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Claas Commercial Vehicles

(Combine harvester, Harvesting machine, Other agricultural vehicles, Tractor, Reaper, Haymaking equipment, Other substructures, Front-end loader, )
Claas 108 Combine harvester19918
Claas 108 SL Maxi Combine harvester19904
Claas 255 Uniwrap Harvesting machine20044
Claas 4 randuri Other agricultural vehicles20122
Claas 55-14 Tractor19935
Claas 68 s Combine harvester19873
Claas 690 Harvesting machine19919
Claas 695 MEGA Reaper19937
Claas Ares 557 Tractor20076
Claas Ares 696 RZ Tractor200515
Claas Ares 696 RZ Other agricultural vehicles20114
Claas ARES 697 Tractor20061
Claas Ares 826 RZ wheel with air Tractor200415
Claas Ares 836 RZ with Front Loader Fire Damage Tractor20046
Claas Arion * 540 * Fire Damage Tractor20116
Claas ARION 420CIS Tractor20115
Claas ARION 540 CIS - Year 2008 Tractor20125
Claas ARION 610C Tractor20116
Claas ARION 620C Tractor20113
Claas Arobale 12/12s Haymaking equipment20114
Claas Axion 810 Tractor20075
Claas Axion 810 Tractor20115
Claas Axion 820 Automatic Variable- Tractor200810
Claas Axion 840 Cebis Tractor20073
Claas Axion 850 Other agricultural vehicles20117
Claas AXOS 320C Tractor20115
Claas Axos 330 CX-wheel drive with front loader Tractor20103
Claas Ball collection trucks Other substructures20116
Claas C510 heder zbożowy Harvesting machine199511
Claas Celtis 436 RX Tractor20066
Claas Celtis 456 Tractor20072
Claas Celtis 456 RX Front-end loader20048
Claas Celtis 456 RX climate, DL, 1 Hand Tractor20063
Claas Celtis 456 RX with front loader bucket MX T10 + Tractor200613
Claas CH 55 Challenger tracked tractors Tractor19991
Claas Challenger 65E Tractor19992
Claas Challenger CH95 Tractor200014
Claas Ciągnik rolniczy Atles Renault 935 RZ 256 Tractor20113
Claas claas dominator 85 senator 3.6m 3.9m Combine harvester20123
Claas CLAAS JAGUAR 695 SL Hächsler breaker Harvesting machine19919
Claas COLUMBUS Combine harvester196411
Claas Columbus Combine Combine harvester19704
Claas comet Combine harvester19703
Claas Commandor 228 CS / 2 cutting units Harvesting machine19925
Claas Compact 25 combines two mowing m GVW 2600 Combine harvester19715
Claas Compact 30 Combine harvester19825
Claas Compact 30 Combine harvester20125
Claas Corsar Combine harvester19706
Claas Corto 185 N Rotary mowers rear mower deck Reaper20115
Claas Corto 185S Reaper19964
Claas Corto 270 F Reaper20025
Claas Corto 270 F Haymaking equipment20023
Claas Corto 3100 FC front mower Reaper20064
Claas Corto mower 270F * good condition * Other substructures19905
Claas Cosmos Combine harvester19705
Claas Cosmos 2.20 m Hächsler Combine harvester19698
Claas Disco 260 Reaper199810
Claas Disco 2650 Plus Reaper20034
Claas Disco 300 Reaper20003
Claas Do 108 type 94 Combine harvester19871
Claas DO 108SL MAXI Combine harvester19896
Claas DO 76 Combine harvester20115
Claas DO 96 Combine harvester19845
Claas Dominator / Mega / heder zbożowy C510 Combine harvester199511
Claas Dominator / Mega / Thurs Stół rzepaku Combine harvester19989
Claas DOMINATOR 105 Combine harvester19804
Claas dominator 108 Harvesting machine20122
Claas Dominator 108 s Combine harvester19894
Claas Dominator 112 CS Header trailer choppers Verlu Combine harvester20122
Claas Dominator 116 CS V-engine chopper Year 1985 Combine harvester20122
Claas dominator 118 Combine harvester19946
Claas DOMINATOR 58s Combine harvester19884
Claas Dominator 68 Combine harvester19838
Claas Dominator 76 Combine harvester20117
Claas Dominator 76 2668 meters 3 hours cutting Combine harvester20122
Claas Dominator 85 Combine harvester19777
Claas Dominator 85.4 m, Cab, Combine harvester197912
Claas Dominator 86 - chüttlerlager, shredder warehouse, 125 Combine harvester20122
Claas Dominator 86 harvester, 2990 operating hours. Sieves, Combine harvester20122
Claas DOMINATOR 88 Harvesting machine20122
Claas Dominator 88 Classic Combine harvester19874
Claas Dominator 88 S Combine harvester19855
Claas Dominator 88S tylko 1700 mtg Combine harvester20114
Claas Dominator 98 s Combine harvester20114
Claas Dominator 98S Combine harvester19864
Claas Dominator108SL Combine harvester19864
Claas Europe Harvesting machine19594
Claas Europe Combine harvester19631
Claas Europe Combine harvester19656
Claas Frontmähwerk Other agricultural vehicles19964
Claas Frontrommelmähwerk Corto 270F defective Reaper20028
Claas GPS adapter 840-880 chopper Other agricultural vehicles20122
Claas Hay / straw baler * Medium 100-Instant use. Haymaking equipment20114
Claas INDEPENDENT 532 Other agricultural vehicles19885
Claas Jaguar 695 MEGA Harvesting machine19938
Claas Jaguar 695 S4 as Dismantled Harvesting machine20113
Claas JAGUAR 850 4WD Other agricultural vehicles20101
Claas JAGUAR 870 4WD Other agricultural vehicles20104
Claas Jaguar 870 4x4 Profistar Harvesting machine200515
Claas Kemper 360 for Type 492 net price Harvesting machine20042

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