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Irion Commercial Vehicles

(Front-mounted forklift truck, Side-loading forklift truck, Rough-terrain forklift truck, High-bay rack, )
Irion 25:25 Front-mounted forklift truck197812
Irion 3T forklift hydraulic side shift Front-mounted forklift truck20129
Irion 40/14/40 S DFQ Side-loading forklift truck19815
Irion 40/14/40 S DFQ 4To. 4m with 2m free lift motor NEW Side-loading forklift truck19779
Irion 4000 Rough-terrain forklift truck19822
Irion 5.0 300 Front-mounted forklift truck19896
Irion 5000 Front-mounted forklift truck20129
Irion 6 ton forklift Front-mounted forklift truck19797
Irion A 3534 DFG Front-mounted forklift truck19835
Irion DF 40 Front-mounted forklift truck197010
Irion DFG - 60/40/Se Front-mounted forklift truck19843
Irion DFG 25 516 Front-mounted forklift truck19745
Irion DFG 25/33A Front-mounted forklift truck19784
Irion DFG 30 Front-mounted forklift truck20114
Irion DFG 30/33 diesel Front-mounted forklift truck198510
Irion DFG 30/33-R Front-mounted forklift truck19855
Irion DFG 30/42 A 3 to. Front-mounted forklift truck197815
Irion DFG 35/45 3.5 T diesel forklift, side slide Rough-terrain forklift truck19826
Irion DFG 3540 R Front-mounted forklift truck19885
Irion DFG 40 33 C19 Front-mounted forklift truck19995
Irion DFG 40/33-R Rough-terrain forklift truck201213
Irion DFG 40/33/A Front-mounted forklift truck19805
Irion DFG 5040 SE truck Zwillingsbereift Front-mounted forklift truck20127
Irion DFG S 40SE Front-mounted forklift truck19735
Irion DFG Telescope 3.0, 4 MB 6xLuft Zyl.OM diesel, Front-mounted forklift truck19756
Irion DFG2531S Sideshift Mercedes engine Front-mounted forklift truck19716
Irion DFG30 4.0 m 3.0 t DIESEL Front-mounted forklift truck19899
Irion DFG30/33 Record Front-mounted forklift truck19844
Irion DFG3038 Front-mounted forklift truck19904
Irion DFG3040A Rough-terrain forklift truck19775
Irion DFG3531S SIDE SLIDING TECHNICALLY GOOD CONDITION Front-mounted forklift truck197215
Irion DFG40 Front-mounted forklift truck19768
Irion DFQ 30 14 Side-loading forklift truck19751
Irion DFQ 3012 32B ZS Side-loading forklift truck19795
Irion DFQ 40/12/55 4 to Sideloader Side-loading forklift truck19853
Irion DFQ 401240S Side-loading forklift truck20127
Irion DFQ 50 14 40 S Side-loading forklift truck19725
Irion DFQ 50-12-45S Side-loading forklift truck19707
Irion DFQ 50/14/40S Side-loading forklift truck19812
Irion DFQ 60 / 14 / 45 s Mercedes engine Side-loading forklift truck19858
Irion DFQ 60 12/40S Side-loading forklift truck19794
Irion DFQ40/14/50D Side-loading forklift truck19918
Irion DFQ401240S Side-loading forklift truck19793
Irion DFQ451631S Side-loading forklift truck19753
Irion EFG25-4 Front-mounted forklift truck20128
Irion EFY 30 Electric-Fourway Sideloaders Side-loading forklift truck20026
Irion EFY 30/10/40 Side-loading forklift truck19732
Irion EFY 35 Side-loading forklift truck20046
Irion EGY 12-35 High-bay rack19825
Irion forklift Front-mounted forklift truck20115
Irion FRONT TRUCK Front-mounted forklift truck19585
Irion Frontstabler petrol / gas operation Front-mounted forklift truck20121
Irion Irion Front-mounted forklift truck20112
Irion IRION TRUCKS Front-mounted forklift truck19726
Irion Kalmar DFQ 40/14/40 S spare parts D-Benz engine Side-loading forklift truck19884
Irion LG 30/14/40/D1 Side-loading forklift truck201211
Irion mercedes engine Front-mounted forklift truck20113
Irion S 50/12/40 DFQ Side-loading forklift truck19853
Irion Sideloader Side-loading forklift truck19977
Irion UNIMAX Rough-terrain forklift truck19885
Irion vysokozdvižný Vozík Side-loading forklift truck19915

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