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Grimme Commercial Vehicles

(Harrowing equipment, Harvesting machine, Other agricultural vehicles, Loader wagon, )
Grimme DF 3000 - Hiller Harrowing equipment19988
Grimme DF 3000 - Hiller Harrowing equipment20016
Grimme DL 1700 - About loader or Harvesting machine19967
Grimme DN3 Dr1500 Kombajn Thurs ziemniaków Other agricultural vehicles19859
Grimme DR 1500 Harvesting machine19913
Grimme DR 1500 Harvesting machine19985
Grimme DSN Samojezdny Kombajn Thurs ziemniaków Other agricultural vehicles198510
Grimme European potato harvester Harvesting machine19874
Grimme European Super Harvesting machine19803
Grimme GB ST 1500 Harvesting machine19972
Grimme GL 20 KLZ - potato planter Other agricultural vehicles19971
Grimme HL 750 - potato harvester Harvesting machine20118
Grimme HL750 Loader wagon20121
Grimme Kartoffelhäufler 4 rows Harrowing equipment20114
Grimme Kartoffeltechnik Other agricultural vehicles20113
Grimme KS 4500 - haulm Other agricultural vehicles20002
Grimme MK 700 Harvesting machine19863
Grimme RH 24-60 CF Harvesting machine20074
Grimme RLS 1500 Harvesting machine19902
Grimme SE 150-60 POTATO / POTATO Other agricultural vehicles20065
Grimme SE 150-60 SBR - potato harvester Harvesting machine20027
Grimme SL750 1 row potato harvester Harvesting machine20117
Grimme SL800 Harvesting machine20116
Grimme Transfer vehicle for potato Harvesting machine19956
Grimme Visser conveyor duo Other agricultural vehicles19923

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