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Furukawa Commercial Vehicles

(Caterpillar digger, Wheeled loader, Mobile digger, Combined Dredger Loader, Other substructures, Other construction vehicles, Construction Equipment, )
Furukawa * BJ * 740LS 1998/9100Bstd/Hammerltg/Sw Caterpillar digger199815
Furukawa 28TEigengewicht 645 **, ** 90% suspension Caterpillar digger19988
Furukawa 320 I Wheeled loader19965
Furukawa 320E ŁADOWARKA KOŁOWA Wheeled loader199814
Furukawa 335 Wheeled loader19937
Furukawa 335 Wheeled loader19985
Furukawa 335 ** Radlader/8700 hours/14.600 kg. ** Wheeled loader199614
Furukawa 335-II Wheeled loader19936
Furukawa 345 Wheeled loader19916
Furukawa 345 Wheeled loader19965
Furukawa 345 - II Wheeled loader20035
Furukawa 345 Series II 2265 lit. Ausweissbar 1er hand Wheeled loader20013
Furukawa 345 wheel loader Wheeled loader19926
Furukawa 345 wheel loader Wheeled loader199315
Furukawa 345II-2001-AIR-ORIGINAL.FARBE.BEREIFUNG.70%-1A Wheeled loader20015
Furukawa 355 + BUCKET FORKS Wheeled loader19945
Furukawa 355-2 Wheeled loader19986
Furukawa 365 Wheeled loader199315
Furukawa 365 Wheeled loader199811
Furukawa 365 Air / conditioning, central lubrication Wheeled loader201115
Furukawa 365 air, lubrication Wheeled loader199615
Furukawa 365 II Wheeled loader20014
Furukawa 365-2 Wheeled loader20017
Furukawa 540C Wheeled loader19904
Furukawa 625 Mobile digger20023
Furukawa 625 E Mobile digger19928
Furukawa 630E Caterpillar digger19944
Furukawa 635 E Caterpillar digger19924
Furukawa 635 LS Caterpillar digger19985
Furukawa 64 OLS Caterpillar digger199515
Furukawa 640 E Caterpillar digger19919
Furukawa 725 LS-Tronic Mobile digger199914
Furukawa 730 LS Mobile digger19985
Furukawa 730 state with a lot of accessories Lehnhoff / Top Mobile digger20005
Furukawa 730 Tronic Caterpillar digger199815
Furukawa 735 E Caterpillar digger19974
Furukawa 735 LS ** New ** Bereifung/Stützschild/2x Praze Mobile digger200112
Furukawa 735LS Caterpillar digger19945
Furukawa 735LS Caterpillar digger19992
Furukawa 738 LS boom Caterpillar digger199812
Furukawa 738LS Caterpillar digger20012
Furukawa 740 TRONIC II LS Caterpillar digger199811
Furukawa 740-1990-HAMMERLEITUNG-TOPZUSTAND-1A Caterpillar digger199014
Furukawa 740LS * BJ * 1998/9100Bstd/Hammerltg/Sw Caterpillar digger199815
Furukawa Bucket width 1000mm Combined Dredger Loader20126
Furukawa F 27-XP Other substructures20103
Furukawa F 45 LN Other construction vehicles20056
Furukawa F LN 45 Other substructures20074
Furukawa F LN 45 Other substructures20086
Furukawa F2TOP 105kg Other substructures20065
Furukawa F4 645 LS Caterpillar digger199810
Furukawa FL 230 wheel loader bucket ** ** 3qm Wheeled loader19909
Furukawa FL 330-I, no FL 230 Wheeled loader19904
Furukawa FRD F22Hydr.Ham./komplett, TOP Other substructures20028
Furukawa FRD hydraulic breaker LN F 4 Other construction vehicles20111
Furukawa HB1100 Other substructures20117
Furukawa Hydraulic Hammer F 45 FRD LN Other construction vehicles20114
Furukawa Hydraulic hammer FURUKAWA F3 STD (including Meisel) Construction Equipment19986
Furukawa Hydraulic hammer FURUKAWA F3 STD (including Meisel) Other substructures19986
Furukawa Hydraulic hammer FURUKAWA STD F4 (with hoses) Construction Equipment19996
Furukawa Hydraulic hammer FURUKAWA STD F4 (with hoses) Other substructures19996
Furukawa Hydraulic hammer type: G40 Other construction vehicles20114
Furukawa LS 725 with hammer Mobile digger19998
Furukawa STD F4, 172 KG! Other construction vehicles200510
Furukawa W * 738 * LS Shield and claws Mobile digger19996
Furukawa W 635 E Mobile digger199210
Furukawa w 725 Mobile digger20017
Furukawa W 725 LS Mobile digger19957
Furukawa W 725 LS Mobile digger199712
Furukawa W 725 LS Mobile digger199914
Furukawa W 735 LS Mobile digger19979
Furukawa W 735 LS ** hammer line / hook line ** Mobile digger200012
Furukawa W 735 LS Tronic 7582h Mobile digger199513
Furukawa W 738 LS-tronic claws Schlild-Verstellauslege Mobile digger200014
Furukawa W625 E 6200 hrs! Mobile digger19943
Furukawa W630E Mobile digger19915
Furukawa W635E Mobile digger19944
Furukawa W708 Hammerverrrohrung / shield Mobile digger199612
Furukawa W725 LS Tronic Mobile digger19958
Furukawa W735 Mobile digger20024
Furukawa W735-II LS Tronic Caterpillar digger20003

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