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Hendricks Commercial Vehicles

(Tank body, Construction Trailer, Stake body and tarpaulin, Silo, Other semi-trailers, Tipper, Refrigerator body, Box, Swap chassis, Stake body, Beverages, Trailer, Beverages trailer, )
Hendricks - Tank body19975
Hendricks - Cleveland (crown) 7.6 m! Construction Trailer19923
Hendricks 16 Stake body and tarpaulin19961
Hendricks 2 chamber top and bottom loading with pump Tank body200415
Hendricks 2 x stainless steel VA 1.4462 oblique boiler chemistry Tank body19973
Hendricks 2004, 47,100 L., 5 comp. + PUMP, FUEL TANKER Tank body200415
Hendricks 22 500 liters gummed acid corrosive substances Tank body19895
Hendricks 25,000 liters with pump and hoses Tank body199313
Hendricks 28 m³ bitumen semitrailers Silo19742
Hendricks 28 m³ bitumen semitrailers Other semi-trailers19742
Hendricks 3 assige KIPOPLEGGER 24 M3 Tipper19916
Hendricks 3 Chamber / Frigoblock / current Year 2002 Refrigerator body19958
Hendricks 3 x present / tandem refrigerated trailer / Diesel / S Refrigerator body19988
Hendricks 30,000 liters of a stainless steel chamber V2a chemistry L4BH Tank body19793
Hendricks 37 390 2 liter chamber Oben-/Untenbefüllung Tank body199312
Hendricks 40,000 liters of diesel and gasoline chamber 6 meters Tank body19946
Hendricks 410 MAN TGA ADR ADR Tank body200211
Hendricks 42 000 liters gas tank Sanh Tank body198014
Hendricks 43120Liter 4Kammer diesel / gasoline Sening Nomix Tank body200213
Hendricks Bitum asfalt hendricks Tank body19915
Hendricks Bitumen tank 1 compartment 31 M ³ Tank body20031
Hendricks Chemical tank 1 chamber V4A Tank body19997
Hendricks Chemistry, 1Kammer, 33cbm, pressure tank, isolated Tank body19983
Hendricks CHEREAU KOELOPBOUW Refrigerator body199414
Hendricks Cleves Box198910
Hendricks Diesel / heating oil / gasoline / kerosene Tank body19926
Hendricks Direct gasoline and spur Diesel/10xVorhanden Tank body200315
Hendricks Direct offshoot gasoline and diesel Tank body199915
Hendricks Direct offshoot gasoline and diesel Tank body200012
Hendricks Dump Truck Tipper199515
Hendricks Euro 800 E * container chassis * 45 \ Swap chassis200112
Hendricks Freezer Refrigerator body199711
Hendricks Full program with 43 300 liters Pump Tank body200114
Hendricks GOCH TSA ADR ADR Tank body20029
Hendricks Haller 39 kub. 6kammern Tank body19911
Hendricks Haller 40kub. 6kammern Tank body19916
Hendricks Hendicks bitumen tanker Tank body200810
Hendricks HPA 18 Stake body19965
Hendricks Kisa 34 Tipper19964
Hendricks KISA 34, 3 axles, 34 tons Tipper19955
Hendricks KISA 35 Tipper19973
Hendricks KOA 9 Box19885
Hendricks KOSA 35, 3-axle Beverages19974
Hendricks L4BH chemical tank 30000 liters 1 chamber V4A Tank body19995
Hendricks Manure trailer Tank body19724
Hendricks Mineral oil tank MK-SA-10/24-41/6 41,000 ltr Tank body199615
Hendricks Naczepa wywrotka Hendricks Tipper19912
Hendricks New 3-axle bitumen tank testing, like new Tank body20074
Hendricks Oil Gasoline Diesel Tank body19929
Hendricks OPEN 2-AS Stake body19834
Hendricks pa 18 Silo19955
Hendricks Sanh tanker ADR 31 000 Other semi-trailers200714
Hendricks SDAH 18 with heating, LBW and rear doors Box19965
Hendricks Special stainless steel 1.4565 soap concentrate chemical Tank body19995
Hendricks Stainless steel V4A / food contact Tank body19933
Hendricks STC 23/1 Tank body20104
Hendricks Tank - 2 x available Tank body198015
Hendricks Tank no 25000 ADR goods ltr.z.Bsp.Gülle Tank body19918
Hendricks Tank semi-trailer full rubber Tank body19834
Hendricks Tank semi-trailers 41.0 STA Tank body19935
Hendricks Tank trailer Tank body19997
Hendricks Tanker-rubber Tank body19794
Hendricks Tanks Tank body19966
Hendricks Tanks 17000Liter Tank body198712
Hendricks Tanks chemical Tank body19835
Hendricks TOP CONDITION, VINTAGE Tank body197014
Hendricks Top-bottom loading full program Tank body198911
Hendricks TSA, bitumen 31 cubic Tank body20071
Hendricks Vehicle feces, manure vehicle Tank body199314
Hendricks Vendesi rimorchio birreria-paninoteca outpatient Trailer20112
Hendricks Welgro tanker Silo19901
Hendricks Wingliner Beverages trailer19978

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