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Fella Commercial Vehicles

(Harrowing equipment, Loader wagon, Other substructures, Haymaking equipment, Other agricultural vehicles, Reaper, Plough, )
Fella 1-band Winkelkipppflug Harrowing equipment19655
Fella Ba 125 Ball Machine / handball Loader wagon19865
Fella Charcoal kiln Loader wagon201211
Fella cisterna incarcator remorca tehnologica Loader wagon201215
Fella conveyor belt Other substructures20123
Fella FB 212L Haymaking equipment20056
Fella förderbant Other agricultural vehicles20123
Fella Frontmähwerk Haymaking equipment20114
Fella Hay-turner / 4-star turner Haymaking equipment20114
Fella Heuladewagen, loaders Loader wagon20115
Fella KM 166 Haymaking equipment20113
Fella KM 166 Reaper20125
Fella KM 225 Reaper20071
Fella KM 225 H Reaper20114
Fella KM 230 FP Reaper19945
Fella KM 295 F Reaper20115
Fella KM166 Reaper20113
Fella KM187 Reaper20123
Fella Kosiarka ROTACYJNA FELLA KM187 Reaper19954
Fella Kreißelheuer Haymaking equipment20115
Fella Kreißelmäher 1.85 Haymaking equipment20113
Fella Kreißelmähwerk Km 225, Haymaking equipment20123
Fella L20 Haymaking equipment20111
Fella Mower Reaper20111
Fella One band angle plow Plough20115
Fella Peggy L22 Haymaking equipment20122
Fella Peggy Ladewagen 2700 kg GG * fin possible Other substructures20116
Fella Platform Trucks Loader wagon20124
Fella Rakes TS 290 DS Haymaking equipment20115
Fella Rakes Type: TS 15RDF Harrowing equipment20125
Fella Rakes with driving three-point Haymaking equipment20113
Fella Schneider block SU 145 Other substructures20114
Fella Senior K34 Loader wagon19781
Fella SM 210 Haymaking equipment20111
Fella Tedder 4 rotors Haymaking equipment20114
Fella Tedder 520 D Turbo Heuer Haymaking equipment20123
Fella TH 330D Haymaking equipment20112
Fella TH 360 Tedder 4 rotors Haymaking equipment20124
Fella TH 360D Haymaking equipment20115
Fella TH 520 Haymaking equipment19895
Fella TH 520 H Haymaking equipment20124
Fella TH330D Haymaking equipment20122
Fella TH380 Haymaking equipment20121
Fella TS 1601 Haymaking equipment19995
Fella TS 1602 Hydro Haymaking equipment20011
Fella TS 185 Haymaking equipment20122
Fella TS 250 Haymaking equipment20121
Fella TS 290 rakes DS Haymaking equipment20115
Fella TS 300 Kreißelschwader 3 m Haymaking equipment20115
Fella TS 320 RDF Haymaking equipment20113
Fella ts 330 Haymaking equipment20125
Fella TS 330 DN Haymaking equipment20122
Fella TS 426 DN Haymaking equipment20105
Fella TS390DN Haymaking equipment19985
Fella Turbo Heuer TH4 Haymaking equipment20125
Fella Turner Tedder Haymaking equipment20125
Fella Wenner 3.60 Haymaking equipment20115

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