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Hoffmann Commercial Vehicles

(Stake body and tarpaulin, Trailer, Roll-off trailer, Platform, Low loader, Stake body, Other trailers, Traffic construction, Three-sided tipper, Tipper, Box, Swap chassis, Car carrier, Swap Stake body, Beverages trailer, Glass transport superstructure, Refrigerator body, )
Hoffmann 0 BPW air suspension drum brakes sides Jost Stake body and tarpaulin19979
Hoffmann 1.7 t tandem ideal for transporting firewood Trailer19887
Hoffmann 2 axle flatbed trailer Stake body and tarpaulin19951
Hoffmann 2-axle Abrollanhänger / LCR 18.0 / 2 Roll-off trailer20004
Hoffmann 3-axle semi-trailers, extendable 6 m, hydr. GE Platform20018
Hoffmann 3-axle semi-trailers, extendable 6 m, hydr. GE Low loader20018
Hoffmann 5.7 tons 2-way tipper Stake body19705
Hoffmann 50t TL Low loader20025
Hoffmann 7:01 LTD Other trailers19981
Hoffmann ANH box Other trailers19904
Hoffmann Chicken barbecue lunch Traffic construction19914
Hoffmann Container tandem trailer Roll-off trailer19926
Hoffmann CSP 45.0 / 3 saddle Tele Stake body20015
Hoffmann DAV Limburg Traffic construction19995
Hoffmann Donuts sales trailer mini donut, s 2x flap Traffic construction200915
Hoffmann Donuts trailer sales Mini Donuts 2x flap Traffic construction200915
Hoffmann Food carts GROSS € 6100 Traffic construction19924
Hoffmann Food carts selling trailers Grillwagen Kühlteke Traffic construction199315
Hoffmann FZF trailer trucks Three-sided tipper19914
Hoffmann geschhl.kasten Trailer19835
Hoffmann HAKM / 3 L Tipper19964
Hoffmann Half shell Tipper20036
Hoffmann HCA K18 Roll-off trailer19982
Hoffmann HECKA VERKAUFSFZ Extra Long Traffic construction198315
Hoffmann Hoffmann, Bitburg Other trailers20013
Hoffmann Hoffmann, Eschershsn. LPR 14.0 T Low loader20019
Hoffmann Holst Traffic construction19945
Hoffmann HSKM / 3 L Tipper19995
Hoffmann HSV 450 snack Traffic construction19855
Hoffmann Jumbie tandem trailer Kleiderkoffer Box19985
Hoffmann Jumbo Tautliner Flatbed 55m ³ 6 x in stock Swap chassis19902
Hoffmann Jumbo Tautliner platform 55m ³ x 9 in stock Swap chassis19902
Hoffmann Jumbo Tautliner Platform 9 x 55m ³ of stock Swap chassis19902
Hoffmann Karlstadt Trailer19743
Hoffmann KFB tandem 11.5 To GGw Stake body and tarpaulin19965
Hoffmann Kramer Car carrier19803
Hoffmann LCC11. OT BDF Tandem Swap chassis20026
Hoffmann LCR 18 7M Roll-off trailer20012
Hoffmann LCR 18.0 / 2S Roll-off trailer19962
Hoffmann LCRK 18 tilt- Roll-off trailer19984
Hoffmann LEDK 10.5 T Dreiseitenkipper Three-sided tipper19913
Hoffmann LEDK 18ton OTS TANDEM TIPPING TRAILER Other trailers19986
Hoffmann LEDK 18ton OTS TANDEM TIPPING TRAILER Three-sided tipper19986
Hoffmann LEDK TANDEM Three-sided tipper19984
Hoffmann LEDK.11.OT THREE SIDED TIPPER Three-sided tipper20006
Hoffmann LFT 30.0 / 3 Low loader20012
Hoffmann Lift-Plane - 7.20 m Swap Stake body19946
Hoffmann Loaders / Extendable 800mm load height Low loader19994
Hoffmann Low boy trailer with ramps 13 m (Germany) Low loader19964
Hoffmann LPK 10.5T Box19924
Hoffmann LPK 11 OT tandem Box199911
Hoffmann LPK 18.0T Beverages trailer19947
Hoffmann LPK 18/2 18to. 10mtr. long Platform19975
Hoffmann LPK 18/2 18to. 10mtr. long Stake body19975
Hoffmann LPR 11.0T Stake body and tarpaulin20016
Hoffmann LPR 11th OT Stake body20013
Hoffmann LPR OTS 9 / SAF axles / Glass transport superstructure199610
Hoffmann LSCC pull 45/3 container chassis Swap chassis200111
Hoffmann LST 30.0 / 2 WITH LOADER collision RAMPS Low loader19945
Hoffmann LSTU 20.0 / 1 suitable for forklift transport Low loader20017
Hoffmann LSTU 26.0 / 2 Low loader19954
Hoffmann LSTU 35.0 / 2, Steer, Staplertr. suitable Low loader20027
Hoffmann LSTU 45.0 / 3 special low loader Low loader199611
Hoffmann LT DK Three-sided tipper19958
Hoffmann LTDK Three-sided tipper19935
Hoffmann LTDK 10.8 T Three-sided tipper19963
Hoffmann LTDK 11.0 t Three-sided tipper19994
Hoffmann LTDK 11.0 Tandem Dreiseitenkipper m. Aluminum ramps Three-sided tipper19995
Hoffmann LTDK 11.OT Three-sided tipper19997
Hoffmann LTP 30, 0/3 sides Stake body and tarpaulin199815
Hoffmann LTT 60.0 / 6 Low loader20014
Hoffmann LTZK 11.0T Construction transporter Three-sided tipper19982
Hoffmann Mega, 13.6 mtr. Jumbo 3 m high Stake body19991
Hoffmann Mini Donuts Donuts sales trailer 2x flap Traffic construction200915
Hoffmann PL 24 jumbo 68cbm Stake body and tarpaulin19993
Hoffmann R. Glass Box Anh.offener Trailer19895
Hoffmann Refrigerated counter deli snack Greek specialty Traffic construction199915
Hoffmann Refrigerated deli counter snack Greek specialty Traffic construction199915
Hoffmann remorca Trailer19985
Hoffmann rohbahnen three Refrigerator body20074
Hoffmann Roller followers Roll-off trailer20045
Hoffmann SAF axles, VERY GOOD CONDITION Roll-off trailer19983
Hoffmann Sales structure snack * Full * Functionally Traffic construction199813
Hoffmann Sales Trailer Traffic construction19928
Hoffmann Sales trailer gas grills gas grill rotisserie Traffic construction201115
Hoffmann Sales trailer grill gas grill Gas Oven Traffic construction201115
Hoffmann Sanh special low loader LST 48.0 / 3 lightweight! Low loader20023
Hoffmann Sausage / snack trailer Traffic construction19815
Hoffmann SDAH closed. Box Box20035
Hoffmann SDAH tarpaulin and bows Stake body and tarpaulin20025
Hoffmann SDAH vinyl cover Trailer20015
Hoffmann Snack Freundenberg Traffic construction19925
Hoffmann Snack vendor trailer refrigerator bar grill station Traffic construction200115
Hoffmann Special tandem tipping trailer-trailer Three-sided tipper20012
Hoffmann Stake / BDF Bridge Swap Stake body19985
Hoffmann Swap available more than once Swap Stake body19942
Hoffmann Tandem Trailer19844
Hoffmann tandem Stake body and tarpaulin19989
Hoffmann TANDEM Three-sided tipper20002
Hoffmann Tandem 10.5 t Box19995

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