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CAT Commercial Vehicles

(Mini/Kompact-digger, Other construction vehicles, Caterpillar digger, Mobile digger, Other substructures, Combined Dredger Loader, Construction Equipment, Construction crane, )
CAT 302.5C S / N GBB00851 Mini/Kompact-digger20062
CAT 303 CR Mini/Kompact-digger20105
CAT 303.5 Mini/Kompact-digger20013
CAT 303.5 Mini/Kompact-digger20023
CAT 303.5 3.5t mini excavator 3 damage Uffeln Mini/Kompact-digger20128
CAT 303C CR Mini/Kompact-digger20073
CAT 303C CR Other construction vehicles20082
CAT 303CR Mini/Kompact-digger20033
CAT 304 Mini/Kompact-digger20057
CAT 304.5 Mini/Kompact-digger20015
CAT 304.5 including SW, TL 2x, 1x hydr. CRL Mini/Kompact-digger20026
CAT 304C CR Mini/Kompact-digger20074
CAT 305 CR Mini/Kompact-digger20036
CAT 305 CR Mini/Kompact-digger20054
CAT 3054 AT engine like new Other construction vehicles20113
CAT 305C CR Mini/Kompact-digger20051
CAT 305C CR Mini/Kompact-digger20074
CAT 305CCR Mini/Kompact-digger20095
CAT 305CR Mini/Kompact-digger20043
CAT 307 Mini/Kompact-digger199511
CAT 307 Other construction vehicles19963
CAT 307 Caterpillar digger19989
CAT 307 B Mini/Kompact-digger19996
CAT 307 B Caterpillar digger20014
CAT 307 B ** ** Brandschaden/Ersatzteilträger/Bj.2002 Mini/Kompact-digger200215
CAT 307 C Mini/Kompact-digger20063
CAT 307 Crawler Excavator 8.2t TOP Caterpillar digger19977
CAT 307B with extension for Ahrm Hydraulik.Steuerbar .. Caterpillar digger20015
CAT 307C Other construction vehicles20054
CAT 307C Other construction vehicles20074
CAT 308B SR Mini/Kompact-digger20115
CAT 308D Other construction vehicles20094
CAT 308D Other construction vehicles20104
CAT 312 Mobile digger19995
CAT 312 C, 313, JCB 130, CASE, KOMATSU PC 7700h Caterpillar digger20048
CAT 312 CL Caterpillar digger20078
CAT 312 CL Caterpillar digger20081
CAT 3126 engine Other substructures19963
CAT 312B L Other construction vehicles20013
CAT 312BL Caterpillar digger19983
CAT 312C Other construction vehicles20073
CAT 312CL Combined Dredger Loader20044
CAT 312CL Mobile digger20044
CAT 313 B - SR chain shield built 2002 Caterpillar digger20029
CAT 314C LCR Other construction vehicles20074
CAT 315 Mobile digger20024
CAT 315 BL excavator 3520 hours! Caterpillar digger19988
CAT 315 CL Caterpillar digger20065
CAT 315-A New Motor Mobile digger19994
CAT 315C Caterpillar digger20033
CAT 316 C Mobile digger20036
CAT 317 Caterpillar digger19995
CAT 317BL Caterpillar digger19993
CAT 318 Mobile digger19902
CAT 318 Mobile digger19967
CAT 318 BL Caterpillar digger20001
CAT 318 BL-Hammer/Schere hydraulic Caterpillar digger200015
CAT 318 CL Caterpillar digger200315
CAT 318BL Caterpillar digger20018
CAT 318BL 21000Kg/Verstellausleger/Greifer +2 xLöffel Caterpillar digger200315
CAT 318C Kompiabstützung Mobile digger200415
CAT 318CL Combined Dredger Loader20054
CAT 318MH Mobile digger19996
CAT 319C Other construction vehicles20044
CAT 320 Caterpillar digger199213
CAT 320 Caterpillar digger19975
CAT 320 Caterpillar digger19982
CAT 320 322 325 Sieblöffel Verachtert CW 30 / 40 Other substructures20111
CAT 320 322 325 Verachtert CW 30 / CW 40 bucket Other substructures20111
CAT 320 C with only 2210 Bt.Sd. Caterpillar digger20057
CAT 320 CL Caterpillar digger20048
CAT 320 CL Caterpillar digger20056
CAT 320 CL Caterpillar digger20111
CAT 320 CL ​​Hammerhyd .* * Climate * checkbook Caterpillar digger20059
CAT 320 D chain built 2006 Caterpillar digger20067
CAT 320 DL Caterpillar digger201215
CAT 320 Miller bucket with quick coupler Other construction vehicles20036
CAT 320 Verachtert CW 30/40 Other substructures20111
CAT 3208 Motor / Engine! LIKE NEW! Other substructures20007
CAT 320B Caterpillar digger200012
CAT 320BL with boom Caterpillar digger20003
CAT 320C Caterpillar digger20038
CAT 320C Crawler Excavator Caterpillar digger200410
CAT 320C LU Combined Dredger Loader20024
CAT 320CL Mobile digger20024
CAT 320CL Construction Equipment20034
CAT 320CL Caterpillar digger20122
CAT 320CL VA ** 80% Year 2002/9250Bstd/LAufwerk / Top ** Caterpillar digger200211
CAT 321C built 2006 / 5400h / 25 tonnes / Tunnel Caterpillar digger200615
CAT 322 BC Caterpillar digger199812
CAT 322 BL hammer line Caterpillar digger200111
CAT 322 C Crawler Excavator Caterpillar digger20048
CAT 322 C LN Caterpillar digger20115
CAT 322BL Construction crane20024
CAT 322BLN Caterpillar digger200110
CAT 322CL Caterpillar digger20123
CAT 322CLN Caterpillar digger20023
CAT 322CLN Caterpillar digger20034
CAT 322LN VA Caterpillar digger19966
CAT 323 DL KOPARKA Gasienicowa Caterpillar digger20082

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