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Ginaf Commercial Vehicles

(Tipper, Chassis, Roll-off tipper, Truck-mounted crane, Refuse truck, Concrete Pump, Three-sided Tipper, Other trucks over 7, Cement mixer, Mining truck, )
Ginaf 3335-S 6X6 Tipper199610
Ginaf 360 ati-cabin 8x4 Chassie Chassis19953
Ginaf 4240 8x4 Daf haakarm Roll-off tipper19995
Ginaf 4241 S Tipper20034
Ginaf 4241 S X Tipper20026
Ginaf 4241 S X Roll-off tipper20023
Ginaf 5250 TS Tipper20005
Ginaf 5450 10x8 Tipper20007
Ginaf 6x4 / Manuel / 3232-S Tipper20002
Ginaf 6x6 Kraan M 3333 / Kipper Tipper20006
Ginaf 6x6 M3335-s kipper Tipper20004
Ginaf 8x4 Tipper19975
Ginaf ABK42 8x6x6-80 length: 42m - 28m hight Truck-mounted crane199814
Ginaf C 212N R.Partikelfilter Geesink GPM3 Refuse truck200413
Ginaf C2120 N Refuse truck20052
Ginaf CONCRETE MIXER C2121NH Concrete Pump20054
Ginaf DAF / GINAF ATI 6X6 PALFINGER Three-sided Tipper19965
Ginaf DAF 430 6X4 HOOKLIFT AIRCO Roll-off tipper199912
Ginaf DAF 430 8X8 MANUAL RETARDER AIRCO 27.5 M3 Tipper200011
Ginaf DAF GINAF Tipper19994
Ginaf F 380 6X6 Other trucks over 7198615
Ginaf G 3333 - S Roll-off tipper19926
Ginaf G 3333 S Press air cabine Roll-off tipper19936
Ginaf G 3333 S tipper Three-sided Tipper19936
Ginaf G 5450 Tipper19971
Ginaf G5447 Roll-off tipper19906
Ginaf G5450 430 ati 10x8 kipper Tipper19965
Ginaf GINAF M3335-S NCH + + Airco KIPBAK Manueel EURO 1 Roll-off tipper199615
Ginaf HPRS-210 Refuse truck19976
Ginaf HPRS-210 Refuse truck19995
Ginaf K 4843 8x8x8 Other trucks over 719907
Ginaf K 4843 F 1300 Fassi 8x8x8 11X APX Truck-mounted crane19908
Ginaf Kraan M 3333 6x6 / Tipper Tipper20007
Ginaf M 2222 Roll-off tipper19978
Ginaf M 3132-S 6X4 Truck-mounted crane19983
Ginaf M 3233-S Tipper200115
Ginaf M 3233-S ketting Roll-off tipper19985
Ginaf M 331 380 6x6 2 x side tipper 10.55m3 Three-sided Tipper200115
Ginaf M 331 380 6x6 2 x side tipper 10.55m3 Tipper200115
Ginaf M 3331 340 hp 6x6 tipper / Kraan Tipper20008
Ginaf M 3333 Roll-off tipper19955
Ginaf M 3333 6x6 Kraan / tipper Tipper20007
Ginaf M 3333 S 6X6 HOOKLIFT Roll-off tipper19944
Ginaf M 3333-S Roll-off tipper19962
Ginaf M 3333-S Roll-off tipper20007
Ginaf M 3335 6x6 Tipper 2001 Ruizeveld Tipper20016
Ginaf M 3335 6x6 Tipper Ruizeveld Tipper20017
Ginaf M 3335 6x6 tipper Ruizeveld 2001 Tipper20017
Ginaf M 3335 S Tipper19942
Ginaf M 4240-S € 34,900 net Roll-off tipper19983
Ginaf M 4241 S 8x4 Roll-off tipper200212
Ginaf M 4243 - S 8x4 Roll-off tipper19943
Ginaf M 4243 8x4 mixer Cement mixer19966
Ginaf M 4243-S 8x4R Euro 2 Container System Roll-off tipper19977
Ginaf M 4243-TS Roll-off tipper19993
Ginaf M 4345-TS 8x6 Chassis19984
Ginaf M 4446 - TS 8x8 2x Available! Tipper200012
Ginaf M 4446 - TS 8x8 truck Tipper20006
Ginaf M 4446 TS 8x8 Tipper19996
Ginaf M 4446-TS Tipper19996
Ginaf M 5250 10x6x6 Karrena 13 cubik Cement mixer20017
Ginaf M 5447 10x8 5 pieces Tipper20012
Ginaf M 5450 Tipper19981
Ginaf M 5450 Tipper20001
Ginaf M 5450 - 24 m3 tipper s 10x8 Ruzeveld Tipper20017
Ginaf M-4241-S 8X4 tipper Tipper20008
Ginaf M-4241-S 8X4 tipper Tipper20018
Ginaf M3232 6 X 4 Chassis20003
Ginaf M3232 6 X 4 Truck-mounted crane20018
Ginaf M3232-5 Truck-mounted crane20005
Ginaf M3233 S 6X4 Ketting. Roll-off tipper19943
Ginaf M3233-S 6x4 30t Leebur Roll-off tipper199612
Ginaf M3333-S ati 360 6x6 Tipper 2 Sides Tipper199415
Ginaf M3335-2-S 6X6 tipper zijdige Tipper199815
Ginaf M3335-S 6x6 Tipper20007
Ginaf M3335-S 6X6 2-Inner box Tipper199815
Ginaf M3335-S 6X6 MET HAAK Roll-off tipper20006
Ginaf M33355 NCH system Roll-off tipper199510
Ginaf M3335S 6x6 Roll-off tipper19974
Ginaf M335S 6x6 Roll-off tipper19975
Ginaf m4240-s Chassis19983
Ginaf M4243-TS Cement mixer20009
Ginaf M4243-TS 8X4 Roll-off tipper20003
Ginaf M4345 8x4 Asfaltkipper Tipper19989
Ginaf M4446 8x8 Tipper20005
Ginaf M5250-TS Cement mixer200112
Ginaf M5250, 10X4, cement mixers Cement mixer20002
Ginaf M5450 10x8 Tipper19984
Ginaf M5450 10X8 Tipper19996
Ginaf MTC ABK 30 55 Truck-mounted crane19984
Ginaf TS 8X8 M3 25 M 44-46 SWITCHING Tipper19987
Ginaf TS M4243-380 8X8 MANUAL HYDRAULIC Hubreduction Tipper19996
Ginaf TS M4243-380 8X8 MANUAL HYDRAULIC Hubreduction Mining truck19996
Ginaf TSV 4345 X 8x6 Tirre kraan VDL 30 tons haak Roll-off tipper20029
Ginaf X 3232 S 6X4 / 4 Tipper200315
Ginaf X 3232 S 6x4 Asfaltkipper Tipper20046
Ginaf X 3335 6X6 TIPPER S / Kraan Tipper20037
Ginaf X 3335 S 6X6 TIPPER / Kraan Tipper20037
Ginaf X 3335 S 6X6 TIPPER Kraan-20T / M Tipper20066
Ginaf X 4241 S Pumi CIFA MK Magnum 8x4 28 m. Concrete Pump20059

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