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Feldbinder Commercial Vehicles

(Silo, Walking floor, Tipper, Tank body, Other semi-trailers, Food tank, )
Feldbinder KIP 70.3 Silo19975
Feldbinder KIP 91.3 Silo200615
Feldbinder KIP 91.3 91 m³ Kippsattelsilo Silo200615
Feldbinder KIP with 42.3 Kipphydraulik Silo199115
Feldbinder KIP60 Silo19914
Feldbinder KIS 25.03 conveyor belt 31 m³ Walking floor19988
Feldbinder Kisk 60.3 - 60 sqm Tipper19963
Feldbinder Koehler 1990 48 cbm silo top condition! Silo199015
Feldbinder lying EUT 36.3 cement silo Silo19981
Feldbinder Manure silo Internal Number: 2239 Silo201115
Feldbinder Manure trailer Tank body20063
Feldbinder MUL 26.3, dump trucks, 34 tons, TUV Tipper19932
Feldbinder OMEPS Silo200815
Feldbinder Open ye 36.3 Silo200110
Feldbinder Silo / tank to constantly bearing 30cbm Silo19883
Feldbinder Silo 40m3 tank EXPORT: 6.200,00 EURO net Silo19872
Feldbinder Silo 57 m³ Eutersilo Silo19911
Feldbinder SILO, 63 cbm, lift axle Other semi-trailers19914
Feldbinder Silo, cement storage, excellent condition! Silo200713
Feldbinder Silo, cement storage, excellent condition! Tank body200713
Feldbinder Tandem 24 cbm silo Silo199510
Feldbinder Tanks made of aluminum curb weight 4700 kg Tank body200810
Feldbinder Tanks made of aluminum curb weight 4700 kg Food tank200810
Feldbinder Tipper SILO Silo20063
Feldbinder Trailers SILO, 38 cbm Other semi-trailers19824
Feldbinder TSA 26.3 Food tank199312
Feldbinder TSA 32.3 Tank body19972
Feldbinder TSA 32.3 - INSULATED - HEATED - PUMP - 32,000 L Food tank199313
Feldbinder TSA 32.3 V2A stainless steel / lift axle / disc brake Food tank199715
Feldbinder TSA 32.3-1 Tank body200714
Feldbinder TSA 33.3 3 Tank body19993
Feldbinder TSA 33.3 Food Chemistry tank compartments * 3 * Tank body199712
Feldbinder TSA 34.3 heavy oil-bitumen tank top! Built 2004 Tank body200415
Feldbinder TSA 34.3-1 ADR not Food tank20075
Feldbinder TSA 58.3-4 GGVS / ADR Tank body201111

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