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CAT Commercial Vehicles

(Caterpillar digger, Other construction vehicles, Dozer, Wheeled loader, Other substructures, Construction Equipment, Mobile digger, )
CAT 5080 Caterpillar digger19956
CAT 561 C series B / 2 x Miller BIG BLUE Welder Other construction vehicles197815
CAT 561 D Pipelayer Pipelayer gallows Other construction vehicles197915
CAT 561B Pipelayer Dozer196710
CAT 7.1 to 908 wheel loader wheel loader forks TOP Wheeled loader20029
CAT 700KVA JENBACHER-ABB emergency generator Other construction vehicles20124
CAT 725 Other construction vehicles20075
CAT 735 6x6 Dump Truck Other construction vehicles20035
CAT 740 Other substructures20024
CAT 740 Other construction vehicles20045
CAT 740 Articulated Truck Other construction vehicles200610
CAT 769 D Construction Equipment19994
CAT 769B Other construction vehicles19706
CAT 769C Other construction vehicles19943
CAT 769D dump truck tires 80% good retarder Other construction vehicles200315
CAT 770 Construction Equipment20101
CAT 771 D, Articulated Perfect condition, 7000 STD .... Other construction vehicles20026
CAT 771C Other construction vehicles199512
CAT 773B Other construction vehicles19803
CAT 775 tipper tray Other construction vehicles200713
CAT 780 KVA Other construction vehicles19855
CAT 824B Other construction vehicles19703
CAT 902 Wheeled loader20005
CAT 902,906,908 Wheeled loader20024
CAT 904 B Wheeled loader20057
CAT 904B Other construction vehicles20064
CAT 906 Wheeled loader19993
CAT 906 Wheeled loader20003
CAT 906 Wheeled loader20029
CAT 906 Wheeled loader20031
CAT 906 Mobile digger20035
CAT 906 Wheeled loader20057
CAT 906 Wheeled loader20061
CAT 906 Wheeled loader20075
CAT 906 Wheeled loader20113
CAT 906 front bucket grab bucket MP bucket Other substructures20119
CAT 906 H Wheeled loader20085
CAT 906 H Wheeled loader20106
CAT 906 Shovel Wheeled loader20078
CAT 906 TOP MACHINE Wheeled loader20075
CAT 906H Other construction vehicles20083
CAT 906H / 908H TUCHEL snow shield Wheeled loader20116
CAT 907 H Wheel Loader Wheeled loader20089
CAT 907H Wheeled loader20085
CAT 908 Wheeled loader200110
CAT 908 Wheeled loader20035
CAT 908 Wheeled loader20048
CAT 908 Wheeled loader20057
CAT 908 Wheeled loader200710
CAT 908 H-dumping bucket Wheeled loader20105
CAT 908 TOP MACHINE! Wheeled loader20065
CAT 908 with a shovel and a fork - new wide tire Wheeled loader20077
CAT 908H Wheeled loader20081
CAT 908H WHEEL LOADER Wheeled loader20063
CAT 914 G Wheeled loader20007
CAT 914 G Wheeled loader20078
CAT 914 G Wheel Loader Wheeled loader199615
CAT 914 NEW MODEL GOOD CONDITION Wheeled loader200810
CAT 914G Wheeled loader199910
CAT 914G Wheeled loader200510
CAT 920 loader Wheeled loader19708
CAT 922B Wheeled loader19703
CAT 924G Wheeled loader20044
CAT 924G Wheeled loader20085
CAT 924G Quickhitch Straßenzulassu Wheeled loader200315
CAT 926 E Wheeled loader198713
CAT 926 E Wheeled loader19908
CAT 926E Wheeled loader19893
CAT 926E Wheeled loader199315
CAT 928 G Wheeled loader20036
CAT 928 G Wheeled loader20044
CAT 928 G Wheeled loader200710
CAT 928G Wheeled loader20004
CAT 928G Wheeled loader200115
CAT 928G Wheeled loader20026
CAT 928G climate, RCS, SWE Wheeled loader20023
CAT 928G climate, SWE Wheeled loader20026
CAT 930 C - top condition! S / N: 79J414 (966,950,920) Wheeled loader19795
CAT 930 G 5300 WHEEL LOADER HOURS Wheeled loader20073
CAT 930 G High Lift Wheeled loader200710
CAT 931 Dozer19844
CAT 931C track loader with front bucket Dozer20112
CAT 936F Wheeled loader19925
CAT 936F Wheeled loader19934
CAT 938 F Wheeled loader19954
CAT 938 G Wheeled loader200211
CAT 938 GII Wheeled loader20064
CAT 938 H Wheeled loader20107
CAT 938H with fire damage Wheeled loader20074
CAT 941B (WITH RIPPER) Other construction vehicles19804
CAT 943 Dozer19835
CAT 943 LGP Dozer19866
CAT 944B-1970-FULLY READY-TOPZUSTAND-1A Wheeled loader19703
CAT 950 Wheeled loader196910
CAT 950 Wheeled loader19739
CAT 950 Wheeled loader197410
CAT 950 Wheeled loader197512
CAT 950 B loader Year 83 Wheeled loader19838
CAT 950 F / II Wheeled loader19964
CAT 950 F2 Wheeled loader199314

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