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Irisbus Commercial Vehicles

(Clubbus, Public service vehicle, Other buses and coaches, Coaches, Cross country bus, )
Irisbus € Midi Capena Clubbus20057
Irisbus 3 x Crossway LE, 12m City Public service vehicle20089
Irisbus 3 x Crossway LE, 12m City Public service vehicle20095
Irisbus 397E.12.35 Other buses and coaches200511
Irisbus 50 C 15 19 + 1 people Coaches20089
Irisbus 50 C 17 B / P, 19 passenger seats, Euro 4, panorama Clubbus200612
Irisbus 50C15 Neuwgenzustand original 1800 KM! Cross country bus20087
Irisbus 65 C 18 stainless steel toilet, 28 people, funding Coaches201210
Irisbus 65 C 18, up to 26 low-floor rear seats Public service vehicle201211
Irisbus 8 pieces ARES SFR116 Cross country bus20065
Irisbus Agora Public service vehicle20052
Irisbus Ares Cross country bus20019
Irisbus ARES Coaches200213
Irisbus Ares Cross country bus200412
Irisbus Ares 115 Public service vehicle200411
Irisbus Ares SFR 112 Cross country bus200010
Irisbus Ares SFR 112 A Cross country bus200110
Irisbus ARWAY Cross country bus20065
Irisbus Arway Cross country bus200812
Irisbus Arway 12.8 meters Cross country bus200711
Irisbus Arway SIZE 51 +1 Public service vehicle20125
Irisbus atlantis-1size 51-1 Coaches20034
Irisbus autobus irisbus315.8.17 adibito orchestra ad Other buses and coaches19875
Irisbus Axer Cross country bus200613
Irisbus Axer 53 +1 102000 km! Cross country bus200612
Irisbus Axer air conditioning Cross country bus200515
Irisbus Axer C 956.1076 Cross country bus20054
Irisbus Axer C956.1074 53 +1 Cross country bus200612
Irisbus Axer C956.1074 57 +1 +1 Cross country bus200512
Irisbus Ayats Atlas 2 € New Rider Chassis Coaches20119
Irisbus Citelis (3 door) Public service vehicle20096
Irisbus CROSSWAY Coaches20088
Irisbus Crossway Cross country bus20085
Irisbus Crossway Cross country bus201115
Irisbus Crossway 12 Public service vehicle200715
Irisbus Crossway 12 m Cross country bus20124
Irisbus Crossway 12.0 / 2 Public service vehicle20075
Irisbus Crossway LE Public service vehicle201114
Irisbus Crossway LE 12m Public service vehicle201013
Irisbus Crossway LE 12m Cross country bus201013
Irisbus Crossway Liftbus Cross country bus200810
Irisbus Daily 19 new car seats / 22 Schlafses Clubbus20122
Irisbus Daily 35S13, electric swing door, 107,800 km Clubbus20047
Irisbus Daily 50 C 15 3.0 HPI 19 +1 Clubbus20127
Irisbus Daily 50 C 17 BCE-TÜR, 19 + 1 Clubbus201115
Irisbus Daily 50 C 17 V, new car Clubbus201210
Irisbus DAILY 50C14 15 +1 +1 Clubbus200715
Irisbus Daily 90 d, delivery 01.02.2012, 30 sleeper seats Coaches20129
Irisbus Daily 90 stock, 30 sleeper seats Coaches201215
Irisbus Daily Rosero First FLHI Coaches201014
Irisbus Daily Tourys vendor, Sprinters, Telma Clubbus200812
Irisbus DAILY TRAVEL THESI 26 (24 +1 +1) Other buses and coaches20119
Irisbus Domino 20 001 HD Coaches20048
Irisbus Domino HDH 20 001 Coaches200414
Irisbus Dyparro 90 VIP, delivery, 01.04.2012, 23 SS, WC Coaches201212
Irisbus Dyparro 90, 31 sleeper seats, school bus, financier Public service vehicle201212
Irisbus Dyparro 90, delivery 01.02.2012, 23 SS, WC Coaches201212
Irisbus EURORIDERC38 Sunsundegui SIDERAL 2000 Coaches20121
Irisbus EURORIDERC45 TATA Hispano Xerus 13.80 Coaches20123
Irisbus EVADYS H 12 M 53 +1 Coaches200810
Irisbus Evadys hd Coaches200611
Irisbus Grossway's Cross country bus20074
Irisbus GTC VIP Coaches200414
Irisbus Heuliez GX 77 Public service vehicle199710
Irisbus Iliad EURO 3 Coaches20056
Irisbus Iliad GTX EURO 3 Coaches20035
Irisbus Iliad Iliad 49 +1 +1 Coaches20049
Irisbus Iliad RTX Coaches20046
Irisbus Iliad RTX Coaches20067
Irisbus Iliad TE, 51 +1 +1, gearbox, Telma Coaches20048
Irisbus ILIADE GTC 36 +1 +1 Coaches200415
Irisbus ILIADE GTX (TOP BUS) 4x available Coaches20025
Irisbus ILIADE GTX 44 +1 +1 Coaches200314
Irisbus ILIADE GTX 48 +1 +1 Coaches200314
Irisbus Iliade GTX 48 +1 +1 Coaches20069
Irisbus ILIADE GTX 49 +1 +1 Coaches200213
Irisbus ILIADE GTX 49 +1 +1 Coaches200412
Irisbus Iliade RTX (EXCELLENT CONDITION) Coaches200413
Irisbus Iliade RTX 49 +1 +1 Coaches20069
Irisbus Iliade RTX EURO 3 TOP CONDITION Coaches200315
Irisbus ILIADE RTX, 38 +1 +1 leather seats, kitchen, toilet Coaches200110
Irisbus ILIADE RTX, 38 +1 +1 leather seats, kitchen, toilet Other buses and coaches200110
Irisbus ILIADE RTX, 38 +1 +1 leather seats, kitchen, toilet Cross country bus200110
Irisbus ILIADE TE Coaches20063
Irisbus ILIADE TE (SFR 1) Cross country bus20025
Irisbus Iliade TE AIR EURO 3 Coaches200215
Irisbus ILIADE TE RT RTX Coaches20026
Irisbus Indcar Daily Tourys vehicle warranty. Clubbus201010
Irisbus IRISBUS WAY ELECTRICAL DOOR OPEN 2007 E4 Coaches200710
Irisbus Iveco 50C17V Clubbus20125
Irisbus Iveco Arway 12m Cross country bus20125
Irisbus Iveco Daily 17 HPT Clubbus20068
Irisbus Iveco Daily 19 seats, 125 kW, 5600 kg Clubbus20115
Irisbus Iveco Daily 19 seats, 125 kW, 5600 kg Clubbus20124
Irisbus Iveco Daily 50C18 Way 21 seats Clubbus200815
Irisbus Magelys Coaches20119
Irisbus Magelys PRO 12.8 m Coaches201213
Irisbus Marco Polo III 350 VIAGGIO coach Coaches20115
Irisbus Marcopolo Viaggio Coaches200811
Irisbus Marcopolo Viaggio Coaches200911

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