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Kempf Commercial Vehicles

(Stake body and tarpaulin, Tipper, Low loader, Beverages, Other semi-trailers, Stake body, Three-sided tipper, Other trailers, Cattle truck, Silo, Trailer, Walking floor, Long material transporter, )
Kempf 1Achser SP 18 / 1 with tail lifts Stake body and tarpaulin19924
Kempf 2-side tipper Tipper19995
Kempf 2-way tipper Tipper19995
Kempf 2-way tipper Tipper20065
Kempf 27 m aluminum trough Tipper20053
Kempf 28 m³ aluminum tray Tipper20084
Kempf 28m ³ Alukippmulde Tipper20075
Kempf 3 - Axis special low bed singing same maturation Low loader19989
Kempf 3 x beverage trailer, disc brakes ... Beverages199815
Kempf 3 x beverage trailer, disc brakes ... Stake body and tarpaulin199815
Kempf 3 x beverage trailer, disc brakes ... Beverages200015
Kempf 3 x beverage trailer, disc brakes ... Stake body and tarpaulin200015
Kempf 3-axle low-bed intermediate floor and ramps Low loader20061
Kempf 3-axle low-bed semi-trailers Low loader20112
Kempf 3-axle low-bed with shelf for mega-Plate Low loader20071
Kempf 3-axle steel trough Kempf Tipper20073
Kempf 3-axle steel trough Kempf Tipper20081
Kempf 35 / 3 tilt trough 30 QM3 (disc brakes, alloy wheels Tipper200614
Kempf 44 pallets hydraulic lifting roof Beverages20001
Kempf 45 ³ m manufacturability Tipper20095
Kempf Alumulde / Grain Truck 48 m3 / rear doors Tipper20074
Kempf Beverage semi-trailer with a certificate, lift axle Beverages20045
Kempf Beverage trailer pork belly with certificate Beverages19975
Kempf Beverage trailer SP34 / Other semi-trailers20004
Kempf Compact Body SKM 31/2 Tipper200810
Kempf Directed SP 34 / 3, extendable Stake body19884
Kempf Dreiseitenkipper 18to steel tandem. blattgefed Three-sided tipper199210
Kempf Drinks Beverages20013
Kempf HK 24 Three-sided tipper199915
Kempf HK 24 Three-sided tipper200115
Kempf HK 24 Three-sided tipper200315
Kempf HKD 22 Three-sided tipper19855
Kempf HKD 24 Three-sided tipper19983
Kempf HKD 24 tipper Three-sided tipper20075
Kempf HKD 24-P, 3-axle aluminum, bulk + pallets Other trailers20097
Kempf HKD 24-P, 3-axle aluminum, bulk + pallets Three-sided tipper20097
Kempf HKD24 Three-sided tipper200012
Kempf HKD24 Three-sided tipper20035
Kempf Horse trailer manufacturer is KRESS Cattle truck19853
Kempf Jumbo drinks Stake body and tarpaulin19941
Kempf KAB 24 Tipper20069
Kempf Kippauflieger 58 m³ Heiling lock - Silo Silo20025
Kempf Knapen pushing trailer floor 50 cbm Three-sided tipper19965
Kempf Oblique loader / loaders 3x Hydr.lenk.Teleskopier. Low loader199815
Kempf Pallet Trucks HKD 18 P-Edscha Stake body20078
Kempf Pot-bellied Beverages19974
Kempf Przyczepa TANDEM THKD18 Trailer20052
Kempf RHKSA24 Riepe, 35 m² Tipper20012
Kempf SAH FZB Low loader20024
Kempf SCHUBBODEN/84m3 / Walking floor19966
Kempf SK 34-3 2 way tipper with chute Tipper20088
Kempf SK 35/3 Tipper200512
Kempf SKD 35/3 CRANE PK 20002 / tipper / 3-axle truck / TOP! Tipper20101
Kempf SKI 24 Alumulde steel frame Tipper19955
Kempf SKM 28 cm3 Tipper200612
Kempf SKM 32 / 2 Tipper20095
Kempf SKM 34 / 3 Tipper199211
Kempf SKM 34 / 3 Tipper20013
Kempf SKM 34 / 3 lifting axle, weight 4530 kg Tipper20045
Kempf SKM 34 / 3, Germ. Trailer, good condition has tüv Tipper199512
Kempf skm 34 alu 33m3 Tipper20006
Kempf SKM 34/3 Tipper200010
Kempf SKM 34/3 ** ** Hinterkippmulde Tipper19966
Kempf SKM 34/3 steel frame - Aluaufbau - 28 m³ Tipper19974
Kempf SKM 34/3 steel frame - Aluaufbau - 28 m³ Tipper19985
Kempf SKM 35 Tipper20084
Kempf SKM 35 / 3 Tipper20085
Kempf SKM 35 / 3 Tipper20105
Kempf SKM 35 / 3 3 - 28 m³ axle aluminum Hinterkippmulde Tipper200615
Kempf SKM 35 / 3 42 m steel hollow lift axle BPW EBS Tipper20049
Kempf SKM 35 / 3 AK Tipper20075
Kempf SKM 35 / 3 AK Tipper20103
Kempf SKM 35 / 3 AR 2x available! Tipper20086
Kempf SKM 35 / 3 rear tilt steering axle dump 30 cubic Tipper200910
Kempf SKM 35 / 3 SR Tipper20103
Kempf SKM 35 / 3 steel lift axle dump * * * waterproof 46m ³ Tipper200310
Kempf SKM 35/3 Tipper20116
Kempf SKM 35/3 36 sqm Stahlmulde Tipper20077
Kempf SKM 35/3 AK Tipper20115
Kempf SKM 35/3 Alumulde Tipper20065
Kempf SKM steel 35/3 34 m³ Hydraulic rear door Tipper20068
Kempf SKM32 / 2 Tipper20086
Kempf skm35 / 3 Tipper20054
Kempf skm35.3 steel 50m3 Tipper20079
Kempf SKMP 24 Tipper19955
Kempf SP 34 / 3 pork belly-jumbo Beverages19987
Kempf SP 34 drinks / roof Beverages20004
Kempf SP 34/3 Long material transporter19894
Kempf SP 34/3 92m ³ BWP axes NET PRICE € 12,999 Walking floor20048
Kempf SP 34/3 BPW transport 34 ton steel coil Stake body19898
Kempf SP 35-5 Samowyladowcza Schubboden '09 accident Walking floor20095
Kempf SP 35/3 beverage trailer Beverages200310
Kempf THKD 18 Three-sided tipper20073
Kempf THKD 18 dump trailers Three-sided tipper19954
Kempf Three-axle semi-cranked Curtainsider SCS Stake body and tarpaulin200410
Kempf Tipper 29cbm Tipper20045
Kempf Tipper with tarpaulin Other trailers19932
Kempf Ton SP 34/3 BPW steel coil transport 34 Stake body19898
Kempf Trailers SP 34 / 3 platform, portal rear doors Stake body and tarpaulin19986
Kempf Walking floor 90m3 Walking floor20122

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