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Holder Commercial Vehicles

(Tractor, Plant protection, Forestry vehicle, Harrowing equipment, Orchard equipment, Other substructures, Farmyard tractor, Other agricultural vehicles, Loader wagon, Reaper, )
Holder 2 PM Tractor19675
Holder 200l blower syringe Plant protection20115
Holder 360 Tractor19855
Holder 360 P 20 with snow plow and cab Tractor19917
Holder 411 + articulated steering wheel + + Industriefr. + Cabin Tractor19845
Holder 460 farm tractor tractor tractor tractor Tractor199315
Holder 464 4x4 with front brush Tractor20117
Holder 70A Park with diesel engine (40 hp) Displacement 1848 Tractor20112
Holder 9.88 Tractor20065
Holder A 12 Tractor196012
Holder A 15 Tractor19703
Holder A 16-wheel tractor Cultitrac narrow gauge Tractor197313
Holder A 18-wheel TÜV 08/2014 with tiller Tractor19765
Holder A 21 S Tractor19645
Holder A 30-pivot steering, hydraulics, PTO, wheel Tractor19737
Holder A 30-wheel tractor narrow gauge Tractor197914
Holder A 440 tractor with front loader very nice Tractor201112
Holder A 45 Tractor197713
Holder A 45, articulated, wheel Tractor20117
Holder A 55, wheel loader with industry, Servol. Tractor197811
Holder A 60 Forstaustattung Forestry vehicle198410
Holder A 7.72 C / H DualDrive 4x4 winter climate Tractor200410
Holder A furrow reversible plow Harrowing equipment20111
Holder A-G-3 Orchard equipment19685
Holder A10 Tractor19575
Holder A12 Tractor19635
Holder A16 Tractor19775
Holder A21 Tractor19625
Holder A30 Tractor19783
Holder A5.58 with front linkage Other substructures20029
Holder A50 cabin with only 1470 hours! Tractor19855
Holder A60 Tractor20112
Holder A60 Forstaustattung Forestry vehicle19918
Holder AG 3 articulated Farmyard tractor19705
Holder Agria 1900 d Tractor19585
Holder Agria 4800 Tractor19685
Holder agria4800 Tractor19691
Holder AM 2 Tractor19723
Holder AM2 Tractor19675
Holder B 10 Forestry vehicle19532
Holder B 10 Tractor19554
Holder B 12B narrow gauge (105 cm br) m. hydr. Frontloader Tractor201213
Holder B 16 Tractor19774
Holder B 16 Tractor19781
Holder B 19 Tractor19824
Holder B 19 Other agricultural vehicles198415
Holder B 19 Tractor198514
Holder B10 Tractor19515
Holder B10 Loader wagon19545
Holder b10 Farmyard tractor19555
Holder B10 Reaper19565
Holder B12 Other agricultural vehicles19583
Holder B12 Tractor19585
Holder B12 / C with power lift-u.Pflug Tüv new!, Top condition Tractor196413
Holder B12 with mower / plow * * fully restored Tractor19588
Holder B12B Tractor19614
Holder B16 Tractor19735
Holder b18 Other agricultural vehicles20121
Holder B19 Farmyard tractor19844
Holder B25 Tractor19695
Holder Balkenmäher Other agricultural vehicles20121
Holder C 20 Tractor198914
Holder C 20-wheel tractor cab narrow track Tractor198714
Holder C 240 Tractor19985
Holder C 245 APC Other agricultural vehicles20106
Holder C 30, Frontäher, front rear PTO u No Maenge Tractor20112
Holder C 300 Other agricultural vehicles19979
Holder C 340 winter maintenance and mower Tractor20017
Holder C 500 Tractor19864
Holder C 500 Tractor19885
Holder c 750 Tractor19955
Holder C 760 Tractor19954
Holder C 760 (521) with front loader hydraulic PTO Tractor20018
Holder C 9600 municipal vehicle wheel 1 hand Tractor199910
Holder C 9700 H, 524, snow plow, tipper Tractor199912
Holder C240 Digital Alrad, four-wheel,-Hydr. Allradantrie Tractor20122
Holder C340 Tractor19985
Holder C340 Other agricultural vehicles20009
Holder C340 Type 203 4X4 tipper wheel winter / Tractor200011
Holder C342 Tractor20034
Holder C9600 4x4 Utility tractor Tractor19955
Holder Cultivators E 10 Tractor20111
Holder D-72555 opryskiwacz! Orchard equipment20006
Holder D600L E12 Einachser Other agricultural vehicles19604
Holder E11 Tractor19605
Holder E12 Other agricultural vehicles19675
Holder E400/E125 Farmyard tractor19513
Holder E6 G Orchard equipment19685
Holder E8B Tractor19613
Holder E9 Other agricultural vehicles19801
Holder ED 2 Tractor19515
Holder ED 2 Tractor19545
Holder ED 2 Tractor19555
Holder ED 2 Scheunenfund-water-cooled engine Sachs Top Other agricultural vehicles195115
Holder ED II Tractor19545
Holder ED2 with trailer Loader wagon20115
Holder Gebäsespritze Plant protection20124
Holder Group 3 Farmyard tractor19695
Holder H 7 Harrowing equipment20112
Holder H10 / D Tractor19555

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