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Kaiser Commercial Vehicles

(Tipper, Box, Low loader, Stake body and tarpaulin, Platform, Other semi-trailers, Deep-freeze transporter, Refrigerator body, Car carrier, Swap chassis, )
Kaiser 15 pieces! KAISER Bj2005/2006 cubic 68th Tipper200613
Kaiser 2 axle LEAF SUSPENSION Box19936
Kaiser 2 axles tipper departmental suspension Tipper20039
Kaiser 2-axle low loader ZGgew.-38000kg Low loader19828
Kaiser 23 cub Tipper19965
Kaiser 23 cub in Steel Tipper19955
Kaiser 3 ASSER Tipper20007
Kaiser 3 ASSER Tipper20018
Kaiser 3-axle Alukippmulde, air Tipper19916
Kaiser 38m3 tipper Tipper19985
Kaiser 40 cub in Steel Tipper20007
Kaiser 45 cub in aluminum Tipper20018
Kaiser 48 MC Tipper19992
Kaiser 50m ³ tipper grain Tipper19918
Kaiser 57 Ton Hydraulic ramps Low loader20028
Kaiser 57 Ton with Mercedes 6X4 3343 Low loader200215
Kaiser 59M ³ TIPPER VOLUME Tipper200712
Kaiser Alu / Alu - 28.5 m3 - bogie lift - BPW axles Tipper20003
Kaiser ALU 76M ³ TIPPER Tipper200712
Kaiser ALUMINIUM TIPPER 76M ³ Tipper200713
Kaiser Benne / 5pcs /! Good For Russia! Tipper20058
Kaiser BENNE TP tout acier / 2 axles Tipper199611
Kaiser Cała aluminiowa Tipper19945
Kaiser Curtainsider with board walls - roof damage Stake body and tarpaulin20035
Kaiser dieplader Low loader19865
Kaiser Edscha Coilmulde Stake body and tarpaulin20018
Kaiser Edscha Coilmulde 2x available Stake body and tarpaulin20018
Kaiser EXTENDER on Spring Susp. Platform19918
Kaiser Firanka Other semi-trailers20041
Kaiser Firanka Other semi-trailers20055
Kaiser Firanka Tipper20085
Kaiser Frappa Thermo King SL 400 ATP / FRC Deep-freeze transporter20037
Kaiser Frappa Thermo King SL 400 ATP / FRC Refrigerator body20037
Kaiser Frappa Thermo King SL 400 ATP / FRC: 07.2012 Refrigerator body20037
Kaiser Frappa Thermo King SL 400 ATP / FRC: 07.2012 Deep-freeze transporter20037
Kaiser FULL STEEL TIPPER Tipper199412
Kaiser Grain Tipper 40m ³ air Lieftachse Tipper19878
Kaiser HARDOX SAF TIPPER Tipper199911
Kaiser jhgfhgh Tipper19925
Kaiser KAISER Stake body and tarpaulin20027
Kaiser Kipp HIGHWAY 21 cbm Airsuspention Tipper200412
Kaiser Kipp HIGHWAY 21 cbm Luftgefedert Tipper20041
Kaiser Kipp HIGHWAY 21 cbm STEEL suspension Tipper19882
Kaiser KIPPER 3-AS Tipper19981
Kaiser Low loader Low loader19926
Kaiser MEGA REHAUSSABLE Stake body and tarpaulin19973
Kaiser niskopodwozie Low loader20106
Kaiser NISKOPODWOZIOWA Low loader19767
Kaiser Original Tipper19891
Kaiser original Tipper19905
Kaiser original Tipper19914
Kaiser Original Low loader19946
Kaiser Original Tipper19953
Kaiser original Tipper20004
Kaiser P + tilt 88m ³ Lieftachse SAF Stake body and tarpaulin19938
Kaiser Platform 3 axles departmental Platform19887
Kaiser PLSC Stake body and tarpaulin20091
Kaiser porte engins Other semi-trailers19835
Kaiser PORTE-ENGINS 2 axles Low loader199011
Kaiser ROBUST Tipper20023
Kaiser ROBUST Tipper20092
Kaiser Robust 3 axles SAF 33m ³ Plane Tipper19907
Kaiser Robust Getreidekippmulde 43 m³ Tipper19968
Kaiser robust imperial Tipper19996
Kaiser ROBUST KAISER Low loader19974
Kaiser ROBUST PORTE ENGIN Other semi-trailers200215
Kaiser Robust S5303P deep bed Low loader19893
Kaiser Robust SSB25CD Other semi-trailers19813
Kaiser Robust SSB25K winch Low loader19878
Kaiser ROBUSTEKAISER Stake body and tarpaulin19976
Kaiser ROUND DUMP Tipper20008
Kaiser S 380 C3 Tipper19895
Kaiser S2101F Car carrier20024
Kaiser S3202 (TWIN TIRES / STEEL SUSP.) Tipper19865
Kaiser S3302G37 Tipper19955
Kaiser S3302V (20m Tipper19984
Kaiser S3302V (20m ³) HARDOX Tipper19987
Kaiser S3302V37 HARDOX Tipper20077
Kaiser S380 Platform19873
Kaiser S380 Stake body and tarpaulin19936
Kaiser S380 3C case Box199810
Kaiser S3802F Low loader198912
Kaiser S3803C Stake body and tarpaulin19985
Kaiser S3803C (FULL STEEL SUSPENSION) Tipper19977
Kaiser S3803C / 1 Stake body and tarpaulin19995
Kaiser S3803C1C (FOR POTATOES) Platform19914
Kaiser S3803C2C Stake body and tarpaulin20004
Kaiser S5703F Low loader20014
Kaiser SB1502BLADGEVEERD Tipper19853
Kaiser SB2E dumpers * TOP CONDITION * Tipper200110
Kaiser SBTTE3E tipper 3 axes Tipper20005
Kaiser semiremorca marca kaiser Tipper19982
Kaiser SHK 31 situated for transporting steel 2 steering axles Platform19994
Kaiser SKO 10 Tipper19995
Kaiser SN Low loader19945
Kaiser Spring Susp. Swap chassis19758
Kaiser Spring Susp. Platform19907
Kaiser SSB 35/2 Low loader19937
Kaiser SSB25 Low loader19908

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