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Daltec Commercial Vehicles

(Other trailers, Car carrier, Roll-off trailer, Motortcycle Trailer, Trailer, Construction Trailer, Box, Stake body, Hydraulic work platform, Stake body and tarpaulin, Three-sided tipper, Platform, Long material transporter, Cattle truck, Traffic construction, )
Daltec 2.5 t of lowering MAP PENDANT 3.45 x1, 62x1, 95m Other trailers201115
Daltec 3S with jumbo rail Car carrier20111
Daltec Abrollmuldeanhänger Roll-off trailer20112
Daltec Absenkanhänger Motortcycle Trailer20115
Daltec Absenkanhänger Freeliner Car carrier20112
Daltec Absenkanhänger lifter V-FB Trailer201112
Daltec Absenkanhänger lifter V-FB with aluminum box Car carrier20111
Daltec Absenkanhänger lifter V-FH Trailer201111
Daltec Absenkanhänger lifter V-FH Motortcycle Trailer201111
Daltec Absetzmuldeanhänger Roll-off trailer20111
Daltec ALUKOFFERTRANSPORTER Formula 3 axle 3.5 t Car carrier201113
Daltec Baustellanhänger type 33 Construction Trailer201110
Daltec Car transporters and other supporters Car carrier20115
Daltec Cargo 20 K Box20111
Daltec Cargo 35 LS Stake body20113
Daltec Cargo 35 XLS Stake body20112
Daltec Cargo Plane with 35 LS Hydraulic work platform20104
Daltec Cargolino 10A13R Trailer20114
Daltec Cases / Closed Car carrier20065
Daltec Daytona 2.5 t Car carrier20111
Daltec Daytona Light Car carrier20112
Daltec Daytona Light 24V Car carrier201215
Daltec DK REMA. remorca Stake body and tarpaulin20015
Daltec Duis! HUGE TRAILER! 4.55m x 2.10m Car carrier19932
Daltec Form 3 Car carrier20115
Daltec Formula 2 Car carrier20113
Daltec Formula 3 Car carrier20113
Daltec Formula 3-axle, tilting, 3500 kg Car carrier20123
Daltec Formula II Car carrier201113
Daltec Formula II Car carrier201213
Daltec Formula II 100km / h, aluminum, door Car carrier200915
Daltec Formula II flap Li./100 km / h Car carrier201215
Daltec Formula II Special 100 km / h / winds / door Other trailers201114
Daltec Formula II, 100km / h, left flap., Door re. Car carrier201215
Daltec Formula III 100km / h Winch Car carrier201215
Daltec Formula III special Other trailers201215
Daltec Formula III special Car carrier201215
Daltec Formula Light Car carrier20113
Daltec Imola 3, aluminum platform trailer 3000kg low weight Car carrier20112
Daltec imola2 100Kmh approval 1960Kg payload TÜV2013 Car carrier20095
Daltec Jumbo 2 with railing Car carrier20113
Daltec Jumbo 2S with page loading Car carrier20112
Daltec Jumbo 3S with page loading Car carrier20114
Daltec KA 2500 return value skipper Three-sided tipper20112
Daltec Kart 2 Other trailers20075
Daltec KART-TRANSPORTER for 1-2 Karts (VZ 18 kart 2) Trailer20118
Daltec kart2 Other trailers20115
Daltec LIFT offshoot V plateau F Trailer201112
Daltec Lifta V FB LOWERING SPEED 100 MPH Motortcycle Trailer201115
Daltec Lifter 1000kg 248x127 v. SCHRAMM Other trailers20127
Daltec Lifter 1000kg 248x145 v. SCHRAMM Other trailers20127
Daltec Lifter 1300/100km/Bordwand Trailer20123
Daltec Lifter 1300kg 274x162 v. SCHRAMM Other trailers20127
Daltec Lifter 1300kg 300x173 v. SCHRAMM Other trailers20127
Daltec Lifter 1500kg 274x162 v. SCHRAMM Other trailers20127
Daltec Lifter 1500kg 300x173 v. SCHRAMM Other trailers20127
Daltec Lifter 1800kg 300x173 v. SCHRAMM Other trailers20127
Daltec Lifter 2500kg 345x162 v. SCHRAMM Other trailers20127
Daltec Lifter 750kg 248x127 v. SCHRAMM Other trailers20126
Daltec Lifter V F 100km / h Motortcycle Trailer201213
Daltec Lifter V FB SMART retractable transporter 100 KM Car carrier201111
Daltec Lifter V FB2 2500 kg 100 km / h Hydraulic work platform20123
Daltec Lifter V FB2 2500kg 345x162x10cm Hydraulic work platform20121
Daltec Lifter V-F Platform20113
Daltec Lifter V-F Motortcycle Trailer201113
Daltec Lifter V-F Other trailers201113
Daltec Lifter V-F 750 kg sinker 248 x 127 x 10 Car carrier20127
Daltec Lifter V-F PLANE + bows, 248 x 127 x 160 cm Stake body and tarpaulin201113
Daltec Lifter V-FB Trailer20124
Daltec Lifter V-FB, 1300/100 km / h Motortcycle Trailer20128
Daltec Lifter with go-karts cover - News Car carrier20114
Daltec Lifter, 1300 kg, 100 km / h, m.Plane1800 Trailer20127
Daltec Lifter, 1300/100 km / h m.Zub Trailer20124
Daltec Light special Daytona 100 km / h Car carrier201015
Daltec Light special Daytona 100 km / h Car carrier201215
Daltec Lowerable PURPOSE TRAILER 2500 KG Other trailers201115
Daltec Lowerable TRAILER BOARD WALLS WITH 45CM 1300 kg Motortcycle Trailer201115
Daltec Lowering, 2500kg, 3.45 x 1.62 x 0.10 m Other trailers201115
Daltec Mega Lifter Car carrier20096
Daltec Mega XXXLS Long material transporter20113
Daltec Monza Car carrier20114
Daltec News Construction trailers BMT 25 Other trailers20114
Daltec Offshoot Motortcycle Trailer20117
Daltec Offshoot V-FB Other trailers20115
Daltec Operated motorbike TRAILER 1300 kg Motortcycle Trailer201115
Daltec Promo 1 promotional vehicle Other trailers201111
Daltec Promo 1 promotional vehicle m. Interior Other trailers201011
Daltec Promo 2 Other trailers201110
Daltec PT AL Poly Cattle truck20113
Daltec Sales kiosk model Ivago Traffic construction20112
Daltec Sales trailer Baguetteria Traffic construction20116
Daltec Sales trailer Cairo Traffic construction20114
Daltec Sales trailer Manila Traffic construction20118
Daltec Special Formula III Other trailers201115
Daltec Special Formula III Car carrier201215
Daltec Special Formula III Other trailers201215
Daltec Trailer Sales Sao Paulo Traffic construction20118
Daltec V-Lifter B H. Aluwände lowered yellow, anodized Trailer20118
Daltec V-Lifter FH Motortcycle Trailer20111

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