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Fortschritt Commercial Vehicles

(Other substructures, Tractor, Plough, Other agricultural vehicles, Seeder, Harrowing equipment, Loader wagon, Reaper, Haymaking equipment, Harvesting machine, Combine harvester, Front-end loader, Farmyard tractor, )
Fortschritt 2 cups gripper Other substructures20112
Fortschritt 2 pieces THK5 tipper trailer Tractor19685
Fortschritt 3-band plow Plough19603
Fortschritt 303 Tractor20121
Fortschritt 303-D Tractor19765
Fortschritt 323 A Tractor19925
Fortschritt 721 Other agricultural vehicles19921
Fortschritt A 323-ZT Tractor19855
Fortschritt A 323-ZT Tractor19895
Fortschritt A 325-ZT Tractor19885
Fortschritt A215 in trolley with 9m AB Seeder19895
Fortschritt Activist Tractor19513
Fortschritt B 125 / 1 Harrowing equipment19705
Fortschritt B 200 Plough19685
Fortschritt ball dare Loader wagon20123
Fortschritt BELARUS MTS 50 Tractor19765
Fortschritt Belarus, MTS570/MTS80 Tractor19803
Fortschritt BPD-9 Harrowing equipment19995
Fortschritt Cambridge rolls B435 rolling packer 3 pieces - SET Other substructures20125
Fortschritt Claas 290 FF Reaper20122
Fortschritt Cultivator Harrowing equipment20111
Fortschritt Cultivators B 231 Harrowing equipment19694
Fortschritt DDR K454 B hay press baler straw Press Other substructures19875
Fortschritt Disc plow discs -3 Harrowing equipment19836
Fortschritt DIY Tractor19701
Fortschritt E 247 Haymaking equipment19685
Fortschritt E 281-C Harvesting machine19887
Fortschritt E 294 Pick Up Other substructures19881
Fortschritt E 302 Reaper19812
Fortschritt E 303 swather Reaper19895
Fortschritt E 303 swather with cutting E025 Reaper19889
Fortschritt E 512 Combine harvester19764
Fortschritt E 512 Combine harvester20115
Fortschritt E 514 Combine harvester19873
Fortschritt E 516 Combine harvester20113
Fortschritt e 930 Harrowing equipment19862
Fortschritt E025 Reaper19883
Fortschritt E025 with Claas Jaguar adapter for 8 Series Harvesting machine20114
Fortschritt E301 Reaper20115
Fortschritt E340 Rake Reaper199315
Fortschritt E512 Harvesting machine20114
Fortschritt E514 Combine harvester19866
Fortschritt E517 Combine harvester19896
Fortschritt E682 potato harvester Harvesting machine19883
Fortschritt E686 Harvesting machine198715
Fortschritt E742 forage cutter f. Jaguar 800 Harvesting machine19943
Fortschritt East German IFA Press straw hay press press K442 Haymaking equipment20117
Fortschritt EM11-1 carrot - carrot harvester Harvesting machine19889
Fortschritt Famulus 40 Tractor19684
Fortschritt Famulus air-cooled Tractor19605
Fortschritt Famulus RS 14/36 Tractor19625
Fortschritt Famulus RS 36 Tractor19604
Fortschritt Farmulus Tractor20112
Fortschritt For one RS09/GT124 Erdschaufel New Front-end loader20128
Fortschritt Forage E280 E281 E295 with corn cutter Harvesting machine19857
Fortschritt Goanna Loader wagon20125
Fortschritt Grain Hopper, Hopper Other agricultural vehicles20127
Fortschritt Grobgrubber / subsoiler Harrowing equipment19895
Fortschritt GT 124 Tractor19705
Fortschritt GT 124 Front-end loader20114
Fortschritt GT 124 Front-end loader20121
Fortschritt GT 124 Tractor20125
Fortschritt GT124 RS09 FOUR CYLINDER Front-end loader19724
Fortschritt Harvest Master MDW 525 Combine harvester199315
Fortschritt Header Trailer Combine harvester20113
Fortschritt HL 60.02 bunk trailer Loader wagon19787
Fortschritt HL 8011 Loader wagon198615
Fortschritt HT 140 Farmyard tractor19895
Fortschritt HTS 100 Other substructures19777
Fortschritt HTS 100 Other agricultural vehicles19904
Fortschritt hts 100 Other agricultural vehicles20115
Fortschritt HTS 100 Güllefass Other agricultural vehicles19775
Fortschritt HTS 100 Güllefass Other agricultural vehicles19855
Fortschritt HTS 100.27 manure trailer Other agricultural vehicles20115
Fortschritt HTS 100.27 Vacuum tanker Other agricultural vehicles19803
Fortschritt HTS 100.27 Vacuum tanker Other agricultural vehicles19873
Fortschritt HTS 3104 Loader wagon19724
Fortschritt HW 60 Loader wagon20114
Fortschritt HW 80 Loader wagon19745
Fortschritt HW 80 Loader wagon20111
Fortschritt HW 80 Loader wagon20123
Fortschritt IFA East ET 081 Single axle with cutter Harrowing equipment19846
Fortschritt IFA HL THK Solnica PL Loader wagon19801
Fortschritt K 454 Harvesting machine19862
Fortschritt K 743 Harvesting machine19774
Fortschritt K453 Harvesting machine19763
Fortschritt K730 Kartoffelsortieranl. Screening Harvesting machine19896
Fortschritt KGB 33A-E 281 Other agricultural vehicles19885
Fortschritt Loader, wheel Loader wagon20104
Fortschritt LTS Maral 150 forage harvester Harvesting machine199312
Fortschritt MDV E 514 Combine harvester19897
Fortschritt MTS 550 Tractor19865
Fortschritt MTS 550 Tractor19893
Fortschritt MTS 570 Tractor19895
Fortschritt nt 300c Tractor19795
Fortschritt nt 303 Tractor19732
Fortschritt nt 304 Tractor19715
Fortschritt nt 323 Tractor19895
Fortschritt Pick up chopper cutting E280 / 281 trailer Other substructures19906
Fortschritt presa kostka Haymaking equipment20115

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