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Gergen-Jung Commercial Vehicles

(Roll-off trailer, Stake body, Trailer, Platform, Refrigerator body, Other trailers, )
Gergen-Jung 2-axle Abrollanhänger / CH 18 H Roll-off trailer19932
Gergen-Jung 2-axle Abrollanhänger / ROLO 18 Roll-off trailer20034
Gergen-Jung 2-axle Abrollanhänger / TCA 18 H Apollo Roll-off trailer20084
Gergen-Jung 2-axle Absetzanhänger / T2 MA 18L Roll-off trailer19994
Gergen-Jung 7:30 AN18 TOP TOP TOP Stake body20076
Gergen-Jung Apollo Roll-off trailer20052
Gergen-Jung Apollo Roll-off trailer20094
Gergen-Jung Apollo 18 Roll-off trailer20044
Gergen-Jung CA 18 APOLLO Roll-off trailer20044
Gergen-Jung CA 18H Apollo Roll-off trailer20035
Gergen-Jung CA 18H Apollo Plus Dispenser trailer Roll-off trailer20046
Gergen-Jung Combined trailer TKA 18H (235/75 R 17.5) Roll-off trailer19933
Gergen-Jung George Edgar Roll-off trailer19877
Gergen-Jung GLI 14-51 ** 7 ** meter container Roll-off trailer199811
Gergen-Jung Jung.R Rolo 18T Abrollanhänger Roll-off trailer19997
Gergen-Jung open box with tarpaulin Trailer19853
Gergen-Jung Platform - trailer - low loader Platform199614
Gergen-Jung Refrigerators Refrigerator body19984
Gergen-Jung Roll-off trailer Roll-off trailer19991
Gergen-Jung ROLO 18 T Roll-off trailer20043
Gergen-Jung Rolo 18T tandem Abrollanhänger + 2 containers Roll-off trailer200311
Gergen-Jung SILO 18 - SILOAUFSTELLER Roll-off trailer20007
Gergen-Jung Silo 18 Combination of plaster silo, 2x settling container Roll-off trailer200015
Gergen-Jung T 2 MA 24 3-axle trailer for Absetzcontainer Other trailers19989
Gergen-Jung T 2 MA 24 dropside Dump Trailer settling Roll-off trailer20007
Gergen-Jung T2MA18 L ** Kombianhönger / settler / rolling ** Roll-off trailer200415
Gergen-Jung TCA 18H Apollo * MB * Disc brake axles Roll-off trailer200415
Gergen-Jung TCA 18H Apollo brakes = NEW Roll-off trailer200415
Gergen-Jung TCA 18H Apollo disc brakes = NEW Roll-off trailer200415
Gergen-Jung TCA APOLLO Plus Roll-off trailer20075
Gergen-Jung Three-axle semi-trailer Abrollkipp Roll-off trailer20078
Gergen-Jung TKA 18 HV Roll-off trailer199612
Gergen-Jung TKA combined RC and ASK Roll-off trailer200214
Gergen-Jung TKA18H 7m Roll-off trailer19958
Gergen-Jung TMA 18, SAF leaf, Ntz.14660 kg, good condition! Roll-off trailer19878

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