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Kia Commercial Vehicles

(Stake body, Other vans/trucks up to 7, Glass transport superstructure, Cattle truck, Box-type delivery van, Estate - minibus up to 9 seats, Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t, Box-type delivery van - long, Refrigerator body, Chassis, Stake body and tarpaulin, Dumper truck, Car carrier, Roll-off tipper, Tipper, Traffic construction, Box, Hydraulic work platform, Refrigerator box, Three-sided Tipper, )
Kia * K2700 SKRZYNIA DOKA Stake body19995
Kia * K2700 SKRZYNIA DOKA Other vans/trucks up to 719995
Kia 2500 Stake body20039
Kia 2500 TCI glass transporter Glass transport superstructure20038
Kia 2700 Cattle truck20024
Kia BESTA Box-type delivery van19987
Kia BESTA Estate - minibus up to 9 seats19994
Kia Besta Other vans/trucks up to 720002
Kia BESTA 2.2 DIESEL Box-type delivery van19972
Kia BESTA 2.2 diesel Box-type delivery van20008
Kia Besta 2.2D state of emergency ** WATCH ** Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t199915
Kia CARNIVAL Box-type delivery van - long200011
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDI EX Box-type delivery van200615
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi VGT EX Box-type delivery van20074
Kia Carnival 2.9 D Box-type delivery van20057
Kia Carnival 2.9 TDI Van Estate - minibus up to 9 seats20014
Kia Carnival 2.9 TDI VAN AIRCO Box-type delivery van20003
Kia Carnival 6-cylinder electr. Seats Air u.v.m. Estate - minibus up to 9 seats20061
Kia Carnival CRDI truck ADMISSION Box-type delivery van20049
Kia Carnival Van 2.9 LX HPDI AIRCO CLIMA Estate - minibus up to 9 seats20034
Kia Ceres never Thurs zdarcia Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19971
Kia EURO 2003 2500 2800 GROSS ROK x 2pcs Refrigerator body20035
Kia II K2700 TCi! Only 38000km! * 2200 net * Chassis20049
Kia jotor Stake body20008
Kia k 2500 Stake body and tarpaulin20046
Kia K 2500 Dumper truck200415
Kia k 2500 Stake body20041
Kia K 2500 Stake body20057
Kia K 2500 diesel double cabin Car carrier20069
Kia K 2500 TCI Roll-off tipper200215
Kia K 2500 TCi Refrigerator body20075
Kia K 2500 TCI 1.Hand Stake body20046
Kia K 2500 TCi trekking Stake body200312
Kia K 2700 Stake body and tarpaulin20005
Kia K 2700 Other vans/trucks up to 720011
Kia K 2700 (1.Hand, MOT 9/2013, excellent condition) Stake body200111
Kia K 2700 flatbed dual tire Stake body20013
Kia K 2700 II Stake body20027
Kia K 2700 Pick Stake body20028
Kia K 2700 single cab / platform / Zwillingbereift Stake body20017
Kia K 2700 with engine failure Tipper20005
Kia K 2900 CHLODNIA Other vans/trucks up to 7200810
Kia K 2900 TDI EURO 3 Traffic construction20088
Kia K-series 2.5 69kW Hydraulic work platform20066
Kia K2500 Box20027
Kia K2500 Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t20046
Kia K2500 Stake body and tarpaulin20066
Kia K2500 Stake body20077
Kia K2500 * 6 * osób SERWIS KIA * ZADBANA * idealna * Other vans/trucks up to 720068
Kia K2500 2.5 STD SK TREKKING BJ 2005 Stake body200510
Kia K2500 2.5 TCI KONTENER CHLODNIA, SALON PL, ASO Refrigerator body200515
Kia K2500 2.5 TCI KONTENER CHLODNIA, SALON PL, ASO Refrigerator box200515
Kia K2500 2.5 TCI SKRZYNIA DOKA 93 KM Stake body200615
Kia K2500 2.5 TDI autocarro / Int. Skin Stake body20028
Kia K2500 3-way tipper 100,000 km Good condition! Three-sided Tipper200315
Kia K2500 6 os. Stake body20064
Kia K2500 6 osôb / W SERWISOWANA SALONIE KIA Box20068
Kia K2500 CHASSIS CABINE GRUE TRIBENNE + 2.5 Box-type delivery van20077
Kia K2500 DOKA 6 OSOBOOWA Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t20065
Kia K2500 double cabin Stake body and tarpaulin20078
Kia K2500 II! WYWROTKA 3S! Ładna! Tipper200513
Kia K2500 IZOTERMA Z AGREGAT '2005 Refrigerator body20044
Kia K2500 KLIMATYZACJA! Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t20036
Kia K2500 Skrzyniowy Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t20038
Kia K2500 TCi IZOTERMA SALON POLSKA Other vans/trucks up to 720027
Kia K2500 TCI PRITSCHE Zwillingsbereift BJ-2002 Stake body200211
Kia K2500 TCi WYWROTKA! Ladna! Tipper200515
Kia K2500 wywrotka Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t20056
Kia K2500-3 wywrot stronny Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t20069
Kia K2500, 23900 cena gross billing vat Tipper20054
Kia K2500/TCI/DK maxi TOP !!!!! Stake body200310
Kia K2500/TCI/DK/Trekking / platform Doka Stake body20048
Kia K2500/TCI/SK/Trekking Stake body20068
Kia K2700 Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19995
Kia K2700 Car carrier19995
Kia K2700 Box-type delivery van20008
Kia K2700 Other vans/trucks up to 720005
Kia K2700 Stake body20003
Kia K2700 Tipper20015
Kia K2700 Stake body20029
Kia K2700 Stake body20061
Kia K2700 2.7 D SALON POLSKA Other vans/trucks up to 720025
Kia K2700 2.7 TD CHŁODNIA Refrigerator body19997
Kia K2700 diesel, 59 KW, PLATFORM, 3 SEATS Stake body20007
Kia K2700 flatbed TÜV \u0026 AU NEW Stake body200210
Kia K2700 II 2X + Kabina WYWROTKA wywrot DOKA Tipper20029
Kia K2700 KONTENER Stake body19997
Kia K2700 PAUS 28mtr lift furniture (like Böcker Klaas) Hydraulic work platform20025
Kia K2700 Pick Green sticker Stake body20027
Kia K2700 PLAN DEKA + SZKIELET Stake body20009
Kia K2700 PLATFORM Stake body20048
Kia K2700 Tipper Three-sided Tipper20013
Kia K2700 truck Stake body20028
Kia K2700 wywrotka 3 Stronna! Tipper19997
Kia K2700 wywyrot strony 3, 1 hand. Tipper20025
Kia KIA 200 tci sprzedam Stake body20032
Kia Lange K 2500 TCI ** ** platform-servo Stake body200415
Kia OTHER 2500 K-series 1.5 cabine pickup NIEUW Stake body201110
Kia pergio Box-type delivery van20043

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