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(Combined Dredger Loader, Wheeled loader, Tractor, Caterpillar digger, Mobile digger, Forestry vehicle, Rollers, Mini/Kompact-digger, Other construction vehicles, Other substructures, Front-end loader, )
Case 580SLE TELE, 4 / 1 Combined Dredger Loader199910
Case 580SM Combined Dredger Loader20039
Case 580SM Combined Dredger Loader20055
Case 580SR-4PT Combined Dredger Loader200711
Case 590 SR Combined Dredger Loader20058
Case 590SM II Combined Dredger Loader20065
Case 590SuperR Combined Dredger Loader20085
Case 595 Combined Dredger Loader20006
Case 595 Wheeled loader20006
Case 621 D Wheeled loader20074
Case 621B Wheeled loader19965
Case 621D Wheeled loader20054
Case 633 Tractor19764
Case 633 with front loader and power steering Tractor19805
Case 644 wheel loader with Tractor19805
Case 688 Caterpillar digger19907
Case 688 Mobile digger19904
Case 688 Mobile digger19934
Case 688 B Mobile digger199413
Case 688 excavator Mobile digger20114
Case 688 P Mobile digger19905
Case 688 P Mobile digger19928
Case 688B Mobile digger19968
Case 695 SR Combined Dredger Loader20065
Case 695 SR-4PS Combined Dredger Loader200415
Case 695 Super R 2008 Telescopic Handle Combined Dredger Loader20086
Case 7120 Tractor19925
Case 7120 4x4 Tractor201115
Case 7140 Magnum Tractor199415
Case 721 Wheeled loader19905
Case 721 B Wheeled loader199211
Case 721 c Wheeled loader20086
Case 721 CXT, quick coupler, hydraulic. Winds, Bh * 2039 * Wheeled loader200114
Case 721 E Wheeled loader20083
Case 7210 Tractor20005
Case 721C SCALES 2002 Wheeled loader200212
Case 721D Wheeled loader20055
Case 721E Wheeled loader200713
Case 7220 Magnum Air Tractor199712
Case 724 Tractor19744
Case 7250 Tractor19985
Case 733 with front loader Tractor19815
Case 743 Tractor19909
Case 743 XLN Tractor19895
Case 744 Tractor19765
Case 744 Tractor19774
Case 744 Tractor19784
Case 744 Tractor20115
Case 744 with front loader Tractor19764
Case 745 Tractor19835
Case 745 xl Forestry vehicle19885
Case 788 P Mobile digger19996
Case 788 PSU Compact Comfort 4 spoons Mobile digger200015
Case 80-90 DT with front loader Tractor19885
Case 81ck Caterpillar digger19886
Case 821 C Wheeled loader20044
Case 821 E Wheeled loader20082
Case 821C Wheeled loader20054
Case 833 Tractor19874
Case 844 Tractor201110
Case 844 XLA Tractor19885
Case 844AS Tractor19765
Case 844xl Tractor19905
Case 845XL / 956XL 4X4 INTERNATIONAL 2x Tractor198814
Case 854 Rollers20118
Case 856 Tractor19855
Case 856 XL Tractor19875
Case 856 XL N Tractor19895
Case 856XL Tractor19905
Case 888 Mobile digger19934
Case 888 P Mobile digger20113
Case 888 P koparka Kołowa Mobile digger19906
Case 888B hydraulic hammer Caterpillar digger19948
Case 888B with 2 spoons Caterpillar digger19946
Case 9007 rubber track 7.8to quick change Mini/Kompact-digger19998
Case 9021 Caterpillar digger20005
Case 90B Caterpillar digger19903
Case 921 B bucket with 4.3 m Wheeled loader19959
Case 921 C 4.3 m³ bucket / air / lubrication Wheeled loader200010
Case 921B Wheeled loader199610
Case 921B (with shovel) Wheeled loader199614
Case 921E Wheeled loader20074
Case 940 A Tractor20124
Case 940A Front PTO + Fronthydraulik Tractor19915
Case 946 AS Tractor19765
Case 946 wheel Tractor20118
Case 956 xl Forestry vehicle198414
Case 956 XL-defect Tractor19895
Case 956 XL-wheel drive with front loader Tractor19895
Case 988 Caterpillar digger19964
Case 988 Mobile digger20014
Case 988 CK Caterpillar digger19993
Case 988 P Plus shield clamps Mobile digger200014
Case 988P * Year 2000/Sw/Schild + outriggers / Monobl + swivel * Mobile digger200014
Case AT 40 Other construction vehicles19902
Case Bucket 1808 Caterpillar digger19953
Case Bucket 580 Other substructures20067
Case case Tractor20082
Case Case / Venieri 321B / 5.63 VF shovel fork Wheeled loader199515
Case CASE 321 E wheel loader Front-end loader20112

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