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Henra Commercial Vehicles

(Trailer, Cattle truck, Three-sided tipper, Car carrier, Low loader, Stake body, Stake body and tarpaulin, Other trailers, Timber carrier, )
Henra 2 Tonner uploader 3.51 x 1.90 x 1.85 with tarpaulin Trailer201213
Henra 2 Tonner uploader x 3.51 1.85! New!! Trailer201212
Henra 2-tier horse trailer Cattle truck20022
Henra 2-ton commercial version 3.12 x 1.35!! Trailer20129
Henra 2-ton flatbed box measures 3.51 x 1.85 Trailer20129
Henra 2-ton truck with tarpaulin box measures 3.51 x 1.85 x 1.90 Trailer201213
Henra 2,7 T \u0026 rail slot \u0026 100 kmh 4.05 x 2.02 Trailer201111
Henra 2.7 ton tipper \u0026 3 electrical manhole Three-sided tipper201112
Henra 2.7 ton truck \u0026 rail pit 3.51 x 1.85 Trailer201113
Henra 2.7 ton truck \u0026 rail pit 3.51 x 1.85 Trailer201211
Henra 2.7 ton truck \u0026 rail pit 4.04 x 1.85 Car carrier20112
Henra 2.7 ton truck \u0026 rail pit 4.04 x 1.85 ( Trailer20115
Henra 2.7 ton truck \u0026 rail pit 4.04 x 2.02 Car carrier20116
Henra 2.7 ton truck \u0026 rail pit 4.05 x 2.02 Trailer20118
Henra 2.7 ton truck \u0026 rail shaft \u0026 side extensions Trailer20118
Henra 2.7 ton truck \u0026 rail slot x1 3.51, 85 \u0026 100KMH Trailer20119
Henra 2.7 ton truck ramps \u0026 3.51 x 1.85 Car carrier201114
Henra 2.7 ton truck ramps \u0026 4.04 x 1.85 Car carrier201111
Henra 2.7 tonner with Tieffahrwek 4.02 x 2.02 x 1.90 Trailer20117
Henra 3 axle bogie 7.03 x 2.05 / HEN 35C Trailer20129
Henra 3500-2 Low loader19975
Henra Adventure Cattle truck20121
Henra Adventure tackroom aluminum 2 Pferdeanh. Cattle truck20123
Henra ALU XL tackroom Alu / Kuststoffboden Cattle truck20125
Henra Amazone XXL Cattle truck20084
Henra Animal transport Cattle truck19975
Henra Animal transport Cattle truck20025
Henra AT Car carrier20085
Henra AT 27 K 11 trailer Trailer20095
Henra AT01300D Car carrier20085
Henra AT27 K11 / 2.7 ton aluminum floor with Top / 10 inch Car carrier20128
Henra B12 100km / h approval Stake body200911
Henra Contessa XL for two horses Cattle truck20055
Henra Couronne XXL aluminum construction walkable tackroom Cattle truck20097
Henra Easy Line XL Alukunststoffboden and tack room Cattle truck20124
Henra Easy Line XL aluminum Equitana Cattle truck201115
Henra Easy Line XL aluminum Equitana Top Model Special Exh. Cattle truck201115
Henra Flatbed 2700 KG 3000mal1500 Stake body20042
Henra Grand Chevalier Cattle truck20045
Henra HEN 3500-2 Stake body and tarpaulin20085
Henra Hen 35A Trailer20062
Henra HEN35c Trailer20063
Henra HTH Cattle truck19917
Henra MTK Tipper Car carrier20083
Henra PL 2 PL2 HENRA 180 400 2120 Laadverm Other trailers20115
Henra PL 2 uploader Stake body and tarpaulin20065
Henra PL27B Stake body20115
Henra SDAH Trailer20005
Henra tandem Car carrier20071
Henra tipper Three-sided tipper20114
Henra TK 30 Cattle truck19986
Henra TRN Trailer20043
Henra TRN2003 box trailer with aluminum side plates 2,0 to Trailer20034
Henra Tube trailer Timber carrier19916

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