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CAT Commercial Vehicles

(Caterpillar digger, Grader, Other construction vehicles, Construction crane, Dozer, Telescopic, Mobile digger, Wheeled loader, Mini/Kompact-digger, )
CAT * CL 318 air hammer + Greiferhydr. + Checkbook Caterpillar digger20068
CAT * Year * 318CL 2003/11000Bstd/Klima/Hammerltg/Sw/Top Caterpillar digger20036
CAT 12 F Grader20115
CAT 12 G Grader central shield Grader19755
CAT 12 H Grader Ripper central shield built 2002 Grader20026
CAT 12 H Graders middle plate YOM96 Grader199610
CAT 120 G Grader19907
CAT 120 G Grader centerpiece Bj.76 Grader19764
CAT 120 G Grader Ripper centerpiece Bj.76 Grader19765
CAT 120 H Grader Ripper central shield built 2000 Grader20006
CAT 12F Grader19678
CAT 12H Grader19976
CAT 12H Grader20008
CAT 130G Grader197412
CAT 14 E Grader20117
CAT 14 G Grader Ripper centerpiece Bj.89 Grader19898
CAT 140 G Grader central shield Grader19777
CAT 140 H Grader centerpiece Bj 95 Grader19954
CAT 140G Other construction vehicles198814
CAT 140G Grader19914
CAT 140H Grader19966
CAT 140H Grader20004
CAT 140H Construction crane20043
CAT 140H Grader20065
CAT 14D Grader19804
CAT 14E Grader197012
CAT 14E Grader19758
CAT 16G Grader19752
CAT 16G Grader19783
CAT 16H Grader199611
CAT 16H Grader200012
CAT 1994 CATERPILLAR D 6 E Dozer19948
CAT ² * bucket Bj2003/8500Bstd/Ripper/2m 963C / Top * Dozer200312
CAT 2 x orig arm extension. for TH Series Telescopic20066
CAT 20 KVA Other construction vehicles195012
CAT 206 Mobile digger19878
CAT 206B FT Mobile digger20113
CAT 206BFT Mobile digger19923
CAT 211BLC Caterpillar digger19918
CAT 212 Mobile digger19942
CAT 212 B Mobile digger19911
CAT 212 BF T Mobile digger19924
CAT 212 BFT wheel excavator Mobile digger19918
CAT 215 Caterpillar digger198510
CAT 215 Caterpillar digger19885
CAT 215B Caterpillar digger19843
CAT 216B Other construction vehicles20063
CAT 219D LC Caterpillar digger19902
CAT 224B Mobile digger199115
CAT 225 Caterpillar digger19833
CAT 225 Caterpillar digger19852
CAT 225 Caterpillar digger19869
CAT 225 boom Caterpillar digger19852
CAT 225-CAT-TOPZUSTAND ORIGINAL.FARBE-AIR-year 1988 Caterpillar digger198815
CAT 225-ORIGINAL.COLOR TOPZUSTAND-AIR-1988-1A- Caterpillar digger198815
CAT 226 Wheeled loader20002
CAT 226 Wheeled loader200415
CAT 226 B Mini/Kompact-digger20006
CAT 226 B Mini/Kompact-digger20044
CAT 229 D Caterpillar digger198910
CAT 231 DLC Caterpillar digger19946
CAT 231 DLCZ Caterpillar digger199212
CAT 235 Caterpillar digger198112
CAT 236 3.8 tons / year 2000 / 800h ONLY! / TOP! Mini/Kompact-digger200013
CAT 236 B Wheeled loader20053
CAT 236B Skid Steer vergl.242B Turbo \u0026 277 Other construction vehicles20077
CAT 236B Skid Steer vergl.242B Turbo \u0026 277 Wheeled loader20077
CAT 236B Turbo Skid Steer * 2007 * Wheeled loader20077
CAT 236B Turbo Skid Steer vergl.226B Wheeled loader20077
CAT 242 Wheeled loader200311
CAT 245 Caterpillar digger19868
CAT 245B Caterpillar digger199012
CAT 246 Other construction vehicles20034
CAT 246C Wheeled loader20085
CAT 247 B Mini/Kompact-digger20057
CAT 247 B Other construction vehicles20057
CAT 250 KWA Other construction vehicles20112
CAT 257 Other construction vehicles20031
CAT 257B ** Sw/3ter tax Circle / Top condition ** Mini/Kompact-digger200612
CAT 272C Wheeled loader20115
CAT 287B Caterpillar digger20082
CAT 3 0 5 CR Mini/Kompact-digger20113
CAT 301.5 Mini/Kompact-digger20054
CAT 301.5 ** ** BJ 2007/3000Bstd/Sw/Hammerleitung Mini/Kompact-digger200712
CAT 301.6 Mini/Kompact-digger20074
CAT 301.6 C Mini/Kompact-digger200813
CAT 301.6C Mini/Kompact-digger20063
CAT 301.6C Caterpillar digger20076
CAT 301.7 Mini/Kompact-digger20083
CAT 301.8 Mini/Kompact-digger200813
CAT 301.8 Mini/Kompact-digger20104
CAT 301.8 Mini/Kompact-digger201210
CAT 301.8 C telescopic undercarriage Mini/Kompact-digger20069
CAT 301.8C Other construction vehicles20074
CAT 301.8C Mini/Kompact-digger20093
CAT 301.8C Mini/Kompact-digger20104
CAT 301.8C / Year 2008 / 850 h / 1 Hand Mini/Kompact-digger200810
CAT 302.5 Mini/Kompact-digger20034
CAT 302.5C Other construction vehicles20074
CAT 302.5C Mini/Kompact-digger20084

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