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Fahr Commercial Vehicles

(Tractor, Haymaking equipment, Harvesting machine, Reaper, Combine harvester, Other agricultural vehicles, Farmyard tractor, Other substructures, Fertilizer spreader, Loader wagon, Harrowing equipment, )
Fahr 130H Tractor20124
Fahr 177S Tractor19595
Fahr A2KN Tractor19613
Fahr APN low hay press printing press Haymaking equipment20113
Fahr Baler Harvesting machine20114
Fahr Bar mower, snow blade mower deck Reaper20124
Fahr BVNR Mähbinder Reaper19504
Fahr Caravan Tractor19515
Fahr Combine M88 Combine harvester19715
Fahr Cutter bar mower completely Ex. D133 ud more Reaper20124
Fahr D 130 Tractor19565
Fahr D 130 A Tractor19585
Fahr D 130 H Tractor19553
Fahr D 130 H Tractor19562
Fahr D 130.Tüv 2013 Tractor195715
Fahr D 131 W Other agricultural vehicles19604
Fahr D 133 N Tractor19614
Fahr D 17 Tractor195212
Fahr D 177 S Tractor19605
Fahr D 177S high-speed 35 KM / H Tractor19614
Fahr D 180 H Tractor19561
Fahr D 180 H Tractor19595
Fahr D 180 with hydraulic, air-cooled 2 cylinder Tractor195412
Fahr D 22 Tractor19544
Fahr D 30 L Tractor19535
Fahr D 30 with air-cooled Deutz engine Tractor195113
Fahr D 66, D66, 1 cyl. air-cooled Tractor19583
Fahr D 88 Tractor19565
Fahr D 88 Farmyard tractor19571
Fahr D 88 Tractor19594
Fahr D 88 with luftgek. Güldnermotor, hydraulic, Verd. Tractor195810
Fahr D 90 Tractor19545
Fahr D 90 Tractor19555
Fahr D117S Tractor20125
Fahr D12 Tractor19525
Fahr d12 Tractor20115
Fahr D12N 2-hand with letter Tractor201113
Fahr D130A / BARN FUND / MOTOR TOP GEAR! Other substructures19597
Fahr D130AH Tractor19575
Fahr d132 Tractor20125
Fahr D133N Tractor19595
Fahr D15 Tractor19504
Fahr D15 price negotiable Tractor19514
Fahr D17 Farmyard tractor19525
Fahr D17 Tractor19535
Fahr D180 H Tractor19555
Fahr D180H Tractor19574
Fahr D180H Tractor19585
Fahr D22PH Tractor19525
Fahr D22PH Tractor19535
Fahr D66 Tractor19575
Fahr D88 Tractor19608
Fahr DS 500 Fertilizer spreader20124
Fahr E 327 Haymaking equipment19795
Fahr E 327 Harvesting machine19794
Fahr E327 Loader wagon20115
Fahr F17 Tractor19515
Fahr Green Country Food Self-loading trailers K 7:32 Other agricultural vehicles19985
Fahr Güldner A 4 M Tractor19594
Fahr KH 20 Haymaking equipment20113
Fahr KH 20 2 Star Tedder Kreiselheuer Haymaking equipment20124
Fahr KH 4 Harvesting machine20112
Fahr KH 40 Haymaking equipment19755
Fahr KHD 5 m Haymaking equipment19942
Fahr KM 22 Reaper20113
Fahr KM 22 mower Reaper20122
Fahr KM22 1.65 m AB Reaper20123
Fahr Kola rival 20 Haymaking equipment20112
Fahr Kola rival 20 Haymaking equipment20121
Fahr Kola rival 30 Haymaking equipment20115
Fahr Kreisler Tedder KH 40 Haymaking equipment20124
Fahr KS 80 DN Haymaking equipment20121
Fahr Ladewagen WE327LSK Harvesting machine19805
Fahr Loading wagons Loader wagon20115
Fahr loading wagons Harvesting machine20114
Fahr M 900 Harvesting machine19755
Fahr m-1000 Harvesting machine19901
Fahr M40 Combine harvester20124
Fahr PH22 Tractor19542
Fahr Rakes KH 4 D Kreissel folding Reaper20115
Fahr Rakes KH 40 Haymaking equipment20121
Fahr Rotary mowers, KM 22 1.65 m Reaper20115
Fahr Spade shaft cutter ... Harrowing equipment20113
Fahr T22 F22 Deutz Farmyard tractor19415
Fahr Tedder KH4SD Haymaking equipment20124
Fahr Turner CH 4 Haymaking equipment20122
Fahr Wender-HN-4 SD Haymaking equipment20114

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