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Dinkel Commercial Vehicles

(Swap chassis, Stake body, Stake body and tarpaulin, Low loader, Three-sided tipper, Beverages trailer, Box, Car carrier, Long material transporter, Platform, Swap Stake body, Other trailers, Truck-mounted crane, Roll-off trailer, Tipper, Trailer, )
Dinkel 1-axis BDF Lafette * standard * Swap chassis20068
Dinkel 11.9 to Jumbo Tandem mount * Ultra Light * Swap chassis19997
Dinkel 18 to 2-axle trailer building material body + lift Stake body200510
Dinkel 18 tons of construction materials trailer 7 m Stake body20003
Dinkel 18t GG / Edscha / air / ABS / 7m Stake body and tarpaulin20025
Dinkel 20 000 DTAP Low loader201212
Dinkel 24to 3-axle trailer * Kumlin 3-way tipper * Three-sided tipper20046
Dinkel 24to 3-axle trailer * Kumlin 3-way tipper * Stake body20046
Dinkel 2SAF axes building 7.10 m deck 1m Aluminium side walls Stake body20014
Dinkel 3-axis MEGA Sattelteflader - hydr. Ramp - Aufba Low loader20111
Dinkel 4-axis Mega-Semitrailer Low loader20101
Dinkel 4-axis tele-trailers - MEGA Low loader20091
Dinkel 4-axis-jumbo Low loader20111
Dinkel 4-axle low loader DSATMV Jumbo 58 000 Low loader20089
Dinkel 4-axle semi-trailer - MEGA Low loader20101
Dinkel 5-axis-jumbo Low loader20101
Dinkel 5-axle semi-trailer MEGA - cranked Low loader20091
Dinkel AK 18/2 m grain trucks. Screw and partition Three-sided tipper20058
Dinkel Bad construction m. Cargo securing Beverages trailer19983
Dinkel Building material trailers Stake body20011
Dinkel Case * used * very rare mint condition * Box19978
Dinkel DAKW 1800 Swivel Wall trunk Certified VDI2700 Beverages trailer20045
Dinkel DAP 18 000 Stake body20075
Dinkel DAP 18 000 building trailer rims * Stake body200511
Dinkel DAP air suspension truck 18to 18 000 building. Stake body20026
Dinkel DAPP 18 000 drawbar Stake body and tarpaulin200210
Dinkel DASP 35 000 Stake body19994
Dinkel DATCW 6000 TANDEM TRAILER FOR 3 cars Car carrier19924
Dinkel DAWN MAXI carriage Schmitz Swap chassis20002
Dinkel Deaj 11000 Stake body and tarpaulin19981
Dinkel Deep bed / sofa for Mährdresher Low loader20019
Dinkel DLN 8000-Up to 16m long transport pieces Long material transporter19979
Dinkel DLSAV 24 000 Stake body19935
Dinkel DME 10000 2-axle tandem trailer Stake body and tarpaulin199312
Dinkel DSALRV24000 Stake body19955
Dinkel DSAPP 32 000 Stake body and tarpaulin19973
Dinkel DSAPP 35 000 Low loader20014
Dinkel DSAPP 37000 That's the HEIGHT \ Stake body and tarpaulin200015
Dinkel DSAPP 37000 That's the HEIGHT \ Low loader200015
Dinkel DSATPV - semi-trailer with HYDRAULIC RAMP Low loader20048
Dinkel DSATV 29 000 Low loader19994
Dinkel DSAV 24000 Stake body19945
Dinkel DSLA 9000 1-axle semi-trailer body + crane Stake body199311
Dinkel DTAFZ9000 car transporter to 3PKW Car carrier19949
Dinkel DTAJ 18000 Stake body and tarpaulin199811
Dinkel DTAJ 18000 Stake body and tarpaulin20111
Dinkel DTAJ 18000 Jumbo volume trailer + Durchladesystem Stake body and tarpaulin200211
Dinkel DTAJ 18000/2 x extendable / Plateau / Jumbo / TOP! Platform200412
Dinkel DTAJ tandem 18 000 + 9.1 m Edscha rear doors Stake body and tarpaulin20069
Dinkel DTAJ19000 Stake body and tarpaulin20082
Dinkel DTAWN 11 000 Swap chassis19995
Dinkel DTRAJ ,3-axle, EZ 2004, orig. 427817 km, TOP Stake body and tarpaulin20049
Dinkel DWN - only platform-construction! Swap Stake body20025
Dinkel DWN - only platform-construction! Other trailers20025
Dinkel DWN - Pick-up only! Swap Stake body20025
Dinkel Flatbed / tarpaulin / Edscha 8.10 x 2.48 x 3.10 m Stake body and tarpaulin200712
Dinkel jumbo Stake body and tarpaulin20067
Dinkel Low bed trailer for forest machines Low loader19904
Dinkel M bad design. Load restraint Beverages trailer19983
Dinkel Naczepa z HDS KENNIS 14 000 Truck-mounted crane19984
Dinkel Plato 18tonen tandem with plug changes Platform19974
Dinkel Platou trailer Platform19979
Dinkel Platou trailer Platform20098
Dinkel Platou trailer Stake body20098
Dinkel Roll-off trailers 2 axle Roll-off trailer19965
Dinkel SDAH Stake body and tarpaulin20015
Dinkel SDAH Alukoffer truck trailers trailer 1A + Box199713
Dinkel SDAH PLANE U. hoops Stake body and tarpaulin19975
Dinkel SK 34/1 building trucks / pallet width Tipper20055
Dinkel SK34 / 1, pallets - Hinterkippsattelauflieger Tipper20075
Dinkel Tandem Jumbo Stake body and tarpaulin199615
Dinkel Tandem trailer trailer with ramps Low loader201215
Dinkel tarpaulin Trailer19894
Dinkel Trailer with ramp 3000 kg for dredging Other trailers19764
Dinkel WEKA tandem air suspension 8m flatbed Jumbo Stake body and tarpaulin200610

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