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Doll Commercial Vehicles

(Low loader, Timber carrier, Long material transporter, Trailer, Three-sided tipper, Platform, Roll-off trailer, Walking floor, Box, Other trailers, Construction Trailer, Stake body, Stake body and tarpaulin, Cattle truck, Other semi-trailers, )
Doll \ Low loader20091
Doll \ Low loader20091
Doll \ Low loader20111
Doll \ Low loader20111
Doll 1 axle trailer with 10 ton auxiliary steering Timber carrier19802
Doll 177 M Long material transporter19923
Doll 2 AXE 2 TONE (inmatriculata pe 1.5T) Trailer20004
Doll 2 DK 9 6Tonnen payload Dreiseitenkipper Three-sided tipper198015
Doll 2 DN 16/18, flat trailer with stakes Platform19777
Doll 2-axle low-bed - telescopic Low loader20101
Doll 2.DS Nachleufer with 20 bridge and 12 Schtange Timber carrier19809
Doll 2DN16 Roll-off trailer19805
Doll 3 axle truck platform timber trailer Platform19874
Doll 3 axle truck platform timber trailer Low loader19874
Doll 3 axles low loader trailer with ramps Low loader20107
Doll 3-axle low loader Low loader19984
Doll 3-axle lowboy Low loader20045
Doll 4-axle low boy trailer with loading ramps Low loader20123
Doll 48 To. Extendable to 20 mtr Low loader20018
Doll 48t telescopic aluminum rims 3xZwangsgelenkt to 19.6 m Low loader20009
Doll 5-axle low loader semi-trailer chassis Panther Low loader20112
Doll 92 cubic-top condition Walking floor200511
Doll A 103 Timber carrier19966
Doll a 125 Timber carrier19994
Doll A 315 Zwillingsbreifung steering axle Timber carrier199110
Doll A 320 Timber carrier20015
Doll A 321 timber trailer Timber carrier19956
Doll A 322 Timber carrier19975
Doll A105 Zwillingsbereif. Length 6.90 m turning circle NEW Timber carrier19988
Doll A110 Timber carrier19864
Doll A125 Timber carrier20073
Doll A126 wooden trailer Timber carrier19994
Doll Adjustable length timber trailer Timber carrier20001
Doll Aluminum Case Box20025
Doll ANh. for long material Long material transporter19812
Doll Armed Forces Army Army Platform19894
Doll Axis Other trailers20097
Doll B2A4 shack - Emil Doll Construction Trailer19815
Doll Befa BSA 3S timber trailer Timber carrier19965
Doll CUT-TO-AIR TRAILER Timber carrier200715
Doll D20 Low loader19895
Doll D550 wooden stakes 3-axis transport Platform19978
Doll D550 wooden stakes 3-axis transport Timber carrier19978
Doll D550 wooden stakes 3-axis transport Stake body19978
Doll D550 wooden stakes 3-axis transport Long material transporter19978
Doll Deep bed / Extendable / detachable neck Low loader19984
Doll Deep bed extendable bed excavator / Low loader19996
Doll Doehle Zul.GG 8000 KG Stake body and tarpaulin198210
Doll DOLL telescope Low loader19996
Doll Doll-long single-axle trailer + stool material Timber carrier19834
Doll Dolly axle Other trailers20073
Doll duis bokel Cattle truck19792
Doll Emil L7, B2 1m, 4m ground ** NEW ** Stake body19775
Doll Empl PR 12 timber trailer leaf spring suspension * * ABS * Timber carrier19955
Doll Flatbed 2 axle forced steering Timber carrier19915
Doll GEORGE KRAEMER Timber carrier20059
Doll Heavy duty trailer Low loader19932
Doll Horse trailer, camper, heating, air brake Other semi-trailers19927
Doll kłonicowa Timber carrier20043
Doll Kotschenreuther THP 218 timber transport 12 Exte Timber carrier200912
Doll Lifting axle disc brakes Walking floor200613
Doll Log body length 8.9 m - 13.4 m Timber carrier20086
Doll Logo 16 Timber carrier20022
Doll Logo 20 Timber carrier20004
Doll Logo 20 Timber carrier20073
Doll Logo 20 (A 320) Timber carrier19943
Doll Logo 20 A 320 Timber carrier20073
Doll Logo 21 Timber carrier19962
Doll Logo 21 Timber carrier19982
Doll Logo 21 Timber carrier20032
Doll Long trailer for transport of material Long material transporter19899
Doll Low bed semi-T2H S3F with DAF 105 510 Low loader20095
Doll Lowbed / removable gooseneck Low loader20023
Doll M 115 RATIO Timber carrier19902
Doll M 135 Timber carrier19903
Doll M 135 Ratio Timber carrier19955
Doll M 136 Compact Timber carrier19942
Doll M134 Timber carrier19965
Doll M150 trailer timber trailer Timber carrier19855
Doll Meusburger MPA-2-8 stakes Holztrans.r MOT - TOP! Timber carrier20059
Doll N-S4H Low loader19992
Doll P 181 ABS BPW axles Roll-off trailer19933
Doll P181, 2-axis roll-off trailer Roll-off trailer19954
Doll P3H Platform19977
Doll P3H Platform19984
Doll P3H T Platform19983
Doll P3H-M Low loader20054
Doll P3H-M telescopic Low loader20093
Doll P3L Platform19963
Doll Plane taking bows with forklift Stake body and tarpaulin19923
Doll PN11, 5 Other trailers20026
Doll Remorca containers Box19961
Doll Roll-off container trailer Roll-off trailer19961
Doll RTL ROESSEL 18t. Wood Hydr.Zurr system-8 stakes Timber carrier200314
Doll S3H-0 - Semi-trailer - 3 x STEERING SHAFT Low loader19996
Doll S3L Low loader20123
Doll S4H-T, 4-way power steered, 2 x tele to 26m Low loader200814
Doll S4L Low loader20122
Doll S5H T Low loader20074
Doll S5H Vario-T Low loader20112

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