Carraro HR 5500 demonstration MSRP 56,728, - EUR Tractor200913
Carraro HST 2500 Tractor19954
Carraro HST 3800 Tractor199912
Carraro HST 3800 Front Snowblower 4 chains, etc. Tractor19965
Carraro HST 4400 Tractor20008
Carraro HST 4400 Other agricultural vehicles20013
Carraro HST 4400 Super Park Other substructures20115
Carraro HST4400 Farmyard tractor200014
Carraro HTM 5400 Supertrac Reaper20014
Carraro Rondo K327 Demonstration Tractor201210
Carraro Rondo K333 with cab / winter + Return + mowing Reaper200615
Carraro Rondo K333 with cab / winter + Return + mowing Other agricultural vehicles200615
Carraro Rondo K333 with cab / winter + Return + mowing Other substructures200615
Carraro SN 6500 V Tractor20111
Carraro SP 4400 HST Superpark Tractor20009
Carraro SP 4400 Super Park + HST Mower \u0026 Extraction Tractor199912
Carraro SP4400 HST + mower + container 1100 L Reaper200013
Carraro srx 8400 Tractor20015
Carraro SRX 8400 Tractor20072
Carraro SRX 9800 demonstration MSRP 67,675, - EUR Tractor201212
Carraro Stoll Mower + container C 1100 L Reaper20008
Carraro Super Park 3000 Tractor199213
Carraro Super park 3800 hst Tractor19985
Carraro Supertigre 4000 Tractor19844
Carraro Supertigre 5500 Tractor19885
Carraro Supertigre 635 Tractor19785
Carraro Supertigre 635 Tractor20115
Carraro Supertigre 635 kniklenker schmalspur Tractor197812
Carraro Supertigre 7700 Turbo Farmyard tractor19948
Carraro Tigre38oohst Tractor20011
Carraro Tigretrac 3800 HST III Tractor19955
Carraro Tigretrac 5500 - TTR 5500 Tractor19934
Carraro Tigretrac HST Tractor19995
Carraro Tigrone Tractor20005
Carraro Tigrone 5600 Tractor19983
Carraro tigrone 635 narrow gauge Tractor19725
Carraro Tigrone 8008 Tractor19925
Carraro Tractor CARRARO + + III supertigre Tractor201115
Carraro TRACTOR, SP 4400 HST Tractor201115
Carraro TRACTOR, SP 4400 HST Tractor201215
Carraro TRG 9400 Tractor200715
Carraro TRX 7400 Tractor20077
Carraro TRX 8400/2003 Mod Tractor200215
Carraro TT1500 Other substructures20059
Carraro TTR 4400 Tractor20113
Carraro TTR 4400 HST demonstration MSRP 34,213,-EUR Tractor20128
Carraro TTR 4400 HST II demonstration MSRP 35605,-EUR Tractor201210
Carraro TTR 4400 HST Tigretrac winter 4x4 Tractor200113
Carraro TTR 9400 EE Tractor20095

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