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Freightliner Commercial Vehicles

(Other semi-trailer trucks, Standard tractor/trailer unit, Breakdown truck, Box, Tipper, Hazardous load, Stake body, Chassis, Other trucks over 7,5t, Heavy load, Stake body and tarpaulin, )
Freightliner 120 Long Convers USA Other semi-trailer trucks19817
Freightliner 120 Long Convers. 6x4 Other semi-trailer trucks198510
Freightliner 40 ton capacity aufliegerrangiermaschine Standard tractor/trailer unit19905
Freightliner 6x4 Standard tractor/trailer unit19892
Freightliner 6x4 Caterpillar engine Standard tractor/trailer unit19951
Freightliner 6x4 LLC Standard tractor/trailer unit20003
Freightliner 6x4 tractor Standard tractor/trailer unit19986
Freightliner 6X4 tractor Schowtruck Standard tractor/trailer unit19951
Freightliner Argosy Other semi-trailer trucks19997
Freightliner Argosy 6x4 Standard tractor/trailer unit200010
Freightliner ARGOSY TRUCK USA Standard tractor/trailer unit200113
Freightliner Berger truck Breakdown truck199512
Freightliner C120 Standard tractor/trailer unit199910
Freightliner Century Other semi-trailer trucks20026
Freightliner CENTURY XL / 6x4 Standard tractor/trailer unit20027
Freightliner Classic Standard tractor/trailer unit20045
Freightliner Classic Box200412
Freightliner Classic XL Other semi-trailer trucks20046
Freightliner Classic XL FLD TRUCK USA Standard tractor/trailer unit200515
Freightliner Classic XL with 2-axis Tautliner Standard tractor/trailer unit20022
Freightliner coe flt8664t Standard tractor/trailer unit19805
Freightliner COLUMBIA CL 112 - 6 x 4 - NEW TIPPER Tipper20065
Freightliner COLUMBIA CL112 Tipper20065
Freightliner Coronado Other semi-trailer trucks20075
Freightliner Coronado 6x4 / ADR / Euro 5 Hazardous load20042
Freightliner CORONADO TRUCK USA Standard tractor/trailer unit200615
Freightliner Detroit Motor 23 t Standard tractor/trailer unit199813
Freightliner FC 70 4x2 truck Stake body20027
Freightliner FL 112 - 6X4 * MB 450 HP Standard tractor/trailer unit20036
Freightliner FL 112 6x4 Spring suspension Standard tractor/trailer unit20038
Freightliner FL 4.3 MB 0M 904.LA ALLISON AIR Other semi-trailer trucks20021
Freightliner FL 60 MB MOTOR OM 906.LA 6.4 l - TUEV Breakdown truck200110
Freightliner FL 60 MB OM 906 ALLISON, AIR Chassis20019
Freightliner FL 60 Motor Mercedes OM 904.LA 4.3 l Box200213
Freightliner FL 60 suitcases 4x2 Mercedes-Benz engine Box20027
Freightliner FL 70 4x4 winter service Other trucks over 7,5t200215
Freightliner FL 70 ALLISON CATERPILLAR 3126 4X4 AIR Chassis20001
Freightliner FL 70 ALLISON CATERPILLAR 3126 CLIMATE Tipper20002
Freightliner FL 70 ALLISON CATERPILLAR 3126 CLIMATE Chassis20021
Freightliner FL 80 6x4 tractor engine Mercedes-Benz Standard tractor/trailer unit20025
Freightliner FL AIR 60 CAT 3126 ALLISON Chassis20004
Freightliner FL CATERPILLAR 3126 ALLISON AIR Other semi-trailer trucks20001
Freightliner FL-60 case Box19994
Freightliner FL60 Box20016
Freightliner FL60 02.07 ALLISON L 3126 CAT AIR CRUISE CONTROL Other semi-trailer trucks20021
Freightliner FL60 box with tail lift / air Box200012
Freightliner FL60 case with LBW / Air Box200011
Freightliner FLA Standard tractor/trailer unit199415
Freightliner FLD 120 Standard tractor/trailer unit19956
Freightliner FLD 120 6x2 Standard tractor/trailer unit199913
Freightliner FLD 120 6x2 Heavy load199914
Freightliner FLD 150 Standard tractor/trailer unit19993
Freightliner fld120 classic Standard tractor/trailer unit19975
Freightliner FRT / NA / TC / PDX (W900B) German certification! Standard tractor/trailer unit199315
Freightliner IHC NAVISTAR INTERNATIONAL allison 7.3 V8 TD Other semi-trailer trucks20001
Freightliner MB 70 driving school / Mercedes engine Stake body and tarpaulin199613
Freightliner Stralis 440e 50 500 Manual Standard tractor/trailer unit200711
Freightliner TIPPER FL 60 with CAT 3126 CLIMATE Other semi-trailer trucks20024
Freightliner TRUCK / Dumptruck AIR WITH CAT 3126 Tipper20006
Freightliner TUV \u0026 BRIE FL 60 MB with 6.4 l ENGINE OM 906.LA Breakdown truck20011
Freightliner TUV \u0026 BRIE FL 60 with OM 904 MB MOTOR la ​​4.3 Breakdown truck20011
Freightliner TUV \u0026 MAIL - FL 60 7.2 CAT WITH ALLISON AIR Stake body20005
Freightliner Western Star 4942S, U.S.. Show Truck Other semi-trailer trucks19893

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